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During my time there, the people (staff, professors, ect.) were supportive and helpful. The tutors were great, and my most of my classes I found interesting. The atmosphere is kind of lacking as it isn't very flamboyant though I do realize it is a community college.
My experience with Forsyth Technical Community College has been a good one, the Professors want to see you succeed and give you every opportunity to do so. The academic advisors are great at making sure you get the class you need, as well as give you advice on choosing a academic path towards a career. I would like to see more medical programs offered.
Forsyth Tech is a wonderful school! However, the buildings could use some updates, and the school is known for hiring less than satisfactory teachers. Over my two years at Forsyth Tech, I have had more than my fair share of crappy teachers, and administration is unwilling to do anything about them when complaints are raised. Other than that, they are a very kind and helpful college.
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I have been going to Forsyth tech for a while now and it has it's pro's and con's like any other school school honestly. I wish there was more visitor parking because it is so inconvenient having to park so far away to walk to the Allman building for small stuff. And the financial aide office has some people that are working there that aren't to friendly but they are very helpful in assisting you with all of your needs.
Forsyth Technical Community College was the college I went to for dual enrollment. I found the classes to be almost too easy compared to my regular high school classes.
I appreciated how all of the instructors I had at Forsyth Tech genuinely had the best interest of the student. The parking is also pretty good. For only $30 for 1 year, you can park moderately close to your building.
I think Forsyth Tech could have better food available for students to purchase. They have a grill, but it simply was not very inviting.
Forsyth Tech was rather quick with most processes that had to be done concerning application, registration, or any other document processing.
I like how the school provides many resources for their students and make it a priority to see their students succeed. I would like to see an improvement in their parking situation. There is often limited parking and far away from classroom locations.
I've been attending Forsyth Technical Community College for about 2 years now, the campus is nice. For a community college, it is a lot better than expected. The Professors are very enthusiastic about their job and are willing to help anyone in any way possible. They are always trying to get students to join many campus activities since people don't generally live on campus, the student gov. goes above and beyond to reach its students. The college's prices for classes at a community college are about average, you can find most of the books required for the courses in the bookstore, Chegg, or on Amazon. One of the issues I have is the parking situation, most students have to park so far away from the buildings while it seems like there is an endless amount of spaces near the buildings labeled with the word "staff".
As an adult learner I am enjoying the convenience of online classes which works best with my lifestyle and full time job. The online classes are very structured and I am learning as if I was in a classroom setting.
i would like to see the leadership to change at this college. The people running things don't tend to know whats going on them selves.
So far my experience at Tech has been okay, not amazing, but not awful. I go to two local campuses, the Stokes Early College and Northwest Center instead of the main campus, which is very convenient if you don't live in/near Winston. Forsyth Tech professors don't like to see failure, really care about your success in their classes and are very understanding, which I really appreciate. Tech is great for anyone who's transferring to a university like NC State because their courses match up perfectly so you can be sure your credits will transfer.
Forsyth Technical Community College offers a large variety of courses. I really enjoyed attending this school because it had small class sizes, and most teachers were very approachable. One thing I would like to see change is the quality of the teachers employed. Although most teachers are good, there are several that never communicate with their students, and do not properly teach the material. Also, I would like for Forsyth Technical Community College to start offering more types of Associate's Degrees to students enrolled in early college programs.
Forsyth Tech is just a typical community college. There is a very large student body. It seems that at least half of the student body only do what they have to do to graduate. The other half, or possibly even less, actually strive to do their best. This can sometimes create a learning environment that is subpar. The academics and professors are pretty typical for community college standards, although a few professors do go above and beyond. There is not much school spirit on campus and not much to do either. There are a few school clubs, but they are not advertised well.
Forsyth Tech is a great college that fosters an excellent learning environment. The campus is beautiful. The instructors are knowledgeable and work with students to attain educational success. There is a communal atmosphere that integrates academic and practical learning through local internships, practicums, and clinical settings, that in many cases translate to job placement or futher educational studies.
It's nice but freshman year is difficult. I'm still very confused on how it all works. Great teachers though.
Overall, Forsyth Tech is a great school. They provide a variety of programs and degrees. The parking should be improved.
My specific major will be associates in arts
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Teacher makes student accountable but are still flexible
So far it has been flexible, but there are times where it is also difficult to workout.
The online experience might be more convenient to others, but it is not for me.
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