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I've had a wonderful experience so far being at FLC. I am a non-traditional student who has transferred here and I have had nothing but positive experiences with staff and faculty.
Fort Lewis College is in a great location with a friendly environment. I like the look of the campus, and dorms as they fit my college experience. The program for English was also very good. I'm excited to attend Fort Lewis. The proffesors are also very inspiring to students in classes. It's a very diverse school that has other native americans like myself, which makes me more comfortable in the environment.
Since beginning at Fort Lewis, I have been focused and confident in my work. There are multiple resources for everything and anything on campus. As a student it is easy to connect with other students and find ways to be engaged on campus. It is also easy and very encouraged to talk to your instructors and they always have time for you if your willing to communicate with them.
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Fort Lewis College is a school where students can participate in multiple club activities and sports. As an alumnus, I have had the chance to enjoy my college life by entering in the AIGA club on campus. This club is for graphic designers to participate in different activities that improves a designers skills and knowledge. Fort Lewis College also has programs like TRIO that help students improve academically and have resources for one-on-one tutoring. What I like about this college is that professors help students achieve in their academic skills by setting real-life examples in the classroom and in grading. What Fort Lewis can improve on would be having more financial advisors that can help students who have deeper problems within financial needs.
There are great parts to this college and there are terrible parts. I'm a freshman right now and the vast majority of my friend group, myself included, are transferring next year. The school is totally broke and they make stupid decisions money wise, and this website needs to change the tuition because it is way higher than the one currently displayed. You have to be a very particular type of person to be totally happy here, and to look past how much you are being ripped off attending this school. I'm sure that once you don't live on campus the experience is better, because the town is amazing, but my freshman year has been so off putting I'm transferring back to my hometown college, which is not what I ever thought I would do.
My time at Fort Lewis was excellent. The classes were diverse and interesting. The professors were professional and very kind (except the yoga teacher, but he’s gone now). I regret that I had to leave Fort Lewis and look forward to returning. The area is beautiful, the people are quirky and friendly. The college is great at supporting and encouraging students to take advantage of the many outdoor sports in the area, from frisbee golf to ice climbing. The bike and hiking trails both on campus and in town are endless and entertaining. The local food is great, the community is fun and the landscape is breathtaking.
Fort Lewis College is great for students who love the outdoors, small community vibe, and nearby skiing. Ft. Lewis is a small school but has a lovely campus. I'd advise planning to bring a car—the campus is on a hill above the town, and it is not easy to get back and forth.
My uncle who reside on campus with his girlfriend. Spent time around campus, I applied for a job downtown so I lived with him for 2 months and it was an great experience seeing the beautiful campus and nature around it.
This is a gorgeous town with plenty to do downtown. I love being in a tourisk town. The stars at night are beautiful as well as looking at downtown from the ridge. However the food is atrocious and there is no party scene on campus. Plus the housing is old and outdated and has no air conditioning making August and September too hot.
Fort Lewis is a great 4 year undergraduate school that deserves the best and graduates the best, It has great majors, and offers two masters programs.
Fort Lewis is a beautiful college! So many opportunities with amazing professors and assistance to succeed!
Overall a good school. Beautiful town and surrounding area, lots to do outdoors. School itself is alright.
It's a pretty good school. The food is no good and you pay way too much money for it. However, the class sizes are very favorable and the people are extremely kind.
I love the people and the environment, but the location is kinda sucky if you're looking for public transportation out of town or things to do. I prefer the city life.
Everybody here is very accepting, and caring even though they do not know you. The professors genuinely care about the students, and will check up on the students frequently. The counseling center is undoubtedly great, they have truly helped me transition from being home to being here.
This college is located in a beautiful part of Colorado. The professors really care about each student and get to know them all on a personal level. This school is also very dedicated to outdoor classrooms and learning in a progressive way.
I enjoy the environment at Fort Lewis! The people are friendly, classes are smaller and more focused, and the teachers are experts in their subject.
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Fort Lewis along with its community is an awesome place to be. Nothing but welcoming arms. One thing I would like to see change is the participation with school events. Individuals need to take an adventure sometime.
Fort Lewis College is a great place for people who want to get away from their hometown but question living the city life. FLC is located in Durango, Colorado which is a town with plenty of outdoor activities and various places to eat. The school and town are interconnected; sharing a history that compliments one another. This place can help any student step outside their norm and feel comfortable about finding themselves.
I am currently a Junior at Fort Lewis College and so far I love it! The campus is very diverse and the best thing about Fort Lewis is the one to one time I have with my professors.