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I am still a student at Fort Hays State University and I enjoy this school very much. It is a medium sized college and the class sizes are small. I enjoy this because you have more of an opportunity to interact with the teachers.
I have visited Fort Hays many times. For soccer and a road trip. The overall feeling is amazing. You feel as if a new door has open to a bright future. I'm so excited to be a Tiger next year!
Fort Hays State University is a great college, especially for people who have lived in small towns their whole lives. It is a very diverse campus and I have had very few bad professors
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The social, on-campus friendliness experience is hyped-up. Most of the student body ends up transferring or dropping out - the graduation rate is low. Fantastic staff, especially the professors with their fantastic backgrounds. Equipment for student use is great. The directors board leaves much to be desired here, however. The party scene was once a glorious wake of celebration around Hays campus - It's not quite what it used to be. The dorms were a nightmare - depending which you were in, however they ARE remodeling them. Student life does an adequate job of involving new students in student life activities. Campus safety also leaves much to be desired, considering the number of attacks I alone have known to happen on campus. Diversity is one of the most prominent features of this university. Students literally come from all over the globe to attend FHSU especially for it's affordable tuition, which I might add, for a university, is a BARGAIN.
I loved how involved the university is with the community. Going there they make everyone feel at home and comfortable within themselves. The people there are beyond amazing and help the university provide students with a growing education that will benefit them greatly in their futures.
This is a great campus. It is not too big, and not too small. The small class sizes make it so much easier to excel in class rather than sitting through a lecture hall full of hundreds of students.
Fort Hays offers a completely online Virtual College so that you can finish school from anywhere. You don't need to rearrange your work schedule since these classes are online. They have several degrees available through this program. The education is the same as on campus classes. I highly recommend it if you have a busy schedule.
Great school for the price. Teachers that I have had want and are willing to help students succeed. On-Campus housing and dining could be improved. Lots of majors at FHSU. Medium sized town has most stores you would need.
Fun community with tons of free resources and activities. Very cost efficient and you'll have a great time there!
I've attended a few different colleges, but Fort Hays State University has been the best. The staff, its teachers, they are all so beyond helpful. They truly believe no question is a stupid question. When I send an email, they always respond within hours, I have even gotten an email at midnight. I have already recommended this University to my friends that are looking to continue their education. The teachers, they are amazing and are always there for you when you need it, plus they will randomly send you messages just to see how you are doing and ask if you have any questions.
I attend Fort Hays State Virtual College and I have been absolutely thrilled with the access to information and how willing advisers are to help you register for classes and guide you in the right direction in order to succeed.
I absolutely love the school. The small setting, dedicated professors, and professional yet challenging learning environment makes it very comfortable to continue my college experience.
I love Fort Hayes! Excellent instructors and they are very helpful! I've made straight A's for one year so far!! :-)
I like how the campus is smaller but still big enough to sustain everyone. One thing I would like to see changed is the availability of certain classes. A lot of the time classes different people need collide with other times and it just seems like a lot of work to get an education. Another thing, they recently decided to raise tuition and as a student who pays for their own college, it is frustrating.
I like that Fort Hays State University has so many activities for students to participate in. The academics are incredible and the atmosphere is amazing. The only thing that I would probably change is the cafe food. But other than that, I really love FHSU!
there are plenty of internationals to get to know. the cafe closes to early and does not offer much diversity in food
Online great! Transfered in hours a little site little clunky but responsI've team
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Fort Hays State University is a small community that is extremely involved in each students' lives. There is always something happening on campus. Here at Fort Hays I am able to have a very close relationship with each of my professors due to the small class sizes. One thing I would change about this university is to provide more recycling bins around campus. There are a few but I feel there should be just as many recycling bins as there are trash cans. I love it here at Fort Hays, the community is friendly and helpful. I would recommend this University to just about anyone.
Fort Hays state University was just names the third largest university in kansas. Although it is the third largest it still has that small school charm that many students like. Overall it is a great school for the price that anyone pays. The classes are small but that means there is more one on one interaction with the professors. It is also important to note that just about all professors know each of their students. This is what Fort Hays is all about, making sure that the students feel comfortable and feel at home. If you are looking for a small town charm, then Hays is for you, but if bigger cities are your forte, Hays isn't quite the fit. Personally I have grown to love rhe atmosphere that surrounds Hays and the University. For the most part people in Hyas are friendly and accommodating and know how to bring spirit to its everyone around. Come to Fort Hays State University, it's inviting and friendly and a real bang for your buck!!
My college experience was excellent. I was fortunate to be a student athlete. Which gave me an experience that not every college student gets to experience. I was able to get a college education while allowing me the opportunity to compete for my university. While in college I was able to join clubs that allowed me to further my education experience and establishing relationship that would last the test of time. It was an educational experience but I had fun, I lived, I found myself, and my voice.
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