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Fortis Institute - Woodlawn Reviews

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Great people to be around. There is always someone willing to help you no matter what it is. They have great customer service, and all the staff is professional.
Schedule worked with my part time job
Career services was always available and helped me with my resume
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I enjoyed my time here and got a great education and ultimately the career I wanted. I have no regrets and highly recommend.
I got hired off my externship and was completely prepared to take my certification exam, which I passed easily.
I graduated this year from Fortis from the medical program and I was really happy there. While it seems things were not so good a long time ago it is definitely not that way anymore. The faculty and staff are helpful and supportive and the career services lady helped me with my resume and took time with me. I actually had a great externship experience and got hired there. I took my certification exam , which is held at the school and is included in your tuition so there is no excuse not to get it. My friends and I really enjoyed our time there and highly recommend
They are there to succeed.
They make sure you pass the class
We have so teacher there that was in state bored
Fortis Institute in Woodlawn is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I completed my classes and my externship but believe me they did not make it easy. They all lie and all they want is your money. They could care less whether you achieve your goals or not. They talk a good game and once you sign on the dotted line they are forever trying to drop you. If you are considering becoming a MA go to Fortis in Towson or just take your time and go to a two year college that offers the program. Fortis is the house hold name but the schools are completely different. The hoodlawn I mean Woodlawn location offers nothing but attitudes disrespect nonsense andn foolishness. They can't keep teachers and some of the ones they have dont even know anything about the subject they are teaching. DO NOT GO TO FORTIS IN WOODLAWN....WARNING!!!!! Now I did what I had to do to get out of there and succeed but you shouldnt have to. They make all kinds of promises they dont keep and never intended to keep. They are all liars and thieves and I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. The worst
i love my school. its close to my house and accesible by public transportation. all the staff is friendly and professional and honestly care about you and your career. they offer daytime and nighttime classes.
I am in the medical assisting program and i study all the time to make sure i dont fall behind in school. all the work given in class is directly related to the work of the medical field. i like that i dont have to take unnnecessary classes just to get in to the program like you do at two or four year college. I love learning everything related to the medical field.
Do NOT go to this school. This school is the WORST possible place to spend ANY of your money. The staff DOES NOT care about you, they care about your money! The teachers NEVER have a lesson planned, they are ALWAYS unorganized, and they NEVER stay on topic, they're ALWAYS late, and they NEVER stay in the classroom; they're always walking out and go AWOL for 15-30 minutes if not longer. They put teachers with NO experience in a class, and expect them to be able to teach a subject they've NEVER taught before. And it doesn't matter how many times you talk to the dean or the president NOTHING is ever done. This school is a JOKE. Don't let these A+, A, B+, & B reviews fool you, They've probably been posted by faculty trying to talk this school up. If you're considering going to Fortis take the extra time and go to Towson, Woodlawn campus is nothing but a JOKE! And if Towson doesn't offer what field you want, I HIGHLY suggest you find a different trade school!!
Go to Fortis Institute – I enjoy every moment at my school. Fortis institute- woodlawn was the best choice i have made to advance my career in healthcare.
A Great School – The main reason i choose this school because its vary flexible for the average working adult that wants to return back to school.The classess are small. The teachers and staff work with you to help you though any problems you may have in school or in your life.
The School for Me – Fortis Insitute (Woodlawn) has many certified staff that enjoy sharing and teaching us their knowledge in their career feild enpowering us to advanced with the proper vocabulary for our chossen career feilds .All the staff are ready to be of help .I take pride in putting on the Fortis uniform each and every day for class
I just enrolled today, so I am not familiar with the social scene. I have seen quite a few students gathering around, laughing and having lunch. I do like the fact that they validate my parking ticket. It will save me a lot of money there.
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Don't Give up on Yourself. The experience with the finacial aid office was very pleasant. From what I have seen, I feel that the education I will be receiving will be worth the tuition I will be paying. The only thing was I owe more than I thought I would be owing, after finacial aid takes care of their part.
Student Body Diversity is high, in the Medix School. We have several ethnic back grounds, econimic and religious individuals. We are not singled out by our color, sex, or economic back ground, we are treated as individuals.
Overall Experience has been high, everyone is helpful, curtious and patient. Any thing I have questions about, no matter how dumb I may think my question is they are there to help me.
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