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The campus is lovely and surrounded by trees. The professors are high quality and kind. The campus itself is nice and pretty, with a very nice library with a quiet zone for studying.
Foothill is a very good school. Even though it is only a community college it has very good teachers, and the counselors are very good with helping you create a transfer plan. There are a lot of opportunities for those who want to get involve with clubs or sport teams but no one will look down on you if you choose to not to get involved with them.
Although I initially disliked the seemingly endless stairs to get to the main campus, I began to appreciate the workout and interacting with incredibly warm faculty and peers as a transfer student. There are incredibly helpful resources and even flyers posted around campus to remind students of them. Overall, I would rate my experience as a student at Foothill College a 10/10!
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Foothill College has a great accessible college level education requirement. For all of the classes I have taken, the professors are great teachers whom take interest in their student's success.
Offers very good summer programs.

Facilities are right there when you need them.

Good campus scene and friendly professors.
the teachers are great but needs to offer more classes instead of offering in there sister college. Calming campus, plenty of seating outside and plenty of resources when you need to ask for help. STEM courses as there is tutoring for both lower level and upper-level courses in all of the subjects. Good variety of classes and the best STEM center I have heard of. The STEM center is also open on weekends as well during the fall, winter and spring quarters.
Foothill has been the best community college to go to. When I was in high school I went to a neighboring community college to complete my high school and double up on college units, but once I transferred to Foothill, many more programs and even incredible fellow student connections have been found. A school is professor and course quality + networking with students (future co workers!), which Foothill really provides. I can't say enough about the college.
Foothill has been so helpful both to and for me. Their services and support have helped me through homelessness, food insecurity, and depression. The food pantry, psychological services, and the ASFC have all been incredible to me. I can hardly ask for a better school. Sadly, there are budget cuts and many classes being cancelled. Hopefully Foothill can find a way to keep many of the important classes running regularly.
The engineering department puts in a lot of effort in getting students to learn the material. There are a variety of STEM clubs on campus, like Women in STEM, Engineering Club, Chemistry Club, Computer Science Club, etc. to get people involved in student life.
I have been to Foothill College for two years now and I am glad to say I will be transferring. Foothill has a successful transfer rate and are very helpful with helping you get an education plan started, if you need tutoring and help with financial aid.
I came to Foothill because it is known to not be impacted like many other schools. I also heard that it is easier to get classes and transfer faster. Although, I would like to see more class options because due to budget cuts we are cutting classes many would enjoy taking.
Professors, campus, and students were great. Professors are enthusiastic and there to help. Campus is absolutely beautiful, sometimes I just find a spot to sit and think. Many facilities to help a student succeed in any course they're enrolled in. Students are quite respectful of the campus grounds, so it stays relatively clean. Also, I feel safe walking through the campus and parking lots early in the morning or late at night. However, you have to drive off campus for good food.
I just recently started attending Foothill College and I absolutely love it. The teachers and counselors are great and informative. The classes are easy to find and interesting. They have many classes and programs available at this school. Lastly, Los Altos Hills is a beautiful area! I transferred here to apply to one of the programs that this school offers!
It is an amazing college. First of all, It has a beautiful campus. It is surrounded by green hills and you feel great when you enter the campus and see the fascinating view. They have some good program and teachers are so experienced. If you are trying to transfer a 4- year university, it would be a good choice to start here. I am a stem major and the college has a great stem center, if you are having a problem with your classes, they helped you enormously. Besides that, they have other places that you can get help. I think Foothill college does everything to make you successful. The only problem for me is, the campus is not so active but I think it is normal since it is a community college. I definitely recommend this college, my experience so far is awesome.
Foothill is a beautiful and huge campus with a ton full of stairs. The teachers and staff are super helpful and make sure your college experience is the best. The teachers take their time to make sure you understand the curriculum. The staff such as the councilors make sure you get the help you need and the questions you have get answered.
I've been attending Foothill College for about 2 years and I really enjoy my overall experience there. My favorite part about this college is the STEM center that they offer 7 days a week. The tutors are very helpful and guided me through questions I have trouble with. I found this resource to be most helpful during finals week because I'm given a place to study at my own pace and get help when needed. The atmosphere at Foothill is also a lot more open and relaxing than the other community colleges I've visited which I really enjoy.
It's pretty great, except you have to take initiative to get involved in things. Seek out all of the opportunities you catch wind of, join clubs, search for on campus internships, etc. Don't expect these things to search for themselves! Single best piece of advice is to join student government, it will open up all sorts of additional opportunities. Plenty of ways to make friends although you likely will meet them in activities outside of class. And don't lose track of your transfer goals! Setting a plan in advance is the single best way of guaranteeing that you will only need to stay at Foothill for two years before transferring.
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The school is very beautiful. Lots of nature, landscapes, and modern classrooms. The teachers vary in quality and difficulty, but I found it very easy to find good teachers for every subject. The parking is a little difficult at times, but that is true for any college. It is much better than De Anza Community College in my opinion, which is the alternative community college to Foothill. I really enjoy my time here and I'm glad I chose this school to attend.
What I like about Foothill college is the diversity of races and also social backgrounds. It makes the school more real in that sense. Everyone there is so focused on their education, you can see it their eyes when you look amongst them. Seeing how it is such a diverse school, this helps with being able to learn on how to interact with different people from all over the world bringing us closer together as a school family.
I would like to see more computer science professors that have actual work experience not just teaching experience.
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