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This school is very easy to get accepted by and they will teach you what you need to know for your chosen major. There is just a downside to the nightlife or party scenery that you may crave as an incoming student. This school and town are considered to be a part of living a "slow life".
My current experience at Fort Scott Community College has been great. The advisers, directors, and teachers are always caring and willing to help when needed. The campus is smaller and easy to navigate through but however the location of the college is a little complicated if you have never been to Fort Scott, KS. before. I do advise anyone going to this college for an orientation to leave early and set a GPS to help you navigate to the college smoothly. When taking the tour of the campus they showed me everything I needed to know before attending and about some of the tutoring programs and extra curricular activities they provide to get students involved in school. Overall the school is wonderful to me, the staff are there to help and the teachers are willing to put in extra time for the students if needed and I think it's very helpful.
For some classes they only have it for one certain hour and maybe for only one semester
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I do not like online classes. I would rather go to a classroom
The teachers are very good at giving you information that you will use later in your career.
Good community. The teachers really care about students doing well.
My classes always start early in the morning. The homework assignment is long and complicated. Some class I want to enroll base on my schedule are not available
The game room is large and convienient with pool table, PS4, television, ... The stadium of the art center is nice. There are some active clubs.
The tuition and fees progress was smooth and I satisfied. The education is worth paying. Cost of books is expensive. The fees pay for homework or assignment is unexpected.
Online can be okay and difficult at some points. Traditional classroom you can meet new people and interact with them and learn a lot with the teacher.
It is okay. It can have problems sometimes
The campus is very good. We have a great athletic center.
It is alright seem like everyone get along and have there own group of friends
Career services at FSCC are limited.
Tuition paid at FSCC is a reasonable rate and I feel as if every penny has been worth it. The financial aid office is always extremely helpful and answer any possible question you may have.
As a commuter student, there are not many unique opportunities that are available to students who spend so little time on campus.
FSCC is filled with a diverse community that continues to help each other in times of need. Getting help with something never seems to be an issue. The faculty is very helpful and friendly, especially to new freshmen.
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My school consist of many different people, mainly people studying to get into a bigger college. Most with full-time or part-time jobs.
I started my new job about the same time I started attending the school. My work required me to be there at three but that is when my classes got out. The staff at FSCC worked with me and my work.
The typical student at my college is hard to describe. At the Fort Scott Miami campus we have kids just out of high school or parents going back to school. We have all kinds of different ethnic groups. The other students seem just as willing as the teachers to look past any differences and give everyone an equal chance.
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