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Fortis College - Ravenna Reviews

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I recommend this college to everyone!
Its not like a big college or anything but everyone that wants to go to college Fortis is the best place I've been too.
They give you the time and days of your class you cant schedule the class.
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I don't think we have an online class for my school.
Its not too much work in school but its enough to make you think what you have to do.
You are only doing one class at a time and it makes it so much easier to understand.
The price is pretty cheap for the field of study I am doing.
I wish we had an athletic center or maybe we do and I don't know that yet. everything else is great.
People are great and they help you find a job in your field of study.
Im in HVAC and I know there is a lot of jobs out their right now and it is great.
School is great but we need wifi. The professors go into detail witch is very nice.
They are all about helping you continue your education wether it means taking time off due to home issues or helping you figure it all out with their campus services department and financial aid.
there are plenty of computers available and the internet works great!
the librarian is great so helpful and you are always welcome to join anything they have going on.
The flexibility of the classes is great I have a one year old so being able to choose night or day classes is great. I didn't transfer any of my credits i just figured i would redo them so i could get a better understanding.
the work load is minimum and is not a hassle the teachers are always ready to help if you need extra explaining.
I do not know about the online courses I have not looked into them.
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they have a very diverse set of students that attend. and they are always friendly and ready to help anyone.
They have pictures up of all the graduates. Everyone always has a smile on their face.
I would choose it again because I have attended Kent state also and I didn't like it because you do not get the one on one like you do at Fortis . also Kent state is not hands on and you have to take so many unnecessary classes.
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