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I have received the best education and guidance at Foothill than any of the other two schools I have attended. I was challenged and pushed for more. I would not be as successful as I am not if I had not attended.
The campus itself is beautiful and the majority of the professors try their best to educate at a high level. Some professors dumb down the classes. The counseling office is helpful but the information is not consolidated and unclear at times.
So I'm a middle college student and in all honesty, it saved my life. I wouldn't have lasted through traditional high school and definitely would have dropped out if I hadn't been welcomed into the community. I love it at Foothill, the classes are interesting and engaging, the campus is beautiful and the students are friendly, and I actually enjoy going to school again.
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When I was driving up to Foothill it was so amazing. It's so green! And when I got to the campus it was so beautiful. It's a great school to transfer from. The teachers are amazing they care about you and your academics.
Excellent Community College in Los Altos Hills! Georgeous campus, great professors, very diverse student body. A very supportive environment for younger students.
The campus is beautiful. The only drawback is how many stairs there are on the campus. Most of the professors I have had have been good. I had a few that did not know what they were taking about and could never answer questions that the students had. Overall I have had a great experience here.
Foothill college is located on top of a hill with a beautiful scenery. There are no dorms at this campus due to the fact that it is a community college. Therefore there is no party scene to see but if you are looking for a college that will support you and help you with school then I recommend foothill for that especially since it is a lot cheaper then most colleges and has a high reputation.
The classes usually fit my schedule, and there's always spaces for the classes that I want.
Teachers are there to help when you need them, same with students.
The class size is perfect for a student-teacher interaction. It's more focused on learning and understanding individually.
They have plenty of student jobs available and there's programs like dental assistant at this school.
By taking my pre requisites to transfer to CSUs, I also meet people who are in my major, which is a plus, because they can help me out.
It's a clean school, everything is up to date and they always renovate to make things better. All my teachers have been great at teaching their subject. Students are easy going. They have a variety of classes.
Foothill offers a lot of opportunities for students to get help in school and the job market. They have a STEM center with many tutors available to you.
The school has been convenient to me so far. I didn't have any hassles or frustrations with the experiences at Foothill College yet.
The great thing about online courses is the fact that you can work on them wherever you are and whenever you are available. There are times when you cannot make it to class when you are sick. When taking an online class, you have a longer period of time to take the test. The workload depends on the classes. I think one of the downfall is the fact that you won't be able to interact with the professor as much or with other students.
The class sizes are usually small and I love it because the professors will know everyone. They will care about their students. I had the best experiences with all of my professors. I learned about what is important in life. They teach their students the subjects we need to know but they also teach things such as motivation and success. It helps motivate students to do better. The professors are more understanding and friendly.
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I think the career prospects are alright in this school. The school doesn't advertise too much on job applications. In my EOPS class, we had a guest speaker who discussed on job and internships opportunities that Foothill offers. Because of that class, I received helpful information on internships and jobs opportunities.
Learning Japanese can be quite confusing at times but our program has tutors that you can request. It helps me improve my conversational skills. The teachers are all great too.
This community college has the best professors in my opinion. Unlike other community colleges, its easier to get classes too. The counselors are very nice and willing to help. I think if you talk to your professors and counselors, you'll do fine. I learned so much from my community college and received helpful insights.
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