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This school is great at taking your money and giving you nothing to show for it. You will give this school anywhere between 16k to 30k and u will be wokring a job for 8.00 an hour
The school cost a lot of money and most have to take out a lot of loans just to get an Associate Degree.
It was easy transferring credits from my old school because it hadnt been over 5 years since I last attended. However, chemistry and english were old and I had to take those courses.

The only down side to classes here is that they schedule classes for you and you have no say in the days or times you want to take classes.
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There are some professors who want to see you succeed more than others. I think that I am a very good reader of people and I can tell when some people are only there for just a paycheck. Class registration is something you will not be a part of at this school. You are given a schedule that tells you where and when your classes are and that is it. The workload is heavy if you have more than 2 classes. It so much required for core nursing classes.
The nursing program is great. The Sim lab has a mannequin that is very good for real life situations. The mannequin sweats, shakes, have real heart sounds and bowel sounds. Everything that you need to learn for real life situations, can be learned on this mannequin. It is great. Clinicals are a little far because other nursing schools are at the hospitals that are closest. Kershaw Hospital in Camden, The VA hospital on Garner's Ferry, Morris Village (mental health), The Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg are places that I have done some of my clinical. By far, Orangeburg was a drive that I regretted but the clinical instructors were great.
Im not sure if they have online courses. I have not taken any online courses here at Fortis College-Columbia
Mr. O'Carrol is the guy who helps with creating or updating your resume. He is also there to help you to find a job after school is over. He is really helpful and knowledgeable about what employers are looking for. He is really great and was very easy to talk to. There is a board outside of the library that gives the names of students who have finished and have been placed in positions with different employers. The board is really great because it gives a lot of encouragement to those who have yet to finish and find employment.
What sets this school apart from others is that they want you to succeed. No one in any of my nursing classes has ever said, "quit your job, you work too much, and you wont be able to do that in our nursing program". No one said "kiss your family and your life goodbye for 2 years because all of your focus needs to be on this nursing program". Thats what made this school stick out to me especially having heard it from other nursing programs prior.
At Fortis, there is not much to participate in. There is no athletic facility, student center, or campus aesthetics. The only place to go is class and the library. The library only has 16 computers for the whole school. Sometimes there is a lot of students wanting to use the computer at the same time and there is a wait for computers. There is the ANA (American Nursing Association) that you can sign up to be a part of. Fortis College shares a building with other business'. There are four floors in this building. Classes for Fortis are on I think that they are going to need a bigger campus soon.
The computer network can be horrible. There are laptops that are used for taking Hesi tests. The laptops only work in certain rooms due to connection difficulties. So staff has to make sure that they are not having Hesi tests on the same day due to limited amount of laptops. The library has one printer and one copier. All students in the library have to use this for printing and copying needs. Copying materials are limited to a certain number of pages (25 pages) per student. So its a little hectic in getting some things done for class.
The student body is very diverse. You have lots of different cultures and ethnicities here. Everyone is friendly towards each other and really wishes everyone well. Everyone's program is color coded with different color uniforms. Nursing-dark blue, Medical Assisting-light blue etc. So everyone knows what program you are a part of and everyone is very supportive of each other
This school gave hope to a lot of students like me who have been in nursing programs at other schools. The program is challenging but the teachers guide you and root for you. Unlike other schools, no one ever said that you have to kiss your family and work goodbye in order to succeed in the nursing program. And thats what set this school apart from all the rest.
The majority of the professors are very knowledgeable about the topics or class. Although, there's always one or two that don't take the extra time to make sure everyone is keeping up.
I'm a HVAC/R student. The classes are all directed towards my career, and we even have classes that help with resume writing and interviews.
We have different sexs and races but all together every one is treated the same
The dental assistance program is wonderful and is alot of hands on
I learned alot the teacher and workers are wonderful they take time to have a little one on one time with you as much as possible
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i dont take online course i attend school at night but my GPA is 3.7
The different programs that I'm aware of that are offered at my school are Nursing, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, and Welding. The professors are dependable and can be in their office to talk over grades and other things that you may need help with. The classroom sizes are fair and registration process is a bit much, but they are a private school, so it take longer than most schools. Class registration is quick. They have a schedule mapped out already once you enroll, but depending on class time conflictions, it may be subject to change.
The reason why I chose Fortis is because they gave me a chance to experience the Nursing Program when other schools rejected me. It has been a struggle learning new things in a short amount of time, but as every Nursing school and teacher has said it's hard, but it can be done. Classes has been flexible. My main classes have transferred, but the ones that I didn't need didn't, but they are going to be beneficial when I obtain my higher degree.
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