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Fortis College - Salt Lake City Reviews

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So far my experience with Fortis College has been fantastic. It seems like they really care about each student's success. They make sure to offer plenty of free tutoring as well as graduation preparation classes. The class sizes are smaller to ensure every student has time to ask questions and work closely with one another.
This school offers Free tutoring and small classes. To top it off, no pre-reqs required!!!! The admission process was very simple.
I do like the working together attitude among school administration to solve a student problem. The time taken to solve a student problem is not always in a timely manner.
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The class schedule isn't something any of the students have a say in. Schedules are very ridged. Most of my transfer credits expired unfortunately but a few I was able to move over.
They have an excellent job placement rate. They fully prepare you to enter into the dental field and provide networking for possible career leads.
My cohort size is only 14 people. With such small class styles we receive a lot of one on one attention from the professors. So far, I find the instructors to be fair and more than qualified .
They have someone who specifically helps with career services. They receive frequent posting for jobs during and after the program.
The DH program at Fortis is very focused. It's challenging and they do go through the courses very fast, but they make sure the students are following and help you in any way they can. They do a lot of hands on training with real patients and the lab is top notch.
I have had nothing but a positive experience at Fortis College. I'm in the DH program and the teachers and staff really do go out of your way to help you in any way they can. I love that they keep you with your cohort the full 32 months of the program. You get to establish friendships and bonds with your fellow students your entire journey.
The faculty really holds your hand until you're enrolled. After that, they're helpful but a little slower/more difficult to reach. A few exceptions exist.
It is very difficult to transfer with credits from this college. Most universities don't accept any transfer credits from Fortis. Disheartening. That is a huge reason I don't highly recommend this school.
The professors are wonderful. Interesting, knowledgeable and qualified.
teachers and faculty whats our success. They are very supportive.
Books seem a bit out-dated for my preference, along with the professor's preferences. Professors each have expensive knowledge. Some are easier to understand than others. It is a structured environment without being too rigid. Overall, I've enjoyed my experience. I have completed two semesters, thus far.
Overall, the staff and administration are great. The program is expensive and there is no book sell-back program. Food options on campus, leave something to be desired. Books cost different for different students.. the same books. Pretty frustrating.
They are all in for what you're there to learn!
Asked for afternoon classes and that's what I got!
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Everyone is placed in a job after graduation.
Small classes a lot off one on one.
It's all about the career your going into. No mumbojumbo.
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