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There is not a whole lot to do on campus. There is a student lobby where people can go to hangout but it rarely is used unless it is for special group meetings. The campus is mainly focused on classes and studying. However, they are working on making things more available for student life.
Springfield is a large city and there are plenty of places to live and plenty or variety.
Academics are great here. They are very to the point and you get the exact classes you need with the same group of people. You sort of become a family. They have internship and externship opportunities and many other opportunities. The only downfall is that there are not a lot of different class times for commuters. It would be great if they offered online classes or made it easier to get all your classes in less days. There is a big break in between classes and it would be helpful if there was a class to fill in the gap.
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I have not had a problem with the weather as of yet.
Whatever Floats Your Boat – Our school is very close to downtown Springfield, where there are a lot of bars and dance clubs. There are martini bars, fondu restaurants with candy flavored shots, hard core beer drinking bars and dance clubs with techno music. Even outside of downtown Springfield there are several places to party at. There is a country club to go to, small hole-in-the-wall bars that play rockabilly music on the weekends and other random places to hang out at.
Extracurricular Sports – Our school is a Professional school thus there are no real funded sports programs. However, our school has formed several intramural type teams throughout the community. I am involved with the indoor soccer team our school formed this semester and there is also a softball team which was put together.
Good but Needs Some Work – The academics at this school are fairly well varied. There are several different classes which are offered through the several different tracks which the school offers. There are classes ranging from Forensic Psychology to Marital and Family Psychology to Psychology of Religion. A majority of the professors graduated from this school themselves, while others come from areas as far as California or the East coast. The registration process definitely needs work. Students start lining up at 3am to sign up for classes at 7am since we do not have enough students and money to fund an online registration process. Overall the school is well organized, but a lot of lying goes on between faculty/staff and students, and the students are more of a bygone than a factor in how the school works
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