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I Enjoy my Classes and I like the fact that we a placed in the classes that we need in order to successful get into our career
I am a recent graduate from Fortis College, Dental Hygiene. The hygiene program costs include everything you need to attend, including scrubs, books, and instruments (52,000$). Please keep in mind that other programs within Maryland area are not a guarantee when prerequisites are completed. I would also advise checking other dental hygiene programs wait lists, some have a minimum 2 year after prerequisites have been completed. With Fortis your classes include the prerequisites. DO NOT TRY TO WORK THE SECOND HALF OF SCHOOL. This program is also accelerated and ACCREDITED. The classes are difficult and throughout your training you will question things, but as a recently certified RDH, I can fully attest to the fact that these ladies are teaching you to be ready for the real world. They are pushing to create work professionals, providing classes with resume building and PASSING DH boards.

Also- I've had my license for 2 weeks and I have had to turn down 3 job offers.
Fortis College is a great school. The class size is small and the teachers and staff treat you like family. I obtained a Certificate of Completion in Dental Assisting at Fortis College and I will be pursuing an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene from the school as well.
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Although I didn't transfer credits, I took classes that set the basics for the courses I am taking now. This helps me because I can understand material faster.
Online classes offer face to face tutoring so everything works out.
There is a office in the school that does networking and helps students get jobs.
The information is difficult but that is expected. The professors break down the course material for the students to better understand.
The degree I will be obtaining will allow to take the state board exam for licensure to become a Dental Hygienist.
The classes are geared towards your major so every class teaches you something you can apply to your career.
The professors at my school are engaged with the student's learning. The class sizes are smaller so it is easier to grasp information. The staff is pretty friendly and helpful, which helps adjusting to the environment easy.
The staff is friendly and the teachers will provide extra help if needed
Recruiting for the school is very interesting because they get you in as soon as you want and they talk to you make sure you have all the information, so you can think about it for awhile. The career services are good because everyone seems like they get the places they want.
The workload seems to be okay. But the equipment I have to carry around is a lot. The curriculum changes every 3 weeks because of it being a 9 month program
I went on a tour of the school. It's very small but has many places where the classrooms. My guide was able to tell me everything about the school and the majors that it offers. It was easy to understand what was need of me to complete the application process.
Certain instructors are more helpful than others. These instructors seem to care about the students than most do. AlthoughThe reps were good with helping with registration info and application process which made it easy for me to apply.
It's traditional and hands on at the same time.
They help you find a job right after your time there.
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This School is the best for ME because its hands on and small so i can get around.The teachers are very knowledgeable and know what they're doing.It's not easy though.There are a lot of challenges.
I did not have any college prior to going to Fortis and one of the top selling points for me was that the prerequisites were including in the program and that it takes just over 2 years.
We have wireless access but there are security policies that prevent students from knowing the wireless password. The Librarian has to manually type in the code and then one is not sure for how long it will work and once on the elevator the connection is lost as well. It's frustrating.
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