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The classes are small and the professors provide one on one help if need. The campus is beautiful and not too big. This feels like a second home. They have great programs to help you relax. They offer help with most of your needs.
I am really enjoying my college experience. The teachers and staff are awesome are always ready to help.
I have attended Fort Valley State University for over a year now and I can honestly say that it has been a roller coaster of emotions, but overall this college has taught me things that I will take with me for the rest of my life. The student body and staff are very friendly and if you attend FVSU, it will feel like home to you. As far as academics go, my advice is to be very focused, and really take your education into your own hands so you can get the full experience in regards to education. You will come across all people, of all shades, sizes, and backgrounds here and I truly do think that most people will find comfort in the school itself. If you are thinking about attending this school as a student go in focused like never before and make sure you complete any important applications ahead of time if possible. This will ensure a smooth ride through your registration process, and other processes to come.
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The best thing about FVSU is the southern hospitality that spreads throughout the Wildcat community. I have enjoyed my experience thus far, from the students to the staff, even the janitors are nice and helpful. There are so many different opportunities that are in the Wildcat community, from joining clubs to watching some of the staff take on the students in fun games of basketball and football. The campus has grown so much over that past decade and even the upgrade of the food, parking lots, and even the dorm life is different. There is an overall helping and learning opportunity at Fort Valley State University!
Fort Valley State University is a Historically Black College! It's fun , but at the same time it can be a little unorganized! We are one big family there & the school is in a small town ! Teachers at FVSU are pretty decent !
I really love Fort Valley State University, I think it's a great school to attend. The professors here are here to work with you and guide you if needed and they also will do a lot of one on one time with you. There are a lot of clubs/organizations to get into and also a lot of fun activities going on around campus.
Only problem would be location in reference to everything else. if you're looking for a get away this would definitely be it.
My experience here at FVSU has been pretty good. As far as academics go, the professors are here to help you! They put in effort to teach you and advise you. This school as many opportunities to help you be successful in your area of study. Outside of classes, there are many activities, sports, clubs, and organizations to join to enhance your college experience and your resume. FVSU is a relatively small school, so it is very easy to network and students are willing to stick together like family.
The University has a nice campus currently undergoing renovations. Professors and staff are hit or miss with some being more concerned with student success than others. Food quality is okay and will occasionally be really good.
Fort Valley is a small school, it's quit expected from Thursday through Saturday those are the party days. The food is not the best, but you will not die of hunger either. The city of Fort Valley is small and not a lot of things go on,but the cities around Fort Valley have a lot fun things to do and places to eat.
The academics comes down to you, if you refrigerate early then you have better chance of getting a great professor that everyone recommends. Overall most of the Professors are understanding people that want to best for you, they are okay with you buying or renting the textbook cheap or two to three editions behind. As long as your Professors see you trying they will work with you until you get the course material.
The dorms are suite style with either 4 individual rooms were every 2 rooms gets a bathroom with a kitchenette or 2 individual rooms with a personal bathroom. Also there are apartment style with a full kitchen.
Fort Valley State University is a great school. The classes are pretty small so our professors are very hands with each student. The staff are very welcoming and helpful.
Fort Valley State is a great college to attend. I have been here only a semester and I can see how dedicated the University is to helping their students learn and succeed. There is no place I rather start off my college journey than here. The whole community is friendly and the atmosphere here is great. There are some minor flaws to going here but it does not compare to all the pros!
From the day I first stepped foot on campus until now, I have felt nothing but love from my school community, we are truly a family. Yes, as a school, we have some improvements to make as far as safety, and academics, but overall I love my community, I love my school, and i love my experience here. It is said that the majority of life lessons are learned while in college, I am a firm believer of that. I have learned many tough lessons since my freshman year of college. In retrospect, I am grateful for every experience, difficult situation,and every lesson that i have acquired over the last three years. Without them, I wouldn't be man I am today.
The value of a degree from this school is important. A lot of alumni that I didn't know went here come back and give students the opportunity to become successful with an internship and even a career.
My experience with courses and professors has gotten a lot better. I now know how to speak out and ask questions in class. Class sizes are usually crowded the first week and then even out to a smaller class.
The safety and security on campus has gotten better.
Living on campus is sometimes challenging, especially if you don't have a car, but for the most part it is alright. Since I live on campus I'm closer to my classes than if I didn't live on campus. One thing that I wish could change is the Housing prices, which are a little too expensive for some students.
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Greek life on campus is usually shown throughout special events that are held on campus. When it comes to parties, more people go to the Greek hosted parties than just regular club parties. I think non-Greek's view Greek as normal students because they never really know who is Greek until an event happens. When it comes to Greek housing, some Greeks stay on campus and then some have their own houses off campus.
The athletics at my school is very important. When it comes to sports, school spirit is 100% and homecoming is usually the largest event that shows school spirit.
My overall experience at school so far is that it is very challenging but worth it. I would choose my school again because it feels like home and the professors are very understanding and they care about every students needs.
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