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Fort Valley State University Reviews

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I like FVSU because of the home feeling I get here. The classes are small and intimate and the professors are very personable with the students. I wish I could change the lack of programs and professors the school offers.
My experience at Fort Valley State University is great! The students are so welcoming and friendly. There are many people who you can depend on and communicate with.
This school has great dormitories and well kept campus. Academic help and tutoring services are available. The staff are always willing to help students accomplish goals.
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My experience at Fort Valley State has been epic. I’ve gotten to know different people from different areas around the world. Not knowing what to expect, I’ve literally done fell in love with this University. From the late night house parties to the early morning study sessions Fort Valley State has provided me with the tools I need to progress in life.
They are very welcoming and they make sure you are ok and comfortable. The college is gated around the campus so I feel very comfortable and people help you around the campus if you are lost.The food is great and they take their time to make sure the food is fresh and hot.
Fort Valley is a great small city to live in and a better place to go to school at. I love the scenery and staff as much as i love the dorms and friendly students walking amongst the yard. The only thing I’d like to see change is the change of heart.
I had a blast at FVSU my freshman year of school!! There is so much to do but you always have to make sure that you do your work first. Everyone is like a big family. That’s what I really love about it mostly.
The school is really good if you are looking for a small school. You wouldn't necessarily have to worry about big classes. The teachers will get to know you and are willing to help especially in the Biology department. The on campus advisors will assist you as best as they can to enroll you into the classes you need for your major.
Fort Valley State University is a HBCU that provides students with an adequate college experience. The people and students are friendly, so you feel like you fit right in on your first day. Campus life is great, the dorms are nice and clean. Classes are a walk away, and so are your friends. Saturday games are the best! Sitting in the stands with your friends as you cheer on the football team is a wonderful experience. I love being a wildcat!
I like that Fort Valley is a small University so everyone knows each other. The people on average are nice and the professors are okay. One thing I would change would be the dorms and the food on campus. Both are very poor and even though it is a small university the students should have better conditions then this.
Fort Valley State University is a HBCU in Fort Valley, GA. In my 4 years here i have so many mixed emotions. The school is nice. The professors are very nice! I feel like since this is a small campus, there is more one on one time with professors and students. The professors really do care, and are understanding of situations. They know how hard it is to make it through college and they have no problem working with you. Obviously there are some things that can be worked on such as finacial aid but other than that i think it is a really nice campus
Fort Valley State University is an HBCU. Everyone there treats you like you’re family before you’re even accepted. I love it!
I like that its easy to get the help you need for your class. Everyone is friendly and the campus isn't hard to learn.
I enjoy my time being at fort valley because it feels like home. You are treated like family and very welcomed. Everyone is mutual and outgoing as well
What I like about fort valley state is that they treat you like family. They have a good ROTC program and they teach you a lot. If you ever have a chance experience the life of FVSU its only right to join. Their sports life is amazing as well. I will be experiencing more this year as well.
Fort valley state university is a great college for those of all majors. They are very diverse when it comes to what you aspire to be, the classes you wish to take, the teachers, and the students.
i enjoy fvsu a lot . i met lots of wonderful faces and the professors are very nice and helpful . I have attend fvsu for 2 years now and i absolutely love it! The college campus is beautiful , the dorms are really nice and the cafe food is good as well. Everyone is very nice to one another and there isn’t any bad things about Fort Valley . I love my HBCU!
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Fort Valley State University is a pretty good school out in the country and has a pretty campus and buildings. The faculty and students are very helpful and generous. I would recommend anyone who is questioning to apply to Fort Valley State University to go ahead!
Fort Valley State University is like a home away from home. Once you enter the campus you are treated like family. The atomssphere is very welcoming. Also, the faculty and staff really want you to suceed in life and if they cannot help you themselves they will most definitely direct you to the right person who will.
My experience at Fort Valley State University was some of my best days in my life. I came in a young man and now i have turned into a grown man. The people here always want to help you succeed in life. Fort Valley State university is one of the best institutes in the nation and I’m proud to be a wildcat!
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