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Although the cost is very expensive each and every year. The staff at Fontbonne University are very accessible from the instructors to the cafeteria workers are helpful and will put you in the right direction. When I first started at the university, I choose it for the hours and how well they were willing to work around my work schedule. So many of the changes have come with a price, not only the tuition but also the changing of the hours for the evening students. The evening class were from 6pm to 9pm and now they are from 5pm to 9pm or 5:30pm to 10:00pm. This time change has hurt a lot of evening students because most have jobs that are 9am to 5pm and getting through traffic is very stressful. The learning environment and the staff are the main reasons I choose to start and finish my degree at Fontbonne University.
I am going to transfer to Fontbonne University in the spring semester. Whenever I visited the campus everyone was very nice and helped me in every way possible.
My experience with my teachers and the staff have been excellent. They made sure my goals were reached and gave me the tools to do it.
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With my experience the staff was very nice the environment was comfortable and safe. They were very helpful when i was applying
I love waking up in the morning 15 minutes before class and still making it to my class on time. Even if my class is all the way across campus it takes 5 minutes at most to get anywhere. I wish to see that Fontbonne will get more degree options in the future. The degrees they have here are good but many are aimed towards more stereotypical "women" professions.
I love Fontbonne University! It's a small campus which makes getting around to classes super easy. It also means that everyone knows everyone else, and everyone on campus, staff, faculty, and students are friendly! The buildings are nice and classrooms are comfortable. Fontbonne recently added a new parking lot which helped a lot. Fontbonne also offers a lot of activities and fun events. The only thing I would change is the cost of parking passes. FBU is a private University so tuition is crazy expensive and so are parking passes. I feel like since we already pay a ton in tuition, parking passes should be cheaper, if not free! But overall I'm proud to be a Griffin!
Fontbonne university is a great school! For many students including me it feels like home and I couldn't imagine myself at any other college! The campus is the perfect size for anyone who enjoys a close nit community feel. I make new friends every year and enjoy all the opportunities that I have to be involved on campus!
Fontbonne is a welcoming and uplifting university that shows a tremendous amount of care for their students. Their goal is to help educate people in their preferred field, as well as shape people into caring, respectful, productive members of society.
Very nice university. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Small campus and small classes, you don't get lost in the system. Offers many extra curricular opportunities.
I'm not sure at the moment because this is an open campus.
I enjoy our sports teams
I love it so far. The teachers are great
I was previously enrolled in a different university for several years. Fontbonne staff is very personable and they help you every step of the way through your academic career.
It's not often your by your self. It is a vertu group oriented atmosphere.
I look forward to working in my field after graduating because of the support groups.
I love the intimate feel with the students and teachers. I feel apart and don't have to fight for the teachers attention.
It pretty clean for the most party and some what quiet
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Not really my thing of interest.
I would definitely choose my school again because toy not just a number tittle an individual with a voice. And is so family oriented so you don't feel home sick.
I enjoy the sportsmanship and student support of our teams.
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