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My experience so far through Fortis college has been great! They have gone above and beyond expectation to do anything and everything to help me out
I change my personal schedule to make it work
Nursing is in high demand
Review Fortis College - Phoenix
Material is hard but the end result is worth it
Flexible program, but you have to flex too!
Not enrolled in online courses, but information for in-person courses are easily accessible online for studying.
Great post-graduate school, maintaining relationships with alumni and providing volunteer opportunities.
High quality courses and staff, as well as facilities. Staff is focused and accessible.
Graduates leave with a career in hand.
General studies as well as career-specific.
This is an oustanding program with an oustanding staff.
I would choose the dentql hygiene program again.
some times, computer not available , due to , testing time for other classes
I am told that as graduates, we have the opportunity to utilize school placement services, LRC and to "audit" classes. I have not utilized these services. I graduate in March.
There is very little assistance in obtaining scholarships, etc. Adequate advice regarding student loans and financial aid. Certainly quick to provide debt info upon graduation.
Optimistic About My Choice – I choose to go to Fortis Institute for a couple if reason, most importantly because i have a child and the hours work around my schedule. Secondly, because ill have my certificates in a time span of 8 months. Im upset with the way my financial advisor handled our meeting,Im well aware there are gratns and scholorships and she made it seem as if it were impossible to find them and do the work. I t discourged me but at the same gave me motivation to search and do the homework to find one to make it easier to further my career.I start school on the 6th of Febuary and will do extrodinary!
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