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Fox Valley Technical College has a very good Fire Protection Technician program. I have received a lot of certifications that are accepted throughout the nation. I have received a lot of experience through this program requiring an internship and the classes provided.
I am a first term student, non-traditional. Lost my job in November. Everyone at Fox Valley Technical College has been a tremendous help, getting me all the information I needed, help with registration, trying to help me get enough money to stay the course without all the stress in my life.
It's my first year at fox valley tech, I'm only enrolled in 1 class at this time and so far I love it. The professor is amazing, if you have a question on anything she helps you through it until you understand the answer to why something is. There isn't anything I would change at this time. It seems that they have been working on a lot of changes and made good improvements. One great change I'm happy for are the prep classes they added for any subject you struggled with on your TEAS test to get accepted into the school. I wasnt happy about how much it cost but so far I'm not disappointed in the prep class for anatomy and physiology. It's very informational, and a great professor.
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It's a great place to get an education. The teacher fare about what the are teaching and will do there best to help you learn. There is a wide array of programs and location where you can attend classes. The Appleton campus has nearby dorms, an onsite cafeteria and coffee shop, library, fitness area. The also have all kind of services for students of all ages and backgrounds
I am an older student going back to continue my education and have been very impressed with the programs and diversity that Fox Calley Technical College provides. It is practical, "real life" learning that equips you with realistic situations that happen in the real world and how to implement what you are being taught to current working conditions.
Everyone at the Fox Valley Tech in both Oshkosh and Appleton is very friendly. Any questions I ask are answered in a timely manner. I am a non-traditional student. All of the instructors are so respectful of that situation and I don't feel like a lesser of a person for returning to college so late. Also, tuition is so much cheaper than attending a University.
Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI is extremely beneficial to my education. Most learning is hands on, and learning in smaller classes allows me to connect with my professors. This school is more strict than a University school with attendance, which helps students make sure they go to class and learn the material they need to learn.
This is my first semester at Fox Valley Technical College. I took a class during the summer and I knew that I was going to enjoy it here. The teachers are so helpful and for me, it is very easy to get around the school. I'm saving lots of money but I'm also getting a great education.
I love how invested the teachers and staff are with your future. They really show that they care about your success and want to see you make the most out of your degree.
The flexibility is unbelievable. I get to work around my classes with my personal life so well I don't have to stress at all about missing work or class.
I personally haven't been in any online classes. But I hear so much about them! I guess its not for everyone but a lot of people take on that challenge.
We have plenty of post grad services to help with you to get the job you want. services like getting you into internships and helping you with your resume, and finding jobs sites near by so you don't have to travel far.
The quality of our courses is outstanding! There is numerous programs specifically for every unique student that attends here. The instructors are highly knowledgeable on their material that they teach from my experience here. Class sizes are not too big most I've seen is 30 in one class.
We have job fairs once every month just so most of the students can attend on their own time. At the job fair there's employers that come and talk with the students and tell them that they also came from this school and got a job right out of college.
They offer a great OTA program here. Challenging classes but enough to know whats going on and its not easy to get lost as long you are taking notes and paying attention. Internships are offered and the offer to help with your resume as well!
I love my college! The instructors are very understanding and are here to help and help you understand the material you are struggling with. They offer free tutoring sessions Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm in the TLC which is absolutely so helpful! Personally I've had so much help from them, they help me pass my classes! Did I mention it's free? Definitely flexible with hours during the week. We have a student center where you can play games and get to know the other students attending there! I made quite a few friends! Everyone here is so respectful and only want to help you with your goals.
The education given by the instructors is very valuable. Many have worked in the field they teach. The best patt was being a College Ambassador. This role represents the school and the community.
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This school is worth looking at. The instructors really do care and make themselves available. I graduated with an Associate degree and am going back for a second degree.
Flexability is about average. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
I only took one online class and personally found it not for me. Many students I talk to say they like online better so I would say online vs in-class is dependant on the student.
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