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I hate my overall experience of Fort Lewis College never in my life have I hated a place so much. When I first got here everything seemed to be this lust red carpet life then I noticed the cracks this carpet covered. The campus is about the size of a huge high school yet it doesn't feel like a college. The campus food is the same stuff put on repeat so you notice that you are eating the same miserable food every day. I have a roommate who doesn't leave the room and really makes it hard for me to study and the walls in our dorm are paper thin. The whole building I live in is really dated. I call it the bunker because its like a World War II bunker, pipes run over my bed, concrete walls, basic beds, and really cramped environment. You don't here about sporting events if you do it's really rare to notice.
Fort lewis works hard to make it seem like their campus is very diverse and accepting. I really like the campus because it's a very outdoors focused college and the campus is beautiful. Fort lewis isn't very expensive either and Native Americans get the free tuition waiver.
I like the local area, the city of Durango is what brought me to applying here in the first place. I love the state of Colorado and the energy here. I'm excited to possible attend
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I like that Fort Lewis College is in Colorado. The views are beautiful. Fort Lewis is very welcoming and people here work here with you. I would like to see more clubs and more organization that others would be involved in.
It's a great school, in a small town. From applying to starting school it's been a good experience. On my second semester now.
As a second term freshman, there's not much I can say. All I know is that I love the campus and the environment is comfortable. I love it here.
So far everything is really good. Love my dorm and the beautiful campus. Everyone has been so nice and friendly. So excited to get to know my professors and meet more people but it's off to a great start.
I came here to experience learning about the great outdoors through their one of a kind Adventure Education program. This school regardless of the department is very student focused all the way down to class ratios. I recommend it for anyone wanting a sentimental education and for whoever seeks REAL hands on experience and networking for jobs/internships!
I not only love the atmosphere, and the city itself, but the people that make up the city are just incredibly wonderful. The professors care with out a doubt, and not to mention the opportunity for fun and adventure is endless.
Fort Lewis is a beautiful campus with so much to do. The community is safe and friendly with someone is always willing to assist you. It is a smaller school with smaller classes so you are sure to get the help you need. Your professors are going to help you till you get it right.
I went to the local high school and then when to a private college in Missouri and decided to transfer back to my hometown and go to the Fort. The school its self is beautiful with an over look of an even more beautiful town. I won't say all the students all amazing because that would be a lie. But so far most everyone I have met really wants to be there. The professors seem passionate about what they teach and how the teach.
Applying and getting accepted to Fort Lewis was a breeze. Being able to talk to any one included in the faculty and staff made me feel like I was valued and all my questions were answered quickly. I truly enjoy my time on campus and I find it so easy to meet people, what with all the clubs and events they have.
extremely apathetic student body. The philosophy department is always talking about the "atrocities of the white culture" . I've seen staff condescend and talk behind the backs of older students, which is funny because those are the ones that actually do something in class. If you're 18-21 and want a so-so education that is hardly challenging , and definitely set you up for a $15/hr job, this place is for you.
My experience at Fort Lewis College was great! friendly environment in a great little town that is not to crowded. With great opportunities to enjoy the outdoor environment. and great professors and wonderful programs.
Fort Lewis College is centered in a small outdoorsy town that offers many degrees to pursuit your career choice. Their faculty loves the impact they have on their students and are very focused on the students' wishes upon the school. This school waives tuition for Indigenous people that meet the requirements upon tribal enrollment and the school occupies the land of Ute natives, as well as the Navajo tribe, Dine. So this school is very supportive and surrounded with Native American culture, identity and events.
The outdoor experience, friends, awesome town, and education! I went to almost all of the athletic games and it was an awesome experience. Skiing, hiking, camping are just minutes away. Awesome school activities which includes intramurals and a great workout gym. Met some of the best friends I'll ever meet and I have never regretted my decision choosing this college.
I love just about everything about the Fort (as us Skyhawks call it). The classes are simultaneously engaging and challenging. The dorms generate a tight-knit community. The food is a tad bit on the boring side but that's remedied by the fact that Durango is full of places offering delicious food. Finally, what is perhaps the Fort's most striking feature is the fact that it sits atop a mesa, which provides a spectacular view of the Durango area.
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I am nearing the end of my first year of college here at The Fort and I couldn't be more satisfied. I have learned so much in classes and about myself this past year that I don't think I could have done anywhere else. I was definitely shocked at how laid back people are here and shocked at how little "typical" college parties are here. Overall: good people, good lessons, chill party scene.
I haven't started there yet but I've visited many times and I enjoy it every time I go. I can't wait to start there this coming fall.
The Fort is very laid back, with great teachers. It's a great place to meet a vast variety of people and make friends.