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I attended Fortis in Dothan Twice this is my 2nd time. The first time was a great experience I was in the class of 2012 for Pharmacy Tech. Fortis has got a bad name for being so strict on there students, like no nails, uniform, hair up all he time, but many Nursing programs its like that. The teachers at Fortis has to put up with a lot from the students there, and can be a very stressful at times. For the most part Fortis is a very hands-on college I love that about my college, It trained me for on the job training, this is way I chose to attended Fortis again for the Medical Assisting program. My first advice for any student that would like to attended Fortis would be to have, all for financial Ad information in order before applying.
When I first arrived at Fortis College the receptionist was very friendly and helpful.

The admmission lady reme,ber me and my name and everything we went throught 2 years ago when I previously tried to apply for school. Everythng close to together and easy to find and the teacher and other employee are very friendly and helpful.
The finacial aid process was pretty self explantory. The finacial aid advisor helps you all the way through and help you any other way possible
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The career center is there for you . You have to do intership 6 weeks before you graudate. Secondly they help you prepare for interviews and how to answer question and what not to say.
I'm inpression with the fat you can get your degree a lot quicker then sitting in a Unversity. Secondly Fortis is there to make sure you land a job after you graduate. You can also work around your work schedule and family.
The class registration part is so easy and quick.
They post alot of stuff that is going on ahead of time.
Some teachers that we have just seem not to care as much as others
Sonetimes it feels like they are not there to help you its just a job
The $16,0000 tuition in no way matches the quality of education received at this school. It's all pretty basic in nature and I feel like it didn't prepare me at all for a career in the program I chose. The admissions people promise all kinds of hands on experience and lab time, but in the pharmacy program, that won't happen. The Dean of the school is wonderful, but not all of the administration is like that. Overall, it's not a place I would suggest attending. If you go from one Fortis to another, your credits, even if it's the same program, don't always transfer. Save yourself some money and go to school somewhere else.
The computers are new, so that's good. Most of the programs they use are not. There's a new program, it's similar to Google, but much harder and less effective at finding things.
The curriculum is somewhat behind. There are methods talked about in the textbooks that are no longer used or relevant.
The classes don't prepare you for what you'll actually be doing in the field, at least in the pharmacy program. There are hardly any lab hours, so you will get no hands on experience, despite what admissions people say.
There are lots of students from different walks of life that attend.
Classes are only offered at certain times and aren't flexible at all.
You attend school from roughly 8 am to 2:30 pm Monday trough Thursday. They do offer night classes but you may not be able to get ten if enrollment isn't high enough. Fortis also doesn't usually recognize holidays like Memorial Day, so if you have children that are out of school or if they go to a day care that is closed you will have to miss. Absences like that are not excused. Depending on when your classes start you will also not have a spring break or any other vacation time. I began in January and the only break we have is one week in July.
You never really know where your money is going. At my previous collee, there was an option to have your financial aid deposited directly into your account. Here, there is no option for that. Fortis just gets your money and they do not clarify when you will receive any refunds you may have gotten over the course of the program.
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they have a great quality of computer access at Fortis.
There are plenty of jobs in my area avaiable in the field i am taking up
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