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When I arrived I instantly felt at home. They do a good job of making sure you know all the resources, faculty, and classes offered to reach your degree.
Florida State University was a really fun place to go to school because there were plenty of extracurricular activities around campus, and the professors were all pretty helpful which is nice when taking classes at such a huge university!
Amazingly diverse campus that really cater to their student's needs. Although courses here can be quite rigorous, FSU has a wonderful board of professors that will take the time to assist you. Top notch football team, great food, comfortable dorms, and plenty Starbucks locations conveniently placed throughout the campus.
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Every professional here is always willing to help you out. If you ever have a problem with anything, every resource is available at your fingertips. They are also always renovating the university, making it beautiful and it still looks historical.
My time at the Florida State University changed my life. From the incredible staff and student life that was always readily available, success was easily achievable. The facilities provided were always in impeccable shape and very safe. I love everything about this school.
FSU is inviting-- the academics and the people welcome you to your new life. They encourage you to take part in social life, and they boast a multitude of clubs. The advisors push you to test out different classes to really figure out what you want.
I really loved attending Florida State University. I was a part of greek life which I would've never expected when I was in high school. Being a part of the greek community really made the campus feel smaller for me. While attending FSU I was really into research and loved the programs FSU offered for undergraduate research and paid for me to travel to conferences.
It was kinda overwhelming at first, and I couldn't really see how there could be a giant emphasis on academics with the "raging party scene" that precedes FSU's reputation. But it's amazing! You go to your 10am class and then head down to the strip at 10pm. The campus is beautiful, and although a bit spread out, it's easy to find your way around, with so many recognizable landmarks. Everyone I've met seems nice enough, which is also a big plus.
I enjoyed my time spent on FSU campus and the Professors are the best! It is a student friendly campus with endless resources and helpful staff. I have been very successful at this school. I managed to earn good grades and graduate in less than two years after transferring to Florida State University.
Florida State is a beautiful campus. There is a lot to do around town, and plenty of opportunities for student involvement. The academics are great.
The lush campus and great resources complete my college experience in every way. I love my school and the memories I've been making there.
Florida State University is filled with wonderful, fun people who will be your friends for life. There is so much school spirit it is crazy. You feel at home instantly when you step onto campus; the campus is beautiful. Tallahassee is such a unique place. Some areas of Tallahassee can be a bit dangerous, but other than that I wouldn't change anything!
Florida State University provided intriguing and stimulating classes and coursework while also promoting success through the strong student-teacher relationships.
I love the campus at Florida State University, it's very beautiful. The location of the school is great and very college friendly. The school spirit is phenomenal, though there aren't many minorities that attend.
Campus is beautiful, classes are truly college level. Could be more diversity on campus. The overall atmosphere of not just FSU but Tallahassee is very positive and uplifting. Sometimes finals and midterm week can get a little hectic. However you can get through this by just learning what to prioritize over others.
I took a tour of this university on June 13th this summer. FSU is my dream college and i had fun walking around the campus where i might spend four years of my life. The campus was very nice. My favorite statue present on the campus is the "unconquered" statue. The tour guides were nice and knew what they were talking about. The whole experience was eye opening. I loved it!
I absolutely love this University. The friends I have made here will be my friends for the rest of my life. The school provides amazing help to the students and allows us to grow as individuals.
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I love Florida State University. It feels like home, the professors are amazing, and I have met amazing people. All around great school.
Florida State University is home to a plethora of opportunities to seize. The atmosphere and culture of the school is studious and jovial. The University houses multiple top notch programs such as the College of Music, Medicine, Nursing, Criminology, and many many more. The campus is absolutely beautiful with constant innovations always being made.
Florida State has created a comforting home environment for me in my first year of college. The majority of the students are friendly and inviting and the community feeling itself is very prominent. Something I hope to see improve is increasing the fields of study and particularly creating it's own college of engineering separate of FAMU.
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