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I like how engaging the teachers are with their students. They really do care about our education and our future. One thing that I would like to see change is the availability of more summer classes. Thery are sometimes limited and I would like a wider selection.
Everyone leaves on weekends, making student life boring, and the prices for the dorms are WAY too expensive, along with everything else. Financial Aid gave me less than $2,000, and lost my parents 1040 forms. Thanks to their poor office, I went into debt collection for not being able to pay $8,000 out of pocket. If you have financial troubles, don't even come here, they don't even help and are cold and rude.
I love how small the campus is, and the welcoming environment. I would not particularly change anything.
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Framingham State University is a great school where I felt very comfortable. The environment is good and is is in an amazing location. What stood out to me most is the education program. I comes with many opportunities.
I enjoyed the small classes and getting to know my professors. CASA is very helpful for those students who are struggling with their courses.

In the science department I do wish there had been more hands on opportunities to work in the laboratory and doing outside class projects. Volunteer opportunities through the school is only once a month on a Saturday- tough for a working student. Commuters are not as informed about school events, but I do believe it has gotten better since I was there.
I’ve made an improvement from the fort semester to the second. I like how teachers give you opportunties to improve but you’ll need to improve sooner than later. This school helps me deal with my bad habits and turn them into better ones. The only issues is the food, and how groups of people interact with other groups.
So glad to see such a low grade. FSU is a liberal thought campus designed to create and train people into "thinking like a liberal." I went here because my parents wanted me close so I never even applied to other schools. I thought.. a college is a college. HA. Every day FSU tries to get you to pay extra money even though your taxes are paying for them. Their teachers have the same bloated salaries BC has but not the quality.

You may look at the tuition and think, I will not have debt. But you will have a useless degree for the rest of your life. The Limited came here to recruit. I thought I was interviewing for a manager job... nope .. associate. Right.
It is a small campus, with not a lot of diversity, but it is in a great area. The teachers, for the most part, are good. There are new dorms, which are very nice. It's nice to be able to get to all of your classes quickly.
I like that Framingham state university provides many inclusive opportunities. The academics are handled well with great staff.
Framingham State University is a great school the teachers are absolutely helpful and they are a lot of resources to help with your education
As a transfer student I found Framingham State University to be a welcoming place that always allows for open communication between the students and faculty.
As a commuter student, FSU has everything I could want. It's close to my home and has a vibrant community of residents and commuters. The campus is small and friendly, and has all the amenities we would require. There are many opportunities for extracurriculars and it's easy to fit right in here.
Framingham State is a very racist school. There has been several racist incidents in the past month, and no action has been taking regarding this. There has been complaints of african American students having racist writing on their dorm door, and also had pictures to prove. Framingham has done nothing! And they do not care about their students. In addition, this school is a rip off. You pay too much money and they barely give you money for Financial aid. Overall this school sucks, and it’s honestly a waste of money and time. Don’t go here.
I like Framingham State. It's honestly what you make of it. One thing I'd change is more dining options and that are open later.
Framingham State University has a very welcoming and beautiful campus. I couldn't ask for more. Despite the recent events on campus regarding race, they have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of students and listen to their thoughts on the incidents. It is a diverse campus and we accept the diversity with open arms.
To be completely honest if I could give this school 0 stars I would. It is a joke, you think you're at college....HA, this school is a place that weird people can all get together and hate their lives as a group. The professors are maybe the one positive thing about the school other than the baseball team I play on. The campus is small, the people are so weird, no one wants to party. Actually let me say this, there are no parties. every party we have is shut down within the hour of its start. I partied more when I was 15. If you want to go to a school that will make you hate your life and make you want to go to an actual college, than apply right now. If you actually want to experience college, you have a better chance of drinking a beer in your basement and inviting a girl over. Please for the love of partying and being young, do not come to this school!!!!!
I like the size of it it’s not too big everything is close but the food could be better and the parties
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I'd say the best thing about Framingham state is the people. Meaning the students and instructors you'll find there are both great in the same like. you have your mix of sport heads to the music heads, it wont be hard to accumulate friends and find your scene.
The welcoming community that they have makes you feel like it isn't first year at Framingham. At orientation you spend the whole day with other students learning about the campus and getting a feel about what it will be like your first year.
I like Framingham State University. It's a small school, so you see familiar faces every day, the class sizes are small, and the campus is nice. The classes are interesting and most of the teachers are nice. It's a great school.
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