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Fortis Institute - Cookeville Reviews

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It has been a great overall experience everything has went very smooth.
I have not used the online courses but have heard great things.
We have a great opportunities after graduation, when pharmacies need quality pharmacy techs they come to Fortis Institute.
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I like the fact that the classes are small and we get plenty of one on one time with the teachers if we need it. You can tell that your instructors really want to see you succeed.
The training we get here will be invaluable to us as we enter the workforce. We will have the confidence in knowing that we will go into our externals with the knowledge we need to do the job right.
Getting closer to graduating and hearing positive feedback from students who have already graduated about how great the post grad services are.
Mrs Hope, Mrs Vanessa, and Mr. Shaffer are the best at what they do. I couldn't ask for better instructors.
The job market looks great for years to come.
Wonderful program with well laid out curriculum.
We have a lot of fun but we learn a lot at the same time. Our teachers are the best and will help in any way they can. the workload if busy but it is not to much to handle.
The Pharmacy Technician course is amazing with knowledgeable Instructors with great experience in there field.
The pharmacy tech program is so much fun and I have learned so much so far.
they will help you find a job and hep you practice for your certification
the class sizes are amazing you don't have very many classmates
youc have to do two intern sites both retail and hospital
I have been to two colleges before and Fortis has by far been my best experience! The instructors are absolutely amazing and will do anything they can to help you, They know what the are talking about and are always willing to help. I feel like the courses I am taking are really helping to prepare me for a career as a pharmacy technician. The class sizes are small so there are always opportunities to help other classmates and for them to help you.
its totally rad and amazing. the flexibility of hours is wonderful
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The instructors will work with you as much as they can. They are very flexible
our school don't have online courses if we did then they wouldn't compare to the classroom experience because our school is mostly hands on to help you learn
once you graduate they will help you locate a job in or around your area that you live in. they will let you come back so you can practice for your certification test.
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