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I love Fordham. The classes are challenging. The location is unmatched. The campus clubs are top-notch. The students are wonderful.
Many of the professors are really great and experts in their topics. Overall, I do like the atmosphere in the school but I wish there was more options when choosing classes. I also wonder why students are required to take two science core classes when we already have many classes we are required to take.
Not the best place for science/pre-med. Impossible to study abroad and the core can be a waste of time. Nothing to do on campus unless you like to drink. Dead on the weekends otherwise. Basically only offer sandwiches and salads at most of the food places. Really bad hours of operations (unless you sleep in until 12). Awful place, generous scholarships
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Enjoying my time, we're getting better. Google visits us now and Wells Fargo added us as a target school. If you're ambitious, it's a great place
Fordham University is a great school with a lot to offer academically as well as socially. The campus is beautiful and security is very good.
I love Fordham University and all that it has to offer. I selected this school because of it's diverse classroom and forward thinking. I never once dreaded going to class or commuting to get there because the drive from CT was not bad at all and I knew that I was going to enter a room full of like-minded scholars.
Love going here! The other students are so kind and welcoming. Everyone also very much minds his or her own business. Not totally sure if the debt will be worth it but we'll find out!
Fordham is a fantastic school with plenty of wonderful people and opportunities. The core curriculum is engaging, and a wide variety of majors make it a great place to study. Fordham needs to work harder socially to uphold its Jesuit identity by reaching out to the poor and marginalized more.
Well I have not started yet, but my experience with the university so far has been fabulous. With the orientation on the campus and the individual attention while there, the impression was overall positive. The one thing I would at this point is the class registration process. It is explained very well; however, I would like to have chosen my classes with my advisor there just so I had someone to discuss the decision with.
State of the art classrooms and beautiful campuses. With the smaller classes you have a chance to really get to to know your professors and develop learning relationships.
Fordham has the NICEST campus in New York, period. It's so peaceful and just outside its gate is the opposite of quiet - and that goes for both the Rose Hill (Bronx) and Lincoln Center (Manhattan) campuses. The teachers are first rate. The curriculum shapes you for life. I didn't realize how important a well-rounded education like the one Fordham offers was, until I grew up a bit. The hard work taking philosophy (that I really didn't want to take) paid off in the end and I feel I have a much better sense of the world and my place in it. Love this school. I've gone to NYU, CUNY, UCLA and other schools and nothing compares to Fordham.
My first year at Fordham University has been amazing. I lived in Alumni Court South, a co-ed freshman dorm, and even though the facilities were not the best, there was a great sense of community. The campus is beautiful and the classes are challenging but the professors are always available for help during office hours or through appointment. What really sets Fordham apart from other schools is its proximity to New York City while still offering students a vibrant campus life. A ride on the Metro North gets you to Midtown in 20 minutes where the opportunities for internships and exploration are endless. Additionally, the local Bronx community has endless opportunities for volunteer work and learning about new cultures.
I love the quality of the professors and the students at Fordham. It's a small community where everyone knows each other and gets along. Everyone is extremely intelligent which animates class discussions. The professors care about their students and give special attention to them.
Fordham University has dedicated professors and faculty. It has a rigorous curriculum and expects high performance on it's students. With core classes and a liberal arts education, Fordham educated the whole student to challenge their ways of thinking and promoting deeper critical thought. Although there are no sororities or fraternities, Fordham has a long list of activities that students can engage in for social life on campus. It seemed to me that it was very dormer friendly and needed to improve its work with commuters.
I am considering transferring. The school is all talk and I don't think you get your moneys worth. All money is put towards football so therefore the other sports aren't treated well. The athletic department is terrible and so is the training room. Athletically it's hard to feel valued. Academically, they grade deflate therefore its hard to do well on things that are pretty straightforward. Some teachers are fair and good but majority are grad students who don't have much experience.
Fordham is a great great great school. I'm at Lincoln Center. The core is a bit crazy but doable. Also I'm pretty upset about the fact that there's no trans-inclusive housing because it's a Catholic school. Otherwise, though, it's a really great experience so far. The professors are generally good, student life is awesome, living in midtown is incredible, and everyone is SO sweet. I love it here!
Fordham University is the best decision I have ever made. The school is located in the Bronx, which isn't ideal, but has plenty of transportation for access to NYC. This leads to many internship opportunities, which Fordham is great at providing. I have held 5 during my time there (3 of which were over the summer). Me and most of my friends also graduated with full time positions that we loved and paid well. The student body is split mostly between white people from the tri-state area and Chinese foreign exchange students, so there isn't much diversity. Professors are mostly adjuncts with current experience in their respective industries, which adds quality to classes.
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I love attending Fordham. The program they have for my major is wonderful and living in NYC is amazing.
I visited Fordham in late March at the Lincoln Center campus in New York City and I absolutely loved it! Small school feel in a big city, beautiful campus, nice dorms (with personal bathrooms), and great buildings with wonderful faculty and students. Very welcoming and warm environment.
Fordham is a great school with tons of opportunities and options for students and alum. They have a core curriculum which can seemingly annoying at times but in the end its worth it because of the skills and topics that you learn about. The party scene isn’t as it would at a big state school but if you want to go out there is a house party or bar for you to go to. The campus has strict polices with housing and guests that are incredibly annoying, but they claim it’s for the safety. The school is religious but you don’t need to be religious to go here, kind of like a get as involved as you want. The campus is very safe and it’s only a short train or subway away from Manhattan.