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There are alot of helpful people that want to see you succeed, that will help tutor, find resources in the community if needed, and encourage you in all aspect of your life. I would recommend fortis to anyone that want to feel like they have an extended family rooting you on to pursue your goal
Its college, so come get the knowledge and take the test. The school is not organized. There were so many days that nothing was taught or accomplished. The instructors are involved in out of class stuff so they don't have time to attend a class. They don't provide one-on-one help. I had five hour long class but we only utilized may be one hour out of that. Other thing that I didn't like was that everything was spoon fed. They give you everything that you need for the tests or homework because they wasted their time on other things that are not related to school. So in order their students to pass or not lose their reputation that just give all the material needed. I think the tuitions are way high than other colleges for same programs.
It's a great college very clean and professional .. Everyone was friendly and helpful .. They have small classes which was a plus and free tutoring.... But i think every student should get a school check because that would help ah student out like me with car note and insurance
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It's way better than a traditional class because I work 3rd shift and have two kids, so I can juggle everything around.
I like the online environment better than classroom
The career center is great they are currently helping me find a job.
I feel that the professors are really attentive and if they see that you may be struggling they offer help.
The advisors are really nice in the career center I informed them that I was moving to another state and they offered to help me find job placement.
I think the workload was great it was enough to teach you but not to much that you could not complete
I enjoyed the curriculum of the school and they always offered assistance
This school has gone out of their way to ensure that my college experience is the best it possibly can be. Everything from calling to ensure my first assignments were turned in to even requesting my HS Transcripts for me. They want to see driven individuals who care about their education succeed.
I haven't met any of the professors yet but all of the majors are medical-related.
I haven't started my major yet, but I heard it is tough but nursing major is tough anyway.
They said that they have an online program they have a contract with that will take all Fortis College graduates and they have many resources on getting a job.
I haven't had any experience with it yet but it seems it is helpful for the students I viewed.
Very helpful and comfortable to interact with.
They could use more computer labs and student study areas. They need to expand the library and the cafeteria/break room. They do not have an athletic center.
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The network is relatively slow.
Most of the students I have come in contact with seem very focused and determined to succeed.
Someone is always there to help and answer any questions.
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