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The teachers go the extra mile to make shore u pass and understand ur is a great group of ppl . they actually care about u as a person not ur money.
I like fortis college because of the small classes. It gives the students and instructors more of a one on one experience. The instructors gives you tips on how to pass the class and what to look forward to in your exams. I like it that it's hours are convenient and easy to manage. You definitely can learn a lot if you focus in your studies. The only thing I would change would be able to get our uniforms a lot sooner. But over all I like fortis college.
I've had a great experience overall!!
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I've had a great experience, first time I've truest to go back to school and stuck with the program!!
I'm not sure, haven't made it that far yet!!;) it sounds like they work fôr you to find a career best suited for you!!
Since I am in Utah and the school is in ohio, I'm not sure but I think they would do their best to find placement for me!! That is one of the perks!!
The courses offered are helping me learn what I need to for my degree!! The professors are all about keeping you interested!!
I find it easy to go to work and find time to get the work done on time!!
The classes are very easy to navigate! Tutoring services and other help available are quick to get back. The professors are very understanding when life throws a curve ball your way! I have loved being a student with fortis online/ centerville!! I would definitely recommend this school!!
When I first applied they seemed like it was going to be a great experience. Then I find out they enrolled me in the wrong classes. They messed up my financial aid. I never received my laptop or my books until the end of week 4 of my classes. Therefore I had a week to complete all work. Stipends are always late. No one is ever available to speak to about any problems. I completely regret choosing them.
It is a great school!
The classes are real easy to navigate through. There is no frustrations with this school. I can do my work at my own pace and schedule.
I love it. What makes my school unique is that you do not have to take added courses you do not need to graduate. I would absolutely do it again.
The classes are great. We all encourage each other. We participate actively. I do not have one bad thing to say about the classes, courses, or professors.
As I have stated before, the school helps meet all our needs. They help us with job placement.
I have very high anxiety. I love being able to do my class work at my own pace. When you go to a brick and motar school you have a very big group of people in one class room. In online school, we have ten to fifteen people in a class. I love being in an online program. I do not have to worry about being late to class.
I really do not know much about the student body. I do know that we are all working extremely hard to pursue our degrees. We put in a lot of time to get to our main goal. We are all very diversified. We all accept each other for who we are and what our beliefs are. I could not ask for a better group of people to work with.
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I think the tuition is acceptable. The financial aid process is just going online and filling out your FASFA. The financial aid office responds back to me in a timely manner. They always answer my questions. I believe that my investment in this school will be well worth it in the long run.
After graduation, ,the school will help try and get you into a career. They try and help as much as possible.
The registration process is as simple as can be. It took me all of about thirty minutes to get into school. They offer a wide variety of academics. The professors are the best. The curriculum is not to bad. You have to maintain a 2.5 GPA average. You must be in class at least two times a week for attendance. Your discussion questions are due on Wednesdays. Your assignments and quizzes are due on Sundays.
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