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Foothill-De Anza Community Colleges Reviews

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Being a retired senior citizen going back to college was a major adjustment to my laid back life style but I found the on-line classes offered by Foothill-De Anza Community college to fit my routine as well to meet my expectations for education in a subject that I am interested in, Art History. I recommend this school and the California Colleges to anyone seeking to better their lives and minds.
Foothill-De Anza Community Colleges is a great campus, my time there went efficiently. The school goes by a quarter system which makes the time there go by fast. Staff on and off campus are great with help. I would suggest Foothill over De Anza, from experience the counselors are more attentive to students.
The reason why I love study in Foothill college is the professor there are all very caring with their own student for each class and all the staff who work there is very sweet.
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Oh where do I begin. There are many things to love about the foothill community. For starters I like how the campus of foothill has a perfect mixture of modern day school and nature. When I first approached this campus it seemed so large. But after a while I was able to adapt to its surroundings really quickly. I was able also able to make new friends quickly due to running into a lot of friendly faces across campus. That's another good thing about this campus, is that it comes with a "fell good, relax" vibe instead of a always stressed out vibe. which is a good thing so you don't always need to feel under pressure.
Foothill is place where most of people in the Palo Alto area that there parents not wealthy eouthoug to afford a UC or CSU right out of high school for their child. So they send them to Foothill. Foothill Community College professors are great as they teach them to think openly and promote the truth. The campus sits in the foothills of Santa Cruz Mountains witch adds wonderful view the mountains and city of Los Altos below the campus. The down side of the Campus it's little remote as we have to travel a little to reach any shopping/food witch is about 2.9 miles away. The campus bookstore is little pricey for the basic school supplies on campus like $4 for a normal notebook.

The campus it self has a Cafe, two coffee shops, and a campus bookstore that offers drinks, chips, and school supplies. In campus cafe you can get hamburgers, homemade chicken tenders, Mexican food, and Pasta.

The Classes are UC/CSU transferable as affordable option.
I've attended Foothill's sister school De Anza and it's nothing compared to Foothill. The atmosphere at Foothill makes me want to attend class and the professors really care about their students. Overall, I'm happy to be attending this college.
Being a chemistry major at foothill college is great. With foothill, since you get priority registration as a freshman, there is not as much stress about getting in your major classes. It takes a lot of work though, because you have to learns about the other sciences (physics, math, and biology) There workload depends on how many classes you'll be taking.

There are lots of clubs involved to help you reach to the community and being involved with other people on campus. The faculties usually will go above and beyond to help students run successful clubs and be successful in class.
Foothill college is truly great. As a freshman, you get priority enrollment. There are lots of clubs available to be active at school. The teachers are generally helpful and will give you needed resources to succeed - office hours, directions to tutor center and study areas.
Small campus, small classes, meaning that you get more attention from the professors. Not very well-organized system though, check everything with counselors.
So far the school has been great to me. Other than the fact that some classes were hard to get into, everything else was a great experience.
I feel that some classes were overpacked. Most of the classes I took had a great amount of people and the teaching style was great.
There are a lot of Asian people at this school. I feel that many students from Asia come to this school.
I've only taken small amount of classes. Due to the times I take these classes, I do not see much campus activites. I've been to the library and it is spacious.
Since it is a community college, the tuition isn't harsh. I feel that I am getting my moneys worth.
The teachers at these schools were great. The class registration process was sometimes a little difficult due to the fact that the school had many people attending.
Art/ illustration, is my major. The overall workload was great. The facilities were easy accessible.
This college is a community college which I feel that is over packed with students. Sometimes signing up for classes were difficult because of all the students attending.
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It is a quiet, peaceful campus, so you can relax. There are many computers available, so you can study on campus. There is little or no campus life
International Students are not eligible for financial aid, even though they are the ones who really need it. I know for a fact that we are overpaying, since a lot of classes feel like self-study, we are told nothing about the resources and there are practically no events on campus...
I will be honest, I am not happy with the homework. Not only are we expected to solve many-many problems, but there are also topics that were not covered in class!So it is a lot of self-study. Why am I even paying to take this in class if I am studying by myself?
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