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Definitely not worth your time or money. I’m a transfer student and I must say I am way more miserable here thab at the other school. The facilities are beyond pathetic, the gym is literally a basement with an extremely messy and tiny weight lifting area. The showers were so small you can’t even turn sideways and the room is flooded every day. You have barely any options for food and none of them are healthy other than the tasteless cafeteria. I only had one professor that cared enough to help me out. In regards to the education, I learned nothing other than in my computer science class, and I’m an A student. As far as my transition went, they had many events but they were not well-organized at all and they separate the transfers from all other students. The social scene is mostly bars, you’re in the city. The campus is very nice, but the surrounding area is very dirty and not a great place to be. Overall, I am extremelty disappointed and regret transferring.
Total waste of your parents' blood money. 50+% of the professors are irresponsible unless ur lucky. The core program is a hassle and you will find it useless. So many part-time professors and some don't even speak English fluently. If you are coming to learn business I guess it is probably ok(but many business kids wanted to transfer out to NYU Stern or other places, based on my understanding). The rose hill neighborhood is so bad that we always get public safety alert. I was accosted by some weird people 3 times and I only walked outside twice. The campus is pretty nice but not that diverse. The majority of the students are white and I've heard some bad comments about Asians. I had many better choices of colleges but I came here because the guy talking on the admitted student day was too good at persuading people. I thought the college ranking isn't something important when I decided to come here but now I regret to death.
Fordham is an experience that is timeless, being located in New York, and surrounded by a loving campus. The teachers are indubitably the most important part of an academic experience, and they make it worth it. Fordham's teachers expresses their appreciation and desire to be at this school and share their knowledge on that subject, and the wisdom from their days as a college student. Memories made here are forever to be remembered. I have made lifelong friends...friends that I never knew I could ever be so close with. On the other side, the only downsides about Fordham is the dorm rooms as well as the location of being the Bronx. Being placed in New York is amazing, but the city of the Bronx, makes the experience less of a nightlife and rather trying to stay safe and not wander outside.
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the campus is gorgeous and the academics, particularly in the honors program, are fantastic. diversity is good and there are plenty of opportunities for students. there are lots of music programs for student musicians and there are events nearly every day, many of which include free food! It is a good choice for students who want the New York City vibe while still being able to escape the noise and relax on a beautiful campus.
Fordham is an amazing school with great professors. Each campus is in a great area close to food, transportation and activities. Fordham also has many sports events that you can attend to cheer your fellow students on.
It was primarily good. I am a transfer student, but still felt welcomed and included. The staff cares and does try to make the student's college experience as great as it can be. The administration could bee more efficient however.
Fordham is an academically challenging University with a strong alumni base. The Bronx campus receives more attention and has the best campus scene if one is looking for the true college experience. However, the Lincoln center campus is right in the middle of the city and as they like to say over there "Fordham is my school, New York is my campus." This statement could not be more accurate as most of your time outside of the school will be spent exploring the amazing city.
Professors are great and very helpful. The science department needs more professors and classes to provide different various classes at different times.
When I went back to graduate school for Social Work, several people recommended Fordham to me - I am very grateful they did. The Graduate School of Social Service has a focus on Social Justice that I have not seen from any other program. The faculty is extremely positive and helpful and my learning experience at Fordham-Lincoln Center has been incredibly rewarding. I have learned more than I could have previously imagined in the past two years about public policy, the socio-economic factors that shape our society, injustices that our clients may (and often do) suffer from, and to simply have compassion and empathy for our clients as we work with them to improve their lives. I had thought I was aware and well-informed about the factors that shape our society but my professors at Fordham have shown how (and where) to look deeper, to see more, and to advocate for positive change in our society for those who cannot speak for themselves.
I loved the professors, mainly because it is such a small school you really get a one on one with some of them and they are really willing to help you with whatever you need
I like Fordhams campus and the environment. However there is no diversity and there isn’t any party scene at all. To Fordham safety is very important and takes that matter very seriously.
My experience at Fordham University is average. Teachers are ok, students are not specifically engaged in the work. The core is redundant and gets in the way of taking classes that would specifically help with your major. Once in a while you will find some GREAT teachers that help shape the whole experience. The Lincoln center campus and the Rose hill campus are very different experiences as well.
Bachelor's degree, Lincoln Center campus, class of 1998.
I took classes at both campuses though my home campus was in Manhattan.

The Bronx Rose Hill Campus I didn't like, at ALL! Very elitist, snobby students that have been sheltered by their upper middle class or well-to-do parents. Sadly, the BRONX campus is divided by race and ethnicity. Very segregated, so you see the white Irish with other white Irish, Italian American with other Italian Americans, Latinos, with Latinos, blacks with blacks. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 there were in the Bronx campus a few racial incidents.
The classes and professors at both locations are rigorous and HARD GRADERS. You have good professors and then you have a few very arrogant elitists, that no matter how hard you work, they will always give you a mediocre grade. All it takes is one professor to mess up your entire grade point average. Research each professor in "RATE MY PROFESSOR."
I go to the Lincoln Center campus. The academics and core curriculum are challenging, but I've taken something away from every class. The emphasis on a well-rounded education really comes through. Being in the middle of Manhattan, you can't have a better location and you'll never run out of things to do. While the visitor policies at the dorms are unnecessarily strict and annoying, I really love Fordham for its small community feel (LC) and strong academics.
I believe the school chanelnges you mentally and emotionally in a postive way. You'll have moments where you question is this what you want to do in life. But you're only having some doubt because you're being pushed in a healthy way to contuine to do better.
This is literally the first school I would want to go to. Not because my mom went here but because of the education and diversity.
You're guaranteed to get a well-rounded, solid education if you choose Fordham. Although the core curriculum can seem extensive at times, I know that it is what will make my Fordham degree so valuable. I've made amazing friends here, the party scene is great, and nothing beats being 15 minutes away from Manhattan. The campus is truly gorgeous and feels like an oasis in the middle of a bustling city.
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Exceptional help at providing student internships---they have their own center for career development. Also it would be a good option if you are intending on studying law or business---even their undergraduate student have access to their law school library and their business center have around 10 Bloomberg terminals and a specific room for students to use those terminals.
Fordham is a fantastic university where I have already gained knowledge, awareness, and great friends. The major cons to this school are in the food and cost of attendance.
I love everything about Fordham. I fall more in love with the school with each passing day. I've met incredible people and the opportunities that this university has been able to offer me is unlike most other colleges.