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It's like having my own personal garage, working on cars. And learning everything about them. I like hands-on work.
All the teachers are helpful. Attendance is key, obviously. My favorite experience is making new friends and the classes are awesome. I would choose this school again because its size is not too big, not too small.
All the teachers are very helpful understand and truly amazing and are willing to work with you n help you succeeded
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I have not yet had to deal with any of that yet
I have not had to transfer any credits yet
I feel it was a little easier to manage my assignments and everything else with the online class so then I was able to take time and not feel rushed
They are the best and do an amazing job at helping
My major is in human services and the uniqueness of this major is the teachers, the teachers has a a special passion for what they teach and they are very passionate
I think that this school is truly amazing there are so many awesome employees that are willing to help you with whatever it is you needing help help they will continue to help you if u are willing to put in some leg work and help yourself as well
The campus resources include a nice sized library with a variety of useful books and several computers. There are multiple study areas and the classes are very close together so there is no need to drive anywhere else or be in a rush to get to your next class.
I was very pleased with my financial aid progress at this school. I had one minor setback but they had gotten it taken care of so that there was no delay.
I loved my college experience here. The classes were very flexible for me and I had no problem with any of my instructors, my financial aid, or the enrollment process.
Personally I liked the curriculum of my major. The workload seemed easy for me to complete without trouble.
The last year that I had attended this school I had only two instructors who split the classes that were required. I loved them! These instructors were awesome and we kind of became friends. I was very interested in what they had to show me and I think there teaching "ways" are pretty cool. They made it fun and easy to finish all of my classes.
I enjoyed my time at this school while earning my Associates in Business Technology. My instructors were very friendly and helpful. My classes were great and I was actually interested in what the instructors had to teach. I plan on going back and earning a certificate.
In order to graduate and receive my degree I was required to complete 60hours of Service Learning. To do this I interned for a short time at the local wellness center. I did things like input data into the computer and helped keep it clean for the daily visitors. At times I would be asked to "take charge" of the wellness center for a short time while the boss ran some errands. I didn't mind doing these things although I would have loved to get some more experience pertaining to my degree.
While most of the aspects of the school are average at best, aesthetically, it's wonderful. The Dumont Campus in Wolf Point is beautiful, and the library in Poplar looks so modern and surreal, it's easy to forget you're in a small town in Montana.
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My favorite professors are my Math and English professors. They both push me to do my best in both fields, and I can rely on them when I need help with assignments. Some other professors aren't as good, like the science professor and the computer/technology professor. Both of these people had problems showing up to class, in fact, the science professor was gone for roughly 3/4s of a semester.
From what I can tell, there isn't an individual in charge of recruitment. Everyone from the teachers to the other faculty do some form of recruitment. I think it's a great community college to start out of, and there are plenty of programs for people who are interested in welding and such.
Unfortunately for me, I live in Wolf Point, Montana, while the primary facilities are in Poplar, Montana. The drive isn't too long, but in the winter season it's harder to drive to Poplar due to the weather conditions. Since the campus in Wolf Point is a satellite campus, I can't sign up for courses or receive many of the services, like buying my course books, unless I drive to Poplar; which makes things very inconvenient.
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