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I’m in massage therapy at fortis of Norfolk and Mrs Durkee is the best teacher you could dream of. Not only does she make sure you get all the information you need you get all the experience she has. She truly cares about her students. Your not just another grade. She wants you to reach all your goals and is always there to help you get to them!
My experience at Fortis College Norfolk was phenomenal. It was a great environment where faculty, staff and fellow classmates care to see you prosper. You actually look forward to attending class each day. You have people on staff that are willing to work with you no matter what your obstacle may be. I have faced a few of my own personal obstacles before and during my time at Fortis, but the best advice I could give anyone is to keep pushing forward. There will always be obstacles, but life will not stop or slow it's pace. It is all about what you are doing in the moment that paves your future. I have achieved my goals and I am a proud graduate of Fortis College Norfolk.
I am very satisfied with my overall experience at Fortis College. I have amazing instructors who care about my success and are always willing to set aside time if I need the extra help.
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The national pass rates are excellent. Staff will get to know you and help you through the program. The student teacher ratio makes it a great place to succeed.
Fantastic Nursing program with great pass rates and lower tuition than others schools in the area. I would recommend anyone to check out this school.
I chose this Fortis because of the wonderful admissions staff who made my situation important to them. I was given so much help in my financial aid situation and received a call every week from my admissions counselor to check in and see how things were going in the weeks leading up to my start date. The teachers care about you and are passionate about what they do.
at my school we have a career adviser and we have to do and externship to get job training before we can graduate
our resources for my school are very limited we have a small library and no athletic center
our work load is a chapter a day in class then homework is 8 pages long
my major is Pharmacy tech its hands on and set up exactly like an pharmacy office
at fortis college in norfolk you dont get a degree you get certified on whatever field of work you wanna do
school has been good to me its allot of hard work but it gets me out of the house everyday and it allows me to meet new people and helps me get closer to my dream job
everyone in my class is friendly and we all get along because we have so much in common
its ok i dindnt think i would have to pay $200 out of pocket
my school is great all my teachers are very knowledgeable about what they teach abut alos understanding about their students having kids and jobs they are very hands on and full of energy
We do not have an online program so I really can't rate it.
The professors not only teach but they have studied the same material that they are teaching so that they have the most current knowledge of their subject.
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The workload is heavy at times but that's mostly because it's an accelerated program so more is due in a shorter amount of time. The faculty is great and so e of the best, most knowledgeable nurses I have ever met. The school itself is small but clean and up to date. I have access to any resources I need.
I haven't been to any other school in years so I don't have a basis for comparison. However, many people say it's expensive compared to other schools. Financial aid was great for me.
I'm not sure. Never had online courses
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