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Poor staff and communication is not what it should be between students and staff. Waste of money and of my time. The staff have bad attitudes and are very unprofessional.
It is more like a high school scene. Education is not taken seriously by professors and students. A lot of lay offs in professors and to many constant changes in educators.
My experience has being good but sometimes they have mess up my academic stuff. The professors are good, they always try to explain everything in a way that all students understand and also there are some professor that tells the students that in case that they need help they can text them and they can schedule a time for tutoring before class.
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I currently attend the school in Kissimmee, Florida. I think its a really good school. I find it so great because it goes by so quick. They offer so many good resources like tutoring and extra time to make up class and hours if you have missed certain amount of days. So far since I have been attending this school it has just been such a great experience. Its really good if you are looking for some thing quick and simple.
What I like, or should I say love about Florida Technical College is the fact that everyone there is willing to help you with no matter what, and the great thing about them, is that they are all mostly Hispanic, so my mother who only speaks Spanish is able to understand everything that is going on.
I like the professors but dislike the online test program, the setting test are not always correct, so you already have a correct answer, but the program take your points because a bad setting.
I like how friendly the staff is. My only issue is with finding an externship site in my area. The do what they can to help.
Florida Technical College is a very small yet very determined School , I see how they stay on top of their students to come to school and always wear uniform . They make sure their students are doing ok if they miss a various amount of times , The teachers help out for family and personal situations whenever a student involves them . overall they are a very determined and helpful school . Education wise and Personal Wise .
My experience at Florida Technical College has been an exceptional one. The staff is welcoming to everyone, and you'll always be served with a smile.
FTC is a good school if you are trying to start working right after you graduate. The online programs are pretty basic and easy to understand. The only I don’t like about the school is the people who work there whom are not very nice people. They only want you to get out of their way without helping you. Administration will be the nicest people you meet because they want you to go to their school.
My experience with Florida Technical College (FTC) has been a very interesting one. The professors are very friendly and they are always keeping in contact with you to make sure that you understand your assignments and everything is ok with you. The Dean is very nice and he is very helpful. I once had an extra credit assignment to meet the people in the administration department and he made it is business to make sure I got everyone and we even took pictures together, that was really nice to me.
This school is perfect for people with children or people with jobs to help support there family ! Hours are very flexible, the professors are with you ever step of the way to make sure you succeed and never get left behind and they spoil you with food and fun during the holiday times and make sure you are recognized for your grades and achievements made during the months your inrolled! I love it here and cant wait to be a certified MA.
It is a very good school. Teachers always are there to help you. Classes are very interesting and fun to learn. Easy learning environment.
excellent staff and faculty, small classrooms hands on training great place for anyone looking to expand their career
I am an online student
this is my first and only class so far. good experience
I have not use them yet, but for others experiences they were good
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I have an online class, based on that class is great
They teach one class per month and that helps students to keep focus.
I completed an AA in Medical Billing and Coding. I had such a good experience while I was there, they were always trying to encourage and help student to achieve their dreams.
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