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The Medical Assistant program only takes 1 year to complete. Within the one year you'll be certified in CPR/First Aid, learn phlebotomy, learn proper dosage of medication for a patient, learn how to do small office surguries. There's quite a bit of bout lecture and hands-on experience but in the end, it will be completely worth the wait!
AMAZING!! I would definately choose this school over any other school!!
The process was very easy and straightforward. I believe the value of the tuition is worth the education you're receiving.
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I start school March 31st but I attend Fortis, back in 2011 when it was Medix but didn't complete the program. So far since I've reenrolled my Admissions rep has really been working with me to make sure I'm make sure I'm comfortable with the time of my classes. For example, when I start I will be going at nights and once the day classes begin I have the option to either switch if I need to, or stay with the night class.
The tuition for the dental assisting program is very steep but with me getting financial aid it takes a little pressure off me until I'm done with school. I think once I graduate, paying back the loans will definitely be worth it, with me making the money I'll be making, doing what I always wanted to do and being what I always wanted to be.
Great job placement opportunities after graduation
The students look eager to learn and happy to be in class
I am completing training to become a medical assistant. So far, the work load is what I expected. Towards the end of my completion at the school, they place the students with an externship and the students have the opportunity to be hired with that office after completing the 160 hours required.
I am with 2 teachers during my first module. Once the first module is completed, I will move onto new teachers and so on and so on. There are 7 modules. I wish we kept the teachers we currently have just because we have built a bond with them. The class size is great. there are 11 students total in my class. Lessons are broken down to where we can all understand. There is a lot of note taking, but I have yet to have a test on things I have written down.
The tuition is a little steep, but with the financial aid I received it did help a little. The Financial Aid office helped me with working with my needs and what I am able to contribute to my education. I know in the end it will be worth it and will have no problems paying off my loans.
A lot of everything is through the students minus the computer lab. No shuttle pick up for students who ride mass transit or carpooling. There are rules against teachers interacting with students.
We are not allowed on the network, wireless wise we need passwords even with the computers in class for our papers. Since the wifi is password accessible it makes it difficult to find information on pathology or A&P when a question comes up that's not in the textbooks.
All the students get along like a brother and sister level. Everyone with kids understands if there are problems with coming to class and send messages about assignments, homework and upcoming tests.
One reason i chose this school is because the schedule is flexible. I am able to continue my daily routine.
I am a Medical Assistant student and it teaches me nothing more then what i need to know.
So far my experience at Fortis Institution has been wonderful. Everyone you meet are nice respectful and professional. Thye ask questions to make sure you understand everything that is being said to you. They make it known that they are available for all students who needs assistants. They make you feel comfortable and welcome! I am glad to say i am apart of the Institution.
Campus resources are great with a career center that can help you with your resume and prep for potential job interviews.
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From what i have seen so far im sure the teachers and staff are excellent at helping student progress in all aspects of the curriculum.
The amount that i am paying back is a lot but i know in the end it will be all well worth it, cause i have graduated and able to move forward and prospure in a career that is taking off in all aspects of the field in medical assistanting.
Everyone that assisted me in the process of enrolling has been extremely helpful. I had chosen this school for the fact that they will help certify you in six different areas. When i spoke to someone at the community college in Essex, they only certified you in one area. I like having the option of taking day or night classes based on what my schedule is like. The only thing that really bothered me was the admissions woman I was meeting with kept asking me the same question over and over. It made me feel like she wasn't paying attention to what I was answering when she asked me her printed off questionnaire. The second time I met with her, she had her cell phone out and was checking it while I filled out paperwork. It was also vibrating throughout our appointment. I found it to be very unprofessional. Other than those mentioned above, everything was fine.
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