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Framingham State is a welcoming inclusive college for all students. They have many amazing resources to help students be ready to enter the work force once graduated.
The school itself is small, so it’s like being in a family. When a a family everyone knows everyone. People here are nice, but that depends on who you are talking to and associate with. But, academically they are very good at educating the students on what need to be learned. If you need help just ask, people here aren’t really afraid to spark up a conversation.
The diversity here is incredible. There are also so many opportunities to be involved on campus. Finding a group of friends was hard but once you find one you are guaranteed to have some fun.
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The campus is small which is great because you can get to your buildings quickly. The cafeteria offers great fokd at a good price. The staff are mostly cool and understanding. If you dont live on campus it can be a commute and on campus jobs residential students gave priority which i think it should be ooen to the best candidates.
Great school, but the food from the dining hall is not that great. Its good for coffee and breakfast but lunch and dinner are genuinely not that great. All around its an average school, but the friend you will make and the education you will receive will be unmatched. Sincerely, a 2nd year student.
FSU provides an engaging, yet quaint environment. An extremely diverse campus provides connections with people from all different backgrounds. The campus's small size limits its ability to host large events, but it still manages to fit in a surprising amount of gatherings in just one semester. The campus food really depends on the day, Sodexo can be a coin flip!
Framingham State University was the best educational decision I have made. Framingham State has small class sizes and faculty that work very hard to help their students succeed. Framingham State is a dry and smoke-free campus, which I like. The library is open late year-round to allow students to have a quiet place to work. The only issue that I had with Framingham State, was the Career Center. I once went to the Career Center to get help with my resume and finding a job. They were very unhelpful and only provided me with sites where I MIGHT be able to find a job. I learned that Framingham State focuses mainly on Business and Teaching jobs and is not well versed in Wildlife Biology/Ecology jobs. I think that the Career Center should help every student find a job. I highly recommend Framingham State for anyone looking for a State school that will help prepare you for the "real world."
Framingham State is a great school overall. There are some minor things that could be fixed. A major problem that happen during the 2017-2018 academic was acts of racism in two dorm buildings. Students had left notes on the doors of African American/ Black students dorm rooms. Not sure if the issue was ever solved on who wrote the notes, it kind of just died down. Another thing is that some of the equipment in the gym needs an upgrade. About 5 of the treadmills did not work. Academics wise the school is great. And depending on the major it seems like majority of professors are great at their job.
My experience at Framingham State University was enjoyable overall. The classes and professors were suitable and provided valuable learning material, connections, and advice for students. The programs at the university were well-rounded and provided many resources for students' success.
The food was terrible and some of the classrooms are outdated. They are working hard to redo the campus and make updates on the campus.
The school is pretty affordable. Does its job as an institution, providing what is needed. However its a bit dry and small.
I like how engaging the teachers are with their students. They really do care about our education and our future. One thing that I would like to see change is the availability of more summer classes. Thery are sometimes limited and I would like a wider selection.
Everyone leaves on weekends, making student life boring, and the prices for the dorms are WAY too expensive, along with everything else. Financial Aid gave me less than $2,000, and lost my parents 1040 forms. Thanks to their poor office, I went into debt collection for not being able to pay $8,000 out of pocket. If you have financial troubles, don't even come here, they don't even help and are cold and rude.
I love how small the campus is, and the welcoming environment. I would not particularly change anything.
Framingham State University is a great school where I felt very comfortable. The environment is good and is is in an amazing location. What stood out to me most is the education program. I comes with many opportunities.
I enjoyed the small classes and getting to know my professors. CASA is very helpful for those students who are struggling with their courses.

In the science department I do wish there had been more hands on opportunities to work in the laboratory and doing outside class projects. Volunteer opportunities through the school is only once a month on a Saturday- tough for a working student. Commuters are not as informed about school events, but I do believe it has gotten better since I was there.
I’ve made an improvement from the fort semester to the second. I like how teachers give you opportunties to improve but you’ll need to improve sooner than later. This school helps me deal with my bad habits and turn them into better ones. The only issues is the food, and how groups of people interact with other groups.
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So glad to see such a low grade. FSU is a liberal thought campus designed to create and train people into "thinking like a liberal." I went here because my parents wanted me close so I never even applied to other schools. I thought.. a college is a college. HA. Every day FSU tries to get you to pay extra money even though your taxes are paying for them. Their teachers have the same bloated salaries BC has but not the quality.

You may look at the tuition and think, I will not have debt. But you will have a useless degree for the rest of your life. The Limited came here to recruit. I thought I was interviewing for a manager job... nope .. associate. Right.
It is a small campus, with not a lot of diversity, but it is in a great area. The teachers, for the most part, are good. There are new dorms, which are very nice. It's nice to be able to get to all of your classes quickly.
I like that Framingham state university provides many inclusive opportunities. The academics are handled well with great staff.
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