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Too expensive, credits do not transfer, subpar teaching, schedule issues, they charge you over $700 every semester for "immunizations," teachers keep getting hired then quitting after 1 semester, teachers that have been there for years have been quitting, advisors being very unprofessional with students telling people they don't have what it takes to be a nurse and calling them lazy to their faces, I do NOT recommend this school.
they only offered me day classes 9-2 so if you cant do that you are screwed
I'm still a student but I've heard a lot of positive feedback from past student.
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All of the instructors are so knowledgeable and helpful. each and everyone of them is uplifting, and always right beside yo to help guide you .
MRS, Faulkner is really involved with the students and helping them get job placement. I always see her walking around the salon looking at our work and asking if we took before and after pictures.
I love the facility, the instructors and the fact that after you finish your first 19 weeks you get to take real clients with very diverse needs.
I really love the cosmetology program. The only thing I did not like about the school, was the lack of help getting any kind of financial aid other than pell grant or student loans.
I love that they individualize the program. Every time I have been in the admission rep always remembers my name and says hello.
I am halfway through the program. I am happy with my choice. It is difficult, but I will say if I were a patient, I would NOT want a nurse who graduated from an easy breezy nursing school. I appreciate that it takes massive effort
When you pay tuition, everything is included... Uniforms, books, nursing supplies, even a back pack and a laptop computer! I admit the tuition is higher than other schools, but to me the education is better. The Anatomy and Physiology professor is by far the best instructor I have had in my life. Most of the other instructors are excellent as well, and are extremely invested in the students success, and willing to go many extra miles to assist in any way. Some of the admin are rude, I think they consider it their personal mission to weed out the riff raff, by testing the patience of every student enrolled. Only the strong survive! It is an accelerated program, and the workload is heavy. Do not try this program if you are not a natural academic, already experienced in healthcare (i.e. LPN or MA), or are EXTREMELY dedicated to doing hours of homework 5-6 days a week, if not more. Please have a solid support system in place.
Great students & learning atmosphere
Financial aid is great. They design at financial plan that fits your budget & they explain everything as you go.
They are awesome. They take the time to carefully select what is best for you
I love my specific major. It's exac what I want to do. The teachers are very supportive and teach everything you need to know. I love all the hands on tasks we complete. The workload is a lot but the staff is always there to help. I haven't started my internship yet but I hear it's an amazing program that gives you OJT, and I'm very excited about that.
The staff is amazing & very supportive
They have everything I look for in a school.
Tuition is triple the cost of other schools
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Printers are only in the library.
80% of the program is hands on and the other is book work. What you do in the class is what you will actually be doing in the field.
The curriculum is great. The work load is overwhelming. It's a fast track program. I suppose the work load is to be expected and would have been understood better if I had been told that it is a fast track program in the beginning.
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