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I graduated from Fortis Dental Assisting program and started working a great paying job upon completion. I have never felt more prepared and confident in what I am doing. There were parts of the program I questioned due to be an 'older' student, but now that I am in the real world, I GET IT.
The school has been great for me so far. The instructors want us to succeed and do well. They make it so anyone and everyone can learn effectively. There are plenty of booths for practice and they open up on saturdays for extra tutorials. This is going to be the best possible way for me to start a new career.
Everyone makes you feel welcome and the teachers always makes sure your understanding what is being taught
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Beginning at Fortis everything was well and put together in the Medial Office administration program. My only issue is that during the terms it was not a long enough period to retain information. Now only that after awhile things began to fall apart. The program director left without warning, teachers were quitting and getting fired left and right. This then caused the MOAs with no one for real guidance or assistance.
I have enjoyed my time at Fortis. The instructors are absolutely the best. My only complaint would be -- need more computers.
They only have a student center and library.
Haven't had any online courses.
I am currently enrolled but have not actually been accepted into the DH program. I have actually attended Medix College and it at times was not worth the money I had to take a loan out on. My overall experience, I would say was satisfying because if you put in the work you will get the results you were working towards.
most of the students are young and this is the first school they have attended
Fortis college was very useful and helpful with my education and my experience. The curriculum was good, because it matched my experience in the work field. Classes were flexible and i had options on what days i would l ike to go in a week instead of a set schedule and missing class.
My school consists of people of all walks of life, from different ethnic backgrounds and different social classes. Most students that come to this school main priority is education, and the staff is here to help you see through.
Tuition is a little pricey for dental hygiene but Dr. Gleason makes it well worth your money with how prompt, caring, and how she get anything and everything done for you!
Computer Labs – Computers are always readily available, easy to use, and free printing!
Flexability of the Academics – Well when you sign up for school you are told a certain time that you will be going to class, but wait until the next term, the time changes. So it is very hard to maintain a job while going tothis school because not only does the class time change you are only given 3-4 days notice of the change.
Medix College, Smyrna Is a Joke – When you enroll into the school they are all nice and friendly, however once you get into the school you see the true side. There is only one good instructor for the MA department (day). The other one is not professional and has no idea what she is doing. The students know more than she does. The school charges your for books and 'labs' that you do not even get or use. The school is under construction and is so loud that the few days we actually do work we can not even hear ourselves think. Most days I drive 1 hour each way to sit there and do homework, it is like I pay $15,000 to teach myself. I would not recommend this school to anyone. Make sure you do a complete background on a school you are thinking about attending. I came to this school because I knew people that have come here in the past, however it is a totally different school from when they were there. All the staff and students are like children in high school, it is the most GETTO school I have ever heard of or seen.
What Is That? The school does not have a student body. The students come to class and complain about how much money they have wasted.
I Have a 4.0 GPA – The school is a joke. The majority of the instructors are not capable of speaking english. There is only one text book for the entire course of study.
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Non Working Labs – The school claimed that the labs would be down for 8 weeks. That was in July. As of 11/20 we still have no labs.
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