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I am not the one to write a negative review but in this case I feel as if I need to so no one else wastes their money at this college. The financial department is an absolute mess, have changed people's tuition balances multiple times to amounts they never agreed upon when starting school. The instructors in the dental hygiene department are extremely condescending and rude to each other and to students. My time at Fortis felt like being in high school again with catty girls except the girls were not students, they were your instructors. Those who were supposed to be providing you an education. I could go on about this Institute. All in all, I think if someone were to take a close look at the type of education being provided at this school, they could very well lose their accreditation.
There so many different kind of students from poor to middle class. single mom, single dad, they are most adult students. Some of the students just there because of the financial helps.
Fortis is very expensive school. The only thing I feel I just wast my money and time. There is so many things out there much much cheaper than that to find your career I wish I knew that.
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I had to cantact many times to touch the people in career center.
Some teachers even do not know what is in the book, they are going to teach us,very disapponited just wast money and time in fortis
I was attending to expanded function dental assistant. The class extanded to 7 hours every day and usually we spend about 2-3 hours for study, rest was wasted.
No activities in this campus at all. Your limit of printing the pages in the librarie is 5 pages every day. how about if the teacher wants more than that?
They do offer careers services and help you prepare resumes, cover letters and walk you through how a job interview may go.
There is a suitable library/ resource center to go online, print and copy anything you need for free. There are plenty of computers to use. I would be nice if the school had more access to scholarly journals and research sites.
Honestly, this school doesn't provide online courses which would be more beneficial to students that travel to school each for a three to four hour class for one day only. It would save gas and money to help students pay for their expenses at this very expensive school.
I can't wait to begin my experience.
Overall the institute is great.
I begin school this July. I toured and got an idea how things are ran, and I am satisfied.
We have a great team here that helps place you out for externship. After that most of the extern sites offer you a job so we have very high job placement after graduation.
Very diverse population of students here. We range from poor to rich, gay and straight, and religious. Everyone is very accepting and act as a big family.
The computers are a little older so some of them dont have the up to date programs you need. We could use more computers for the amount of students we have but it is never a problem. Great wireless access.
We have a great library here with an instructor there at all times if you need help with something or you need proof reading. They offer us a ton of online resources such a journals and special sites just for us along with computers to access them from.
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I was able to go to school during the days and work after school. Both were flexible with my schedule.
This campus offers a mentor program. Students are selected by instructors that they feel excel in school and are helpful to other students. Other students who are not in the mentor program can go to the students who are and ask for help in alot of different areas such as tutoring, home life, relationships, or proof reading thier papers.
The financial aid advisor is great and helps you through the entire process so you can get the most money possible to help you out. The school itself is a little pricy if you dont have much help.
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