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I loved the Dental Assisting program! The instructors were very helpful and gave us a lot of hands on to help prepare us for the field. They were patient and professional. Because it is accredited with CODA, I was able to get my CDA and am currently working as an assistant. Totally recommend!
Everyone is so friendly and wanting to help me succeed. My instructor is great and makes time with me to go over stuff I didn’t understand in class. I feel like I am really learning and will be successful in the future.
HVAC team is awesome. They not only taught me, they helped me get a career! The professor's are very knowledgeable and they truly care. From the first day they made me feel comfortable and were uplifting and positive.
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i like the knowledge of the professors i just would like to see more training aids more opportunities for financial aid
I love the black scrubs.
The school is great. The teacher are lovely. And I have learned a lot from the school.
It was great, they let you get a feel of what the school has to offer. As well as taking you in the classes to see for yourself that its not tricks or anything, its the real deal and they want you to understand that so you can make forward.
The classes are very small. They give you undivided attention to help get you to the next step. They also encourage you a lot and make you feel comfortable and a not cast. Which is very important to me starting this journey.
The class size are small, and you get help from the professor if you need the help. So one will be left behind.
It okay they really want you to jump in and get started.
Its best to do a in class study, that just works for me.
I see students at the school really interact with one other, actually with the field that they are studying. Evening outside from their particular still very friendly.
They showed me my financial aid and tuition fees that will began as this process goes along. My concern was not being able to afford to go to school. How I wasn't a big fan on taking out loans and is there any way I can get some help. I express to them t hat I want to make a better life for my daughter, but at the same time I would find it very unnecessary to be in debit because of that. I am just to trying to have a decent life for my family.
There are few jobs that are available, and some resources to help you go forward.
The want to make sure the this flied suites you best and that you are comfortable and aware of what the workload will be required of you.
This is a great flied, the curriculum bricks it down for your understanding. And the job opportunities are great, because it can be in a doctors office or hospital.
We have access to computers, to help with our study and to keep our focus. They provide tutoring and study groups so you wouldn't feel left out.
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I wasn't expecting to pay what my monthly fee is, because I didn't have the extra money being a single mom. I knew I was going to be able to afford it. It made feel like I wouldn't be able to persue my dream because it was too high. I was told that students don't normally pay over a hundred dollars a month. I was told I have to almost two hundred a month !
It'd wonderful knowing that your future will need and depend on you to be able to help others. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
They offer many different programs such as MA,CCMA,LPN,and Massage Therapy. Its so much one can chose from. It doesn't take long for the registration process at all.
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