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My experience at Fortis has been very good. Such a strong school . They tell you everything up front and all the rules are all laid out so nothing is hidden.
Night classes would be a plus for the school but over all the school is a great school. The lab is great. The instructors are great and the equipment the schools provide the students are top of the line
Fortis college in my perspective is a wonderful college. Fortis professors invest more time and effort into making sure that the student is on the right track and succeeding. Weather you are in need of tutoring or if you are lost and confused about a subject they provide as much help as they possibly can. The professors take the personal time out of their lives to help the student succeed. Not only does fortis offer some careers that no other school offers but they offer excellent hands on training. For example, They have dummies that represent live people that you can practice your medical training on. They even mimicked the environment for what career you have chosen. Weather it A dental office, A emergency room, A operation room and etc fortis has it! If your looking for a college where you will actually feel as if your education matters and your not just another student Fortis college is right for you! GO ON TAKE A TOUR! TAKE THAT FIRST STEP IN FURTHERING YOUR CAREER!
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I am an incoming freshman to Fortis of Orange Park and this school welcomed me with open arms. I went in to inquire about their medical assisting program and made it just in time to apply. They made the application process simple and walk you through it all. The administrators truly care about you as a person and your success within the program. They are accredited and have a good chance of getting hired after your externship. There are diploma based and associates programs available at this campus with friendly people in each one. This school helped my aunt be where she wants to be in the world and I'm excited to be a part of it as well.
I am in the Medical Assistance program and I love it!! The work is not as hard as I though it would be but I am getting so much knowledge! The homework is there but it is not hard to finish... 5-10 minutes after school and you can knock it out. The workload is not to much and I would say the curriculum is great! The school is great, very welcoming and anyone would love to go to this school to have a great start on an exciting career path!!
So far I have had the best experience! Mrs. Thomas is awesome!! She genuinely cares about her class and I love her!!! I also enjoy Mr. Gorhams class, he is a great teacher and gives great knowledge. I would recommend this school to anyone, the classes are small and breathable and you get all the help you could want or need! If I had to start over I would!!!
The school is overall great! I love going here it is a great environment to be in and I feel welcomed everyday! The class schedule is great and if I had to choose I would do it all over!
I have only been going to the school for 1 month but from what I see I think the school is great! The feedback I get from students lets me know it is. I will plan on coming back for the RN program when I graduate and get my Diploma to be a Medical Assistant
The courses I am taking now are Human Anatomy and Physiology and Clinical Procedures and Techniques and I love the knowledge I am getting from these classes! They have a wide variety of courses offered!! The professors are great, they have very great teaching styles and I feel like the pace is just right for me to grasp all the information they are giving me. The class sizes are great! There are not that many people in my classes maybe 11-12 giving the day and I love it! Just small enough so everyone can bond and we have a great time. My classes study together, eat lunch together and we are not required to we just choose to.
I have been going to this school for almost a month now, I am in my first mod.. From what I see and hear they have a great career services program! They have real students that I see every day on the wall for accomplishing things through career services. I think employers know that Fortis is a great school and they recruit from this school way more than I've seen anywhere else. The teachers here help you along the way with motivation to get to the career path you are on the road to, and from what I see and hear they also help you with your interview skills so you can succeed in any interview!
Great school, Great teachers, Great environment!
So helpful.there is so much you can learn from
Well i still have a ways to go. But from what I have heard and seen its wonderful
Well i was going for my associates in medical assisting and decided to change to nursing. And I was so happy to see how they inspired and gave me the strength and courage to keep moving forward towards my goals.
overall the school has kept up to there promise. They are straight forward in every question you ask.
The teachers are an inspiration.
Fortis is such an amazing school. They treat you like family. They understand your feelings, and they are always there for you when you have questions. Whenever you feel discougered they help you always remember the "why" you began in the first place.
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They didn't offer any evening classes for my field so I have a hard time finding a job after 2pm .. If you miss a test day or exam day you get a 0 on it and it drops your grade significantly . I saw this happen with a student. There are no make ups for tests or exams. Because of this rule many people came in sick with the flu, fevers, stomach viruses ect and half the school got sick from the exposure this was flu season . Not happy with this rule.
I am not taking any online courses this is all classroom interaction for me .
I am not close to internship yet but the school places you on an internship before graduation. Assistance is provided to update your resume . The courses for my major are very detailed and will help me when I am out on the job in my field. It's a short amount of time to go for this major I am in.
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