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Fortis college is a really good college, very nice teachers and very friendly staff. Fortis college staff helps the students to stay active and never give up.
Classes are flexible and administration are helpful and friendly
Helpful and guaranteed success in obtaining a job
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Teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful, is very beneficial to my career
my overall experience has been great except that I had to come out of pocket and I am paying while I am attending classes trying to cover my balance left over from getting student loans. I need financial help and its a financial burden while you are in school
The career opportunities and people that are over the career services are excellent in what they do and always look out for the students and employers best interest trying to prepare the students for the job world prior to externship
i really like the instructors that I have had so far made that made a huge difference.The instructors that I have had really cared for the students and tried their best to make you pass. They gave you opportunities that you probably would not have had at other schools.
I have reviewed the job hiring board in the school for the students that have graduated from Fortis and that have been the majority of graduating class have found a job or got hired through their externship experience.
Some teachers have a lot of workload but to me the bigger the workload it makes it easier to pass the class with so many grades.
I think this school itself has great teachers and that's the most rewarding thing that will help me in the long run as I set out for this endeavor. the class sizes are great and allows you one on one time with your instructor if needed.
Im getting ready for extern and Im happy about my experience
Couldve been more prepared with enough instructors but was overall happy
I enjoyed the instructors and fellow students
I don't have any online courses
I'm still a student so I can't give a full review. I have been told by career services that they still help with job placement after we graduate.
Most students are hired the their extern sites.
The teachers are always available to help answer questions we may have and encourage tutoring to help us advance.
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I'm learning alot of important material that will definitely help further my career.
The courses go by fast, however you learn alot. The teachers are amazing and really care about the students.
Scholarship begin very flexible but ended very rigid
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