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Fordham, even though it is in the heart of the Bronx, is a very safe university due to its extensive safety measures. Furthermore, the academics and alumni connections are very good considering Fordham is right next to New York City. However, Fordham's food is absolutely disgusting, for the amount of money students pay, they are not getting their money's worth.
Fordham has helped me grow into a mature individual. I have learned a lot about who I am as an individual and teammate. Deans at Fordham are very helpful to helping me choose my major and advising me on my career. The school also provides a lot of career workshops to prepare for interviews, go over resumes and cover letters. Fordham has a lot of great connections with many big companies and that's what I like about Fordham.
I like the diversity of the school. The faculty is very friendly, excellent professors. Everyone is willing to work with you to insure your success, especially for adult who work and or have a family.
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Fordham University provides rigorous academic training at the graduate level. However, the cost of attendance is prohibitive. Furthermore, there is little support for pursuing external or internal funding.
I was an Assistant Professor of Military Science at Fordham in 1969-1970. It was a great tour, except when the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) tried to kidnap the Army and Air Force ROTC Departments. Due to good intel we called a meeting of the three military fraternities (Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Society and the AUSA Ram Company) and caused the SDS to slink away in disgrace. I met my wife there and had a military wedding at the University Chapel and our reception at the Student Union.
Best Academic experience I've had, hand I've attended several universities throughout the U.S, including NYU, Columbia, UCLA, Manhattan College and CUNY. Fordham teachers are exceptionally professional and thoughtful; the campuses in The Bronx and Manhattan are beautiful; you will learn to think critically and for yourself.
As a freshman with one semester under my belt, I really enjoy Fordham and all it has to offer. While the food may not be that great, New York City has plenty of amazing food to offer. The academics are not too difficult as long as you set aside some time for studies. The social scene is also very enjoyable but I could see how it can get boring for some people. NYC is a great location as it has a lot of internships and job opportunities for graduates of the university.
Teachers are great, and it provides students with numerous opportunities through the city. The diversity and food could be improved though.
I toured Fordham this summer and loved the atmosphere. I was impressed with the Business school and the opportunity for internships.
Fordham is a good campus, but for certain majors, it is a better experience over others. Humanities majors have greater opportunities to do academic and non-academic pursuits through the school while more demanding majors such as the sciences or maths are more academically inclined, but do not provide the best facilities or activities to get the most out of the experience.
Fordham Lincoln Center is great! It's the perfect mix of a small school and a big city right outside of your door.
The entire school itself feels like a close-knit community where everyone is very friendly and the professors do whatever they can to help you succeed. The opportunities waiting for you outside can only be imagined as endless with its great location in NYC. The food on campus isn't like your typical college food as there are many options for many different palates and you never feel endangered on the campus. If there was something I would change about Fordham though, although I may not have had enough time there to back up my statement, it would probably be the social aspect and student life. At least for my first semester, there weren't many activities held on campus or in my dorm hall that fit my interests or seemed interesting.
I absolutely loved my time at Fordham. The writing and communications classes were excellent as were the English, history, and theology classes. The professors were some of the best I have encountered. What I loved most was the dedication to independent thought that isn't always encouraged at other universities. My choice to attend Fordham was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
I love Fordham. The classes are challenging. The location is unmatched. The campus clubs are top-notch. The students are wonderful.
Many of the professors are really great and experts in their topics. Overall, I do like the atmosphere in the school but I wish there was more options when choosing classes. I also wonder why students are required to take two science core classes when we already have many classes we are required to take.
Not the best place for science/pre-med. Impossible to study abroad and the core can be a waste of time. Nothing to do on campus unless you like to drink. Dead on the weekends otherwise. Basically only offer sandwiches and salads at most of the food places. Really bad hours of operations (unless you sleep in until 12). Awful place, generous scholarships
Enjoying my time, we're getting better. Google visits us now and Wells Fargo added us as a target school. If you're ambitious, it's a great place
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Fordham University is a great school with a lot to offer academically as well as socially. The campus is beautiful and security is very good.
I love Fordham University and all that it has to offer. I selected this school because of it's diverse classroom and forward thinking. I never once dreaded going to class or commuting to get there because the drive from CT was not bad at all and I knew that I was going to enter a room full of like-minded scholars.
Love going here! The other students are so kind and welcoming. Everyone also very much minds his or her own business. Not totally sure if the debt will be worth it but we'll find out!