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I like Fordhams campus and the environment. However there is no diversity and there isn’t any party scene at all. To Fordham safety is very important and takes that matter very seriously.
My experience at Fordham University is average. Teachers are ok, students are not specifically engaged in the work. The core is redundant and gets in the way of taking classes that would specifically help with your major. Once in a while you will find some GREAT teachers that help shape the whole experience. The Lincoln center campus and the Rose hill campus are very different experiences as well.
Bachelor's degree, Lincoln Center campus, class of 1998.
I took classes at both campuses though my home campus was in Manhattan.

The Bronx Rose Hill Campus I didn't like, at ALL! Very elitist, snobby students that have been sheltered by their upper middle class or well-to-do parents. Sadly, the BRONX campus is divided by race and ethnicity. Very segregated, so you see the white Irish with other white Irish, Italian American with other Italian Americans, Latinos, with Latinos, blacks with blacks. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 there were in the Bronx campus a few racial incidents.
The classes and professors at both locations are rigorous and HARD GRADERS. You have good professors and then you have a few very arrogant elitists, that no matter how hard you work, they will always give you a mediocre grade. All it takes is one professor to mess up your entire grade point average. Research each professor in "RATE MY PROFESSOR."
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I go to the Lincoln Center campus. The academics and core curriculum are challenging, but I've taken something away from every class. The emphasis on a well-rounded education really comes through. Being in the middle of Manhattan, you can't have a better location and you'll never run out of things to do. While the visitor policies at the dorms are unnecessarily strict and annoying, I really love Fordham for its small community feel (LC) and strong academics.
I believe the school chanelnges you mentally and emotionally in a postive way. You'll have moments where you question is this what you want to do in life. But you're only having some doubt because you're being pushed in a healthy way to contuine to do better.
This is literally the first school I would want to go to. Not because my mom went here but because of the education and diversity.
You're guaranteed to get a well-rounded, solid education if you choose Fordham. Although the core curriculum can seem extensive at times, I know that it is what will make my Fordham degree so valuable. I've made amazing friends here, the party scene is great, and nothing beats being 15 minutes away from Manhattan. The campus is truly gorgeous and feels like an oasis in the middle of a bustling city.
Exceptional help at providing student internships---they have their own center for career development. Also it would be a good option if you are intending on studying law or business---even their undergraduate student have access to their law school library and their business center have around 10 Bloomberg terminals and a specific room for students to use those terminals.
Fordham is a fantastic university where I have already gained knowledge, awareness, and great friends. The major cons to this school are in the food and cost of attendance.
I love everything about Fordham. I fall more in love with the school with each passing day. I've met incredible people and the opportunities that this university has been able to offer me is unlike most other colleges.
Fordham University is an amazing school with fantastic resources and opportunities, and top-notch faculty. The education you will receive here is excellent, but you will pay a high price for it. The locations of the campuses are great, but even newer facilities could use updating or renovation. It would also be great to see more resources for the large commuting student population. Work-study and financial aid opportunities are extremely limited and could also be greatly improved.
I believe that Fordham is a very good school filled with many wonderful resources that allow its students to succeed. However, there are many issues between administration and that students such as adjunct professors, LGBTQ rights and visitors rights.
Fordham is truly "what you make of it". With a campus in the "capital of the world", the location provides opportunities unrivaled by others. By planning ahead, you can schedule classes with some top-notch professors who actively help students succeed and provide an unforgettable learning experience. Though Core requirements are extensive, even excessive to some, they make way for an education that explores all fields. The Jesuit presence is in no way overbearing and the community is open to a diversity of thought (Professors are almost always unrelated to the Church; even theology classes teach a variety of religions). The Rose Hill campus is quite beautiful, boasting sports teams, a large library, and a variety of eateries. Both campuses are very safe and any incidents are vigilantly pursued by campus safety and the NYPD. Fordham can be a very good experience, if deemed worth the price point (note they do award aid) and if one is willing to take advantage of their time there.
What I really love about Fordham University is the staff. They really care about your future as long as you put the work into it. I go to the Lincoln Center campus and I really like how it's small and is located in Manhattan. The only downfall about Fordham University is that they do not offer a lot of opportunities for undergraduate students.
Fordham is a small school that fosters a tight-knit student community and a small student-teacher ratio. Though a Jesuit school, it is inclusive and enthusiastic toward all religious beliefs.
I love that even though they are a religious school, they are sill unclusive and it isn't shoved down your throat.
I like how the campus is easy to navigate through. I also like how most of the professors I've had so far were always able to help when I was feeling concerned about my grades. Something I dislike are the crowded elevators in the LC campus because everyone uses them at the same time and waiting to get in one can make you late to class.
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Fordham isn't great. Fordham isn't bad, either. Fordham is just like any other school; there are pros and cons at every institution.
I've just been accepted and the interview process and the contact that personal professors and directors have already given me have been absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to spend the next four years of my life here!
Fordham was a mixed bag for me. I had some awesome and friendly professors, made great friends. On the other hand, the administrative side of the school was insanely unhelpful.
1. Two campuses give you access to the city and a traditional campus
2. Its near NYC so you can have lots of fun
3. Many great professors
1. The school administration sucks! They will do nothing to make your life easier: bad career services, terrible financial aid interactions, horrible international student office behavior!
2. Financial "Aid" office is useless. Their international student office was horrible too. They wouldn't help you with anything and leave you on your own.
3. Old websites and systems! Their websites were outdated in 2010 and they still have made no improvements.
4. Bronx is not safe. Don't leave campus at odd hours!