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This is a very good school. Everyone is very helpful. Lots of services to help with whatever you may need. Excellent gym. Instructors are very thorough in getting out the information needed to succeed. Culinary arts program is very well staffed.
The teachers at Fox Valley Tech enjoy helping students. While a student I have increased my technology skills more than I had expected to. I also have enjoyed the way their online courses are layed out because they are simple to use.
When i was a Junior in high school throughout Senior year my original plan was to go to a four year college. Not once did it cross my mind to apply to a Technical college due to all of the bad statements i would hear. “Jobs won’t want to hire you” “You won’t get paid as much as the next” “It’s an alternative for dumb people” .... But they couldn’t have been more wrong. When I finally graduated i took a year off and finally decided to apply to the Tech due to unforeseen financial circumstances that popped up. I am now going into my second year at the Tech for Interior Design and have never felt so secure about my decision. The hands on classes give you so much more of an experience than you would sitting through a 100+ person lecture class. The teachers are attentive and there to help whenever is necessary. There are always updates in available jobs throughout every field. I feel honored to be attending Fox Valley Tech.
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Fox Valley tech is a great institute to be a part of, the environment is very friendly and it is very flexible with a working student schedule. The instructors are very understanding and knowledgeable and the class size is perfect for learning the materials. The classes are also mostly affordable and they have plenty of resources to help you attain funding.
Fox valley tech is a school that offers an opportunity for everyone and anyone. The opportunities and new starts it grants to adults and current high school students can't be matched. You can guarantee with this school that one could find an area of interest and carve a pathway they are happy with. It offers help with certifications and various levels of degrees. It is overall easy to navigate and figure out, while providing the basics to do well in studies. It has wonderful common areas and clubs that make students feel they fit in and that help them to collaborate when needed. Instructors are easy to communicate with due to the easy set up of their email system. If you can think of an area to study, the tech probably provides it.
The experience and education I received from this Fox Valley Tech is just what I needed for my first job. The teachers are easy to get along with and want to help every step of the way.
i went to their open house and have previous knowledge from my dad who went there. The information was very helpful and encouraging, made me feel good about my choice of school
It’s a great place to get hands on experience for a career and very affordable. I have already gotten a four year bachelors degree elsewhere but decided to find get more specialized training at FVTC to further my career. There isn’t a lot of food options at my campus or much of the “college experience” if you’re looking for that you can live on a nearby college campus at a discounted rate. The program I have chosen is only two years saving me more time and money. Highly recommend this school!
I am currently enrolling for Fall 2018, everyone I have contacted has been so helpful and more than willing to help me get all the proper paperwork started. So nice to feel welcomed before school even starts.
Fox Vally Technical College has small class sizes, and the teachers often get to know you. In my experience the teachers want you to learn for he sake of learning, and having knowledge to take into the world with you, not just for the sake of finishing the class. It feels very personal, and the people really want to help you!
Love love love it! The teachers are great! I have taken all online classes so far and all the teachers are generous and understanding. Obviously, I can't say much about the actual college since I'm an online student. However, when I do go there, I go to the Safety Center and it is truly amazing. I've never seen anything like it!
Fox Valley Technical College is a great campus for those who would like to continue their education on a budget. This college is perfect for adult learners and is very flexible. They want to work with you to help you succeed and reach your educational goals.
I am going for the new program of Massage Therapy. The Appleton campus is very clean and easy to understand the layout. There is so many resources that they give you as well.
I am starting the therapeutic massage program in January and the recourses at this school are outstanding! I have never felt so welcome especially being an older student.
Amazing. Light atmosphere. So much diversity among student from all walks of life and very flexible with scheduling. Staff are excellent with helping students, visitors and guests.
The campus is amazing and the instructions are knowledgeable, always happy to help. A great school all around.
Fox Valley Technical College has a very good Fire Protection Technician program. I have received a lot of certifications that are accepted throughout the nation. I have received a lot of experience through this program requiring an internship and the classes provided.
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I am a first term student, non-traditional. Lost my job in November. Everyone at Fox Valley Technical College has been a tremendous help, getting me all the information I needed, help with registration, trying to help me get enough money to stay the course without all the stress in my life.
It's my first year at fox valley tech, I'm only enrolled in 1 class at this time and so far I love it. The professor is amazing, if you have a question on anything she helps you through it until you understand the answer to why something is. There isn't anything I would change at this time. It seems that they have been working on a lot of changes and made good improvements. One great change I'm happy for are the prep classes they added for any subject you struggled with on your TEAS test to get accepted into the school. I wasnt happy about how much it cost but so far I'm not disappointed in the prep class for anatomy and physiology. It's very informational, and a great professor.
It's a great place to get an education. The teacher fare about what the are teaching and will do there best to help you learn. There is a wide array of programs and location where you can attend classes. The Appleton campus has nearby dorms, an onsite cafeteria and coffee shop, library, fitness area. The also have all kind of services for students of all ages and backgrounds
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