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I was considering enrolling, thank GOD I didn't!!! I am currently an LPN and was considering their RN profram, we'll I had already taken A&P I and II both grades of A and B in the classes and had only miss the 5 year deadline to not retake these classes by a couple of months. Well the advisor stated that she would have to get a clearance from the president or program director and assured me that she thought I it would be cleared. Well I had to keep calling and emailing her back to get an answer and when she finally got back with me..she emailed me and stated that the person did not clear it. Too bad for them but a blessing in disguise for me because I'mnow attending AUM and with great grades and excellent advisors!!! So thank you Fortune College Montgomery!!!
Fortis college is a great school. Academic wise Fortis College is great. Their based off hands on. Learning is great and better when you can actually learn through pyhsical hands on activity. Succeeding at Fortis is absolutely plus. The professor's are very understanding and reach out to all students.
I'm currently enrolled @ Fortis, they are mostly concerned for is money. Some professor's arherkiystes in the hh;y
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cant say yet because I haven't started yet
Haven't started yet but I'm sure it will help.
Having a good experience so far
The school helps with internships during Clinicals and work study programs.
Overall the staff cares about the enrolling and potential students.
The school is very flexible with student work hours.
I love online classed because you don't have to worry about getting there on time due to traffic. The only thing that's challenging to me is all the word soft and power points etc. that you have to have some knowledge of.
Career prospects were brought to our attention by the Careers Department during Orientation. It was brought to our attention that the Careers Department is there to Assist with Job Placement. What more can you ask for?
During my times of registration, orientation etc. I found apon meeting teachers, Dean, office staff and advisors that they all seem to have similar characteristics and that is of the caring for the potential student because we all were potentials until we passed the entrance exams, which after that point we were treated with the same respect that was given to us.
The workload is a lot but that is expected if you are wanting the best of your future. The curriculum is a hard workload but feasible as long as you are determined to reach your goal. The facilities is the way I like small but large in abilities and expectations. There are internships along with work study but Im already working part time therefore I currently could not find that area desirable.
So far I have enjoyed my experience here. I have had the opportunity to make new friends and develop a lifetime supply of knowledge and mostly wisdom from the professors. I would choose this school all over again because of the great experience provided.
I feel as though the Academics offered and required here are very well useful. The professors are able to provide students with both hands on and verbal help being that the setting of the classroom environment is small. The class registration process here is smooth and done in decency and in a timely manner.
It is wonderful majoring in the field of nursing here at Fortis College. The workload is convenient and I think it is based solely on the individual and how they look at the material provided. An individual solely committed to their studies and willing to be successful will absolutely make it.
I actually enjoy online course because it gives me the opportunity to work at my own space as long as I meet the assignment requirements on time. The workload can be strenuous at times, but every assignment provided is very interesting and helpful to enhance my learning. The professors always interact and respond in a timely manner to questions students present.
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I don't know how to answer this question, since I'm still in school. I'm hoping it will be good.
The most unique thing about my school to me that set it apart from other schools, is that everyone (faculty) knows all students by name and face. It makes me as a student feel that i'm apart of a small family at my school.
I am in the medical field at my school. All my classes pertain to my major. I'm in classes with the right amount of students so that we all get equal amount of attention from the professor. The workload is challenging, but I like a challenge. My advisors are always available when I need them.
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