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Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College Reviews

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FDLTCC has the perfect curriculum and professors to get me started on my American Indian Studies Major. The staff take great care of our needs as students. It's in a bit of a small town and I find that a positive. MN Nice!
The staff is incredible. The academic advisors are always there to help you. The classes are smaller so it’s easier for teachers to help you with anything. It was easy for me to connect with people and ask for help with any work I had and most of all. I usually never brought lunch but they have a cafeteria where they serve excellent food.
I'm in the business program currently finishing up my first year and I am very pleased with how it's been going! The teachers & other faculty are always helpful.
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Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College was a very diverse school that allowed me, and many other students, to learn about the Native American culture. The classes were interesting and I felt comfortable while learning.
FDLTCC is a wonderful small town community college that offers many types of programs and some that are nationally recognized such as their law enforcement program. The campus is small and easy to get around unlike some of the other colleges and the professors that are there actually care about you learning something then just having you sit there and listen to them talk.
Although I don't really like night classes. I love how all of my classes are set up cause I have a lot of free time in between
I haven't really taken any online classes so I don't really know what they are like
There's great people here that have been involved in all sorts of careers and they love teaching the younger generation so that we are more ready and understand what our roles will be
Since must of my professors are law enforcement officers or have been. It gives me a network of connections I can use later after I graduate to find jobs or internships
The courses and professors I've had. Have all been great
My major is law enforcement and I this school has some of the best professors who are actually still involved in the career so it makes it more fun and easier to learn from them.
It's a really good school with lots of amazing staff and professors that want to see everyone that comes here successful no matter what type of background or ethnicity they are from. It's a close nit group of people that really work hard for all their students. Giving my experience here I would choose this school all over again and do almost everything the same time except for playing football
I'm able to sit in the commons and complete homework and also visit the cafeteria for lunch which has fresh made food dai l y.
I have taken online courses through my school in prior years and it has been okay. But I am not taking any online courses to achieve my RN
They are very willing to help and answer questions. Also communication via email is very quick and good.
Minnesota has a shortage of nurses right now so my career choice is excellent
We incorporate the tribal aspects that the college supports, into our classroom learning. We are very involved with each ther always working together and helping each other out.
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They offer many extra curricular sports and are very involved as a whole for promoting the sports teams and helping students succeed.
I made lots of friends and know everyone at my school. Cloquet isn't a very big school but it gives everyone a better chance at sports and extra stuff to do unlike big city schools where you must only play one sport to ever make a team.
There are a few classes I can take that will help me with my major. After I transfer I will be able to pursue my major of graphics design. The workload varies among courses. Some courses like math for example are a lot of work.
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