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I adore this college; they're incredibly helpful when it comes to trying to help you out, but they're unforgiving when it comes to students with mental/physical illnesses.
I overall think Fort Hays State University is a very good college, but it does come out to be a little more expensive than I would have thought. You also have to take many extra courses in order to complete the Fort Hays State University criteria. College is very different from high school and some professors are a little more understanding than others. The diversity in Hays is not all that big as the college makes it seem when you schedule a tour of the campus. For the most part I feel like the people that work there are pretty helpful. The campus is close to the dorms so its a good thing so every individual can get their exercise. Also I do not recommend driving, because it is very hard to find parking on campus. The great thing is that there is a bus that goes around campus, so there is no excuse in not being able to get around campus.
The online courses here are incredible. And online students are also afforded a lot of chances to fully participate in student life to the extent that can (such as travel abroad).
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I absolutely love the virtual college at FHSU! I was able to complete my bachelors degree online, all the way from Texas. I have no bad experiences and wouldn't change anything.
FHSU is a great school because there is a balance of academics and fun. The school strives toward making sure there is something for everyone. You can join a student organizations, work on campus, attend many events the school hosts, and attend sports games. The students here also enjoy having fun outside of the the university, for example there is a mall, theater (only $4 a movie!), mini golf, bowling, great places to eat, and of course some fun bars (if your 21) so there is a spot for everyone. This university wants all of their students to feel apart of their school and try to make their experience worth while. FHSU is my favorite part about Hays, KS and I'm very happy with my decision to go to school here. I even added another certificate and minor to my degree because I enjoy the education I am getting. I would recommend FHSU to anyone.
Diverse student and also instructor body, well-designed programs, beautiful campus, virtual learning possibilities...
A few things that I like about Fort Hays State University are the activity boards they provide and how diverse they are. Every week they hold meetings for the university board of activities (UAB) where anyone is welcomed to join and add their ideas. Also, during finals week the school holds game days and provide snacks to help relieve stress as students study for their finals.
Fhsu is extremely friendly and always makes me feel like home. Great campus and staff. The class sizes are fairly small which is amazing to me.
They are very friendly and very student oriented. They make sure that you have all of your classes in order and the advisors are outstanding. The advisors make sure you’re on the right track and when you aren’t they will get you there. The student life is great as long as you participate and the academics are phenomenal. You can fast track your degree or you can take all the time you need. I’ll be finished in 3 years and I’m super excited to graduate from such an outstanding college. I love the professors and the people. This is an amazing college and if you’re looking for a great place to go to school this is it.
I enjoy the virtual college. My experience overall is very good, but I choose classes carefully. Fort Hays has made it easy and rewarding to finish my degree.
Working toward bachelors online. Great experience so far!easy to enroll, easy access to teachers when needed. Fast grading systems
It is a great place to further your academic career. The teachers are some of the most involved, caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
I attend Fort Hays State University as a student but also as an athlete. One of the biggest things that stood out to me about FHSU was the community support in all events. The city of Hays lives for FHSU sporting events and shows their support in many ways that welcomes students and makes them feel at home. The campus itself is very nice and continues to grow and improve. With endless opportunities I feel that I am always being challenged and given new opportunities to grow myself as well. Many people think of Hays as a pass by town on the highway but I could not imagine myself anywhere else, Hays is my home and I am proud of it.
The student organizations and small class sizes make for an amazing experience both in and out of class.
Small classes with instructors who get to know you. Not impressed with online courses- on campus classes are much better.
FHSU was perfect. I'm from a small town and Hays had the perfect small town feel and made me feel right at home. All of the professors were so friendly and helpful during my freshman year. There were so many ways to get involved on campus and I met so many amazing people. There are lots of things to do in Hays that are fun and cheap.
Just going on a tour there I knew exactly that Fort Hays was the school that I wanted to attend after high school.
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I am taking online courses, everyone is so nice and helpful when I call or email. It is a bit hard doing online courses instead of having your teacher in front of you.
I love studying at Fort Hays! I am an online student and the professors are wonderful. The tuition is affordable which is amazing and I am able to fit school in around being a wife and mother to a three year old!
I love that FHSU is small enough to know lots of people and see them around campus every day. Class sizes are small, so you get to know each other and get to know your professors.
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