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Fortis College - Houston South Reviews

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they helped you find a job once you graduate
after you are finished with the program they help you find a job and the intership is included in the 18 months of school
i met one of the teachers there and she was a great person she helped choose my career path
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what i love most about the career i choose is that i get to help people and i get pay to do it since i was diagnosed with cancer 6 ears ago i have had the experience to meet doctors and talk to them and that is the reason why i fell in love with the career i have chosen and they helped you get a job once you have graduated form their program
its one of the best school one of the consular really helped me in choosing which career was the best for me and i am really glad that i got to meet her
The school ?? determined to help you to succeed. They have resources to help you to study to pass you exams and to better understand your studies. The instructions no the materials that their teaching and along with the experience the field.
The school is an excellent school. Everyone on the staff is there for you to help you succeed. They fill you with motivatio n and inspiration. The teachers are always there to help you with questions or tutoring. They make every effort to help you in your success.
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