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First and foremost, the campus is amazing. It’s this combination of nature and modern schools that you’ll just love. Second , the food is a lot better than most schools food so if you your high school food was bad, don’t worry the foothill cafe won’t let you down. And lastly , I enjoy the liberty of choosing your schedule since most of us have jobs in the weekend or through out the week. So to have that flexibility is just another plus .
Great instructors, beautiful campus, strong curriculum, good resources. Commuter school so poor social life, dorm rating N/A because they do not offer housing. Extremely affordable.
The class sizes are usually 40 or less people, which gives you the opportunity to really connect with not only your classmates but your professors as well. Often times you take classes for your major you'll end up having the same classmates which is nice. The financial aid department can be a little behind at times which is frustrating for someone who is a recipient and needs it to attend college, but other than that I love this school.
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Although I have only attended Foothill College for one quarter, I must applaud the college for having an easily approachable administration. Unlike many other colleges in the Bay Area, Foothill does not suffer from the same degree of overpopulation and impaction. As a result, the administration can give the moderately-sized student body more attention because there aren't as many students requiring assistance. In my experience, the counseling department does a great job at acclimating new students to the college atmosphere. In particular, students who plan to transfer to a 4-year university can rely on the counseling department to lead them in the right direction by creating an educational plan that ensures they meet the transfer requirements in a timely manner. A few gripes I have with Foothill include the fact that the college is a bit secluded so there isn't much to do in the area and that even with a small student body, the parking lots can fill up quite quickly.
Foothill is a great Community College and what makes it an incredible school is how everyone is friendly and nice. Also, the faculty and students have a connection where the students feel as if they were reading to ask any question the students know that the faculty is ready to help.
I love most of the professors, they help you prepare for a four year university. They are very challenging and fair at grading. The environment is green and homey. The library is a great resource and has many places to study-it was my second home. The counselors are awesome and very knowledgeable. The transfer center is very helpful and the staff there are friendly and easy going. The disability resource center are very organized, they really care about their students, they easy to talk to, they help us with our accommodations, and do a lot more for us. The veterans office are a group of people who care and is a safe and positive environment.
Good school with lots of diversity. All the teachers are super nice and helpful. The vet tech course is great.
Foothill is an excellent transfer school. Great, kind professors who genuinely care about their students' success.
Beautiful Campus with marvelous teachers. The honors program is particularly helpful in getting students into their dream 4-year universities.
It is overall a great school. The campus is beautiful with lots of trees. I have encountered many great professors that really encourage us to learn.
Foothill has opened a lot of doors for me and made possible for me to follow my dreams. Being part of the Honors program at Foothill College gave me the opportunity to participate in the UCLA TAP which raises my chances of being admitted up to 97% just by maintaining a 3.3GPA, and I'm transferring with a 4.0GPA!
Thank you Foothill College!
I went back-and-forth between Foothill College and De Anza College but I finished my community college years at Foothill and got a transfer degree from them. I'm in a lot of great teachers here and it was a fairly easy getting to any class I wanted to. There was a lot of's great support with the stem Center and teachers. I learned a lot of new skills thanks to the school.
Foothill college was an excellent stepping stone towards applying to a 4 year school. The diversity of the campus was refreshing, from all nations around the world, and age groups. The instruction was superb. Instructors were mostly well vetted, with on line class options and multiple times for working adults. I would highly recommend Foothill to anyone seeking either a specific entry into a field such as EMT, Nursing or Vet Science, to completing lower level general education as a gateway to a 4 year school.
I have received the best education and guidance at Foothill than any of the other two schools I have attended. I was challenged and pushed for more. I would not be as successful as I am not if I had not attended.
The campus itself is beautiful and the majority of the professors try their best to educate at a high level. Some professors dumb down the classes. The counseling office is helpful but the information is not consolidated and unclear at times.
So I'm a middle college student and in all honesty, it saved my life. I wouldn't have lasted through traditional high school and definitely would have dropped out if I hadn't been welcomed into the community. I love it at Foothill, the classes are interesting and engaging, the campus is beautiful and the students are friendly, and I actually enjoy going to school again.
When I was driving up to Foothill it was so amazing. It's so green! And when I got to the campus it was so beautiful. It's a great school to transfer from. The teachers are amazing they care about you and your academics.
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Excellent Community College in Los Altos Hills! Georgeous campus, great professors, very diverse student body. A very supportive environment for younger students.
The campus is beautiful. The only drawback is how many stairs there are on the campus. Most of the professors I have had have been good. I had a few that did not know what they were taking about and could never answer questions that the students had. Overall I have had a great experience here.
Foothill college is located on top of a hill with a beautiful scenery. There are no dorms at this campus due to the fact that it is a community college. Therefore there is no party scene to see but if you are looking for a college that will support you and help you with school then I recommend foothill for that especially since it is a lot cheaper then most colleges and has a high reputation.
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