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Fortis Institute - Port Saint Lucie Reviews

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I have attended Fortis for about 2 years and it has been a roller coaster. Nursing school has been one of the most stressful experiences i have ever dealt with in my life, but fortis has such a great staff team and learning resources that made the roller coaster a bit smoother, I would recommend this school to anyone.
Hi, I been a student at Fortis institute for over a year, this is a great way to build a person’s character and to strengthen a person’s social, professionalism, communication skills to be a professional in whatever career you may choose. The staff here are great people who live to help others be on the right track. Thank you kindly; Angel Gancerez
I have only praise for this school, having just finished my first year of the ADN program. The course is accelerated and intense, but the instructors are very helpful and want us to succeed.
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Really good flexability they have morning classes also Afternoon classes for people that work in the morning.
I never tried online classes because they don't have an online class
In order to get certified for medical assistant you have to pass the exam. Teachers help with extern
Class sizes are pretty great. They have about atleast 10 students per class. Class is very hands on. Alot of great teaching skills. Teacher are very understandible.
Im going to this school to get Certified as a Medical Assistant. I enjoy it. The school is very hands on, the classes are no more than 10 people in the class so you have all the attention you need to ask any questions.
They work on teaching you good skills on phlebotomy and ECGs. They teach you alot of good things. Teachers are very nice and understandible.
Fortis Institute is very hands on, Its a great school if you want to enter the MA program
The staff are amazing, I feel like I've been welcomed into a whole new family, the classrooms are very nice, small and clean. The labs are amazing! Completely equipped with all the essentials I'll need to know my future career. The price of my schooling however is the scary part, but I'll sweat about that later, my career will hopefully help pay for itself? Overall a fantastic school!
As a foreign student, they did a great job with having my high school papers assessed. They also helped with FAFSA applications and gave me advice about the financial side of my course. Unfortunately, my qualifications from my country were much too old and not transferable.
I prefer the classroom setting, but so far my online tutors have been very helpful and friendly. All the information we need is right there so we need very little interaction other than to do what is expected every week.
I have not had any dealings with the career center but do know that they are there and available if I should need them. They do offer assistance with writing resumes and advice on how to handle interviews etc.
I know of a lot of people who found jobs after graduating from this college. They are a relatively young campus and so have some accreditation to achieve, but they are very helpful with work-study programs and drawing up of resumes etc.
The tutors are very well-qualified and helpful. They do expect the students to behave and do their part, which is as it should be in an adult-learning environment.
There is a lot of work and we are expected to study and know the subjects. The facility has state-of-the-art equipment and I am very happy with the quality of teaching.
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I have been treated with respect and assistance has been readily available when it was required. The tutors are well-qualified and more than happy to share their knowledge.
This is my first college experience but they have so many resources, learning activities and a library. It is an online college and I love it so far.
The only reason for this rating is because of the diversion or switching of subjects on the information that I requested on regional accreditation.
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