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waisted time...1 person handles everything!...they claim to be who their not...their just in it for the money...more students more money...your typical corporate America
the school is a private campus. we dont have any sports or anything like that so its kinda hard to have school spirit but the learning and hands on is mostly what im there for.
we actually do hands on learning as if we were in the dental office.
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The quality is awesome they help you every step of the way. Making sure your job and degree plan fits you and also walk with you hand in hand on finding the right job for you. They are the most supportive and helpful administrators ever.
The classes are short and fast. You have time to work or do anythin after school. Also, they will work with your life schedule so you can choose to attend your classes either at night or during the day and either choice you aren't bumbarded with work and classes all day.
It has smaller classes resulting in more one-on-one time with instructors. Its at a faster pace so you can get to work faster. You take courses that only suit your major instead of the basics that have nothing to do with it. The staff make you feel welcome and are very very nice. Its a wonderful school.
They do what they can to help you find part time jobs while you attend school. Also, after you graduate they help you set up your resume and set up interviews for you related to your course of study.
They have thier own lab and website for research. is what they use and it gives accurate information on what students are researching. Printing is no problem, I like the fact that they do not charge to print things, and students are able to use the lab at anytime.
They let you choose when you want to attend classes
Very easy and fast. They also work with you and on your time. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.
not all courses are online but what are have been excellent
Job Finding – As far as i see it, many graduates have a guaranteed job and are doing well for themselves. If you can't get a job, then you are not applying yourself.
Student Tuition – As far as financial aid goes, it is pitiful that they do not assist in giving out information to students about how to pay less than what you are paying. I am a single parent and i really need grants and scholarships to help me; paying out of pocket is difficult, especially when you lost your job and paying for child care, bills, and other essential items.
The Students – Some students still need a little growing up before advancing into the real world. College is not to be taken lightly; you are going into a career that benefits many people besides yourself.
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