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I love the people and the environment, but the location is kinda sucky if you're looking for public transportation out of town or things to do. I prefer the city life.
Everybody here is very accepting, and caring even though they do not know you. The professors genuinely care about the students, and will check up on the students frequently. The counseling center is undoubtedly great, they have truly helped me transition from being home to being here.
This college is located in a beautiful part of Colorado. The professors really care about each student and get to know them all on a personal level. This school is also very dedicated to outdoor classrooms and learning in a progressive way.
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I enjoy the environment at Fort Lewis! The people are friendly, classes are smaller and more focused, and the teachers are experts in their subject.
Fort Lewis along with its community is an awesome place to be. Nothing but welcoming arms. One thing I would like to see change is the participation with school events. Individuals need to take an adventure sometime.
Fort Lewis College is a great place for people who want to get away from their hometown but question living the city life. FLC is located in Durango, Colorado which is a town with plenty of outdoor activities and various places to eat. The school and town are interconnected; sharing a history that compliments one another. This place can help any student step outside their norm and feel comfortable about finding themselves.
I am currently a Junior at Fort Lewis College and so far I love it! The campus is very diverse and the best thing about Fort Lewis is the one to one time I have with my professors.
To me, Fort Lewis College is a very good college. With academic standards as well as the environment you get to live in. People their are nice and very helpful when it's needed. But, personally I would like to see it grow and get bigger.
I can't tell if i'm on vacation or actually going to a college in Durango, Colorado. I end class at 11 in the morning and use the rest of the day to train for cycling season and then do a little bit of homework then spend time with friends. I then tend to stress out during the end of the semester because of finals, but the professors are so caring, they REALLY WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!
I really loved how small the classes were compared to big universities. The campus is just the right size not too big, not too small. All the necessary things you need are not too far from campus. There are a lot of outdoor activities for people who love being outside. Durango is also a very beautiful town.
The dining hall gave me a bacterial infection because they don't keep things clean. The dorms have zero circulation and are either 1000 degrees or freezing, not to mention the rank smell- probably having something to do with the black mold in our shower. The management- especially of the dining hall- are rude and less than helpful. Not to mention, it is virtually impossible to live here after your freshman year unless you want to be spending a ridiculous amount on rent for a home that's 30 minutes out of town. Fort Lewis will do anything in their power to screw you out of money and mess up your financial aid. Save yourself from some of the worst years of your life and don't come to Fort Lewis College.
Me experience has been really amazing. Being apart of the John F. Reed Honors Program has led me to make connections with people and faculty. The sense of community is amazing here on campus. I'm proud to live and go to school in such a wonderful, beautiful state. The Professors are willing and wanting to help at any moment. My peer are as excited to be here as I am. The activism here on campus is great, having multiple organizations to join.
I really enjoy the small class sizes, this ensures a teacher-student relationship and, as a student, I feel more apt to engaging.
I am a non-traditional student at FLC. I'm older than many of my classmates, so I don't live in the dorms on campus, or go to many college parties. However, academically, I think the college is very underrated. Since it's a smaller school students get more opportunities to get one-on-one help from instructors. The professors I've had in the FLC business school so far are some of the best I've had; I'm usually able to meet with them for extra course help, and when I've had trouble with a difficult assignment some of the ones I've had are able to explain the concept in a way that is easy for me to understand. My last school was a larger university, and it was a good school but very easy to get lost in the crowd.
I really like being a student at the Fort. Anytime I have needed anything whether it be a bit more time to finish an assignment to getting around campus. Everyone that I have interacted with at Fort Lewis College has been real helpful. I really love the professors and administrators in the Education Department. You can tell that they really want you to succeed.
I liked the experience of being at college in my first semester. On-campus living made getting to class a breeze. The professors made an effort to get to know you and help you when you need. The classes are taught with style to learn from the professors. There are resources available on campus within just a five or fifteen minute walk.
Fort Lewis College has a breath taking scenery and campus that makes you at home and also part of nature. They have amazing clubs that are student run and have many Native American clubs. It is almost free to most Native Americans, so applying and entering the school is very easy. Fort Lewis is never a dull place, as it is Durango that is very lively and full of adventures.
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I was Amazing. Everything is so vibrant and energetic. Everyone was so nice and the area was very beautiful.
Fort Lewis offers so many activities, people, and events that will always keep you busy and entertained. The outdoor life here is incredible. There are so many activities that one can do such as, mountain bike, raft, fish, hunt, cliff dive, cave explore, ski, and so many more things. You will never get bored in a place like Durango. The academics are good as a whole. The teachers and all other staff are so helpful and willing which adds ease to the college experience. I would not want to go to any other school.
I went and visited Fort Lewis as an incoming freshman and the campus was amazing. It is a very outgoing, hands-on type of school, and you can tell the kids enjoy that aspect. Many kids were out involved in activities, and one class was even having their lesson outside. the only downside is they didn't have the program that I was wishing to take.
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