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Excellent college. Very professional and organized. My daughter is in the RT Class and had learned so much. She loves her clinical sites. Looking forward to her graduating in the fall with the knowledge she has gained.
Thee teachers and staff go above and beyond to help you in any way possible. They make themselves really available to amswer any questions you may have. Also you can text them anytime from 7am to 7pm and they'll respond ASAP. The restuarnts around the school are good and inexpensive!
If you're into seeing real life reality programs play out in real life, then this is the college for you!! They are all about for-profit, real life baby drama, and so much more! You get to witness teachers getting into it with their students and the students getting into it with their teachers... My advice, even with financial aid's help, spend your time & future money for student loans at a school that you would be proud of graduating from.. And that you can actually learn from..
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There is no flexibility. You have to conform your schedule to the school's options.
So far the program has been good. We'll see what the rest of the program has to offer.
Thus far, all my classes have been in a classroom setting.
I am in a great cohort that all gets along really well.
I'm unfamiliar with all of them, but I was given the impression that there are good job locating resources for when you graduate.
I wish there were more amenities within the school, and more things students could receive because they're students. ex: gym memberships, bus passes, etc.
The wireless access on campus could definitely use some improvement.
It's a nice campus, I wish there were a few more amenities available to the students however.
Getting my financial aid in order was easy with the school's help, but I wish the school itself offered more funding opportunities.
I've attended the school for two semesters. I have enjoyed it so far, but it is a lot of information in a short time which should be expected with an accelerated course.
So far the curriculum has been good, but I have only done pre requisites. Faculty has been okay but I wish there was more variety and flexibility.
Medical Assistant – I am currently in a Medical Assistant. I chose this school becasue I am open to growning and looking to further my career.
Working to Pay for School – Most everyone attending my school either has a job or recently looking. I am one of those looking for any help to pursue my career. I do volunteer work just to get some time in the field.
Get in and Get Out – I went to register the day after class started and got right in. They worked with me and got me right into class.
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Medical Assistant on the Right Path – I recently started my school, I am a sophomore and I attended a university in Houston. My first year was horrible so I decided to take a different route. Now I am very happy and I love going to class everyday. I knew there was some school out there that would keep my attention and keep me focused. What I like most is that it's hands on learning instead of like the HBCU in Houston that really didnt teach me anything. I was a bit upset when I returned from school because I was on academic probation and I graduated with a 3.86 so it reall shocked me. Now im attending a wonderful school and am looking for someone to help me invest in my future. I am not asking for a handout but im looking for a chance to pursue my career.
I So Love Medvance! I love this school, they are determined to get you through school and they make sure any problem you have is solved right away,
I started my first week of school in my Pharmacology class and my teacher seemed a little out of it. She said her husband was sick and was in the hospital. Well the next day she wasnt here any more and i we didnt have the same teavher for the rest of the class.
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