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I am currently attending at the el dorado campus, I love it. The campus is very small personal and friendly
The teachers are really good here. My only problem was getting into my classes, by the time I am able to register for my classes, most of the ones I need have already filled up.
I really enjoyed my time at Folsom Lake College. The campus is technologically updated and sound, and also offers a safe, clean environment. The professors can be hit or miss, but that's the same at any school. The only reason I didn't give all 5 stars is because of the courses offered - definitely a barebones school. If you only looking for an abundance of different subjects, this is not going to be the only junior college you attend. It's kind of like going grocery shopping at a gas station; you may get a few of the things on your list but you will have to go to the grocery store to get everything you want.
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Being a military student it helped having a Veteran's office that knew all of the paperwork that I would need. Overall the staff at Folsom Lake are very welcoming and helpful.
I've had an amazing experience at FLC so far. All the faculty I've met have been super nice and helpful. Great education, and tons of degree programs.
Im currently going to Folsom lake college, at the Rancho Cordova Center. It's a good school they offer a lot of free services to help you succeed in college. The teachers are good and the main campus is beautiful.
This college is simply amazing as it is very easy for everyone to take part in classes that not only benefit your education but also benefit your life. Everyone here wants to make sure you succeed so they include some of the best counseling for people to get on the right path! I would highly recommend this school to anyone!
Wonderful school, great academics, easily accessible campus, simple to navigate. I would definitely reccomend this school to others.
I love Folsom Lake College. After graduating high school in 2010, I started my college education a little late, in 2016. However, this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Once I started going back to Folsom Lake College, I realized how incredible this school is. The professors, the counseling office/counselors, financial aid office, student workshops, students, faculty, campus police, and many others, make this the perfect school to be a part of. When I am here at the school, I don't feel like I have to be here... I want to be here. I've not only learned a lot, but I've grown, and I have made friends while doing so. I have also attended satellite schools of Folsom Lake College - the Rancho Cordova Center, and the El Dorado Center. All three of them are wonderful in their own ways. I would highly recommend Folsom Lake College to anyone that is interested in going to a local community college.
I have really enjoyed my time at Folsom Lake College!! The only thing I would suggest to change is to make textbooks available to rent to High School Students who are taking college classes.
Awesome college community with knowledgeable and helpful staff. Resources are easily accessed and getting your two year associates degree is a breeze. Along with that, counselor's have plenty of helpful information on transfer opportunities and requirements.
Folsom Lake College is a great school. In my opinion academics and professors have been wonderful and very helpful, as they want to see you succeed. What brings the rating down is the school's counseling department. I have seen somewhere between 4-5 counselors at the school and only 1 was ever helpful. It almost seems as though most counselors want you to stay at the school for as long as possible, instead of wanting to help you get out in 2 years. The first time I went to see a counselor I asked her which classes I would need to take if I wanted to attend UC Berkeley in two years. She was very discouraging and even told me that I "probably will not get in to Berkeley, so I should just aim for Sacramento State instead". I have had similar experiences with other counselors as well. There was, however, one counselor that helped me lay out exactly which courses I would need to take in order to reach my goal for my desired time frame, and I am grateful for his help.
So far, I have been going to Folsom Lake College for two years. I will be finishing up my last few classes in the summer of 2017. I am a nursing major however, I am graduated with my Associate's degree in mathematics and science. Throughout my 2 years of being here, I have met many new people and even started working on campus as a science mentor and math tutor! The professors here that I have had a great and are always willing to help. For a community college, this college is pretty great and I am thankful to be able to have a 7 minute commute to and from school. Thank you Folsom Lake for all the help and memories!
Caring professors, beautiful facilities, & all the classes you need to transfer to a four-year. It's true that you won't get the "college experience" while there, but this is a cheap way to get things done and transfer.
I liked that Folsom Lake College is the surrounding area made me fell safe and the scenery of the college was nice as well. The college wasn't that large either so I did not fell overwhelmed going from a high school to a college.
I absolutely love attending Folsom Lake College. It's a clean, beautiful campus with a gorgeous view from the Roost (Cafe). The faculty and staff are incredibly friendly and eager to help you in every way. I haven't had one bad day at FLC. The two things that I would change about FLC, is 1. more diversity (although it's difficult since Folsom consists of mostly White people) and 2. Better student life. You never see students just hanging out on campus. Students go to class and
then leave. It would be nice to have more events and attractions on campus for students to enjoy.
There are so many clubs to choose from! There is a welcoming place for ea change and every student and the faculty are really great and helpful. The campus is beautiful and there are so many different options to help students succede.
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All the teachers and staff are always helpful, doing what they can to help get you through. The tools such as the reading and writing center are so helpful when learning and expanding what I do not yet know.
Adding and dropping classes is a simple process, the website makes easy access to a variety student management tools. Their are all types of classes including night and weekends.
I will start my first online course next month, therefore I have an open opinion.
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