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Florida State University provided intriguing and stimulating classes and coursework while also promoting success through the strong student-teacher relationships.
I love the campus at Florida State University, it's very beautiful. The location of the school is great and very college friendly. The school spirit is phenomenal, though there aren't many minorities that attend.
Campus is beautiful, classes are truly college level. Could be more diversity on campus. The overall atmosphere of not just FSU but Tallahassee is very positive and uplifting. Sometimes finals and midterm week can get a little hectic. However you can get through this by just learning what to prioritize over others.
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I took a tour of this university on June 13th this summer. FSU is my dream college and i had fun walking around the campus where i might spend four years of my life. The campus was very nice. My favorite statue present on the campus is the "unconquered" statue. The tour guides were nice and knew what they were talking about. The whole experience was eye opening. I loved it!
I absolutely love this University. The friends I have made here will be my friends for the rest of my life. The school provides amazing help to the students and allows us to grow as individuals.
I love Florida State University. It feels like home, the professors are amazing, and I have met amazing people. All around great school.
Florida State University is home to a plethora of opportunities to seize. The atmosphere and culture of the school is studious and jovial. The University houses multiple top notch programs such as the College of Music, Medicine, Nursing, Criminology, and many many more. The campus is absolutely beautiful with constant innovations always being made.
Florida State has created a comforting home environment for me in my first year of college. The majority of the students are friendly and inviting and the community feeling itself is very prominent. Something I hope to see improve is increasing the fields of study and particularly creating it's own college of engineering separate of FAMU.
Even though I have just been for orientation, I can already tell that this school is a perfect fit for me and for all the students. I 100 percent recommend
I've had the time of my life at Florida State. It's a very social campus with great opportunities to learn. As a student in the business school there's no other college I'd rather be at.
I spent the most amazing 4 years of my life at Florida State! Being from Miami, Tallahassee was somewhat of a culture shock - but I instantly met people who have become family to me. The academics, athletics, and things to do on and around campus are unparalleled. I can't possibly love this school more than I do!
My first time in Tallahassee let alone on the FSU campus was my freshman orientation. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with my school. The campus is beautiful with its old red bricks, the hills are different and nice, if you’re walking downhill not up. The students here are very interesting, I have met a lot of new and nice people, I can say that I have seen all the walks of life here, meaning its very diverse, something I like. The Greek life here at FSU, is a huge huge huge part of it. I didn’t rush during my fall freshman year, something I quickly began to regret. Mainly due to the tailgating for football games. Sports, let just say we noels are very athletic. The rush and excitement can be felt early on Saturday football game days. From the copious amounts of alumni and spectators tailgating, to the wild raging frat parties going on all day. Not to mention no matter what day of the week it is, there’s somewhere to go party at.
FSU is a place of tradition, education, and experience. My time at Florida State has been spent learning about myself, the world around me, and those who occupy it along with me. The environment is extremely diverse - there is something here for everyone to learn and enjoy. The university offers a plethora of resources to its students and prepares them for a bright future. During my time here I have grown as an individual and student. I wouldn't change my college experience for the world.
It was beautiful there, and cant wait to go again in October. The campus is full of greenery and couldn't feel more magical. The students are quite delightful and couldn't be more helpful. The football stadium is extraordfinary.
When I first started at Florida State University I was hesitant and scared. Four years later and I could not have found a better place to call home. There is a plethora of student run organizations to join and events on campus 24/7.
FSU has been a great opportunity, challenge, and experience. Because you may be in a class with 300 students, you must learn how to stand out to your professors by going to office hours, preparing for class ahead of time. But there is always opportunities and things to do on campus FOR FREE! There are some challenges I think of bringing everyone together but there is an organization for anything that you are interested in. The academics is extremely hard.
I am a junior working towards my bachelors in Psychology with an anthropology minor. Although FSU is expensive, if you are an out of state student, it is the perfect school to get you prepared for your future. They have a variety of resources to help you find internships, opportunities to work in labs, personal research opportunities, get ready for a job interview, and to help you pre[pare for grad schools. The campus is beautiful and there is numerous events hosted by FSU all year from spring carnival to movies every week at the aslc. There is 3 libraries and 2 other study centers with study rooms outside of that. There is free tutoring for different subjects so that you can always be successful. Take the time to check out FSU because it has been one of my best investments. The only downside is there that needs to be a little more diversity for the professors. I have only had 2 teachers that were not white americans.
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Florida State was a great college to attend for my undergraduate degree. I found it to be diverse and offer something for every type of student. I had a fulfilling four years at FSU.
My brother graduated from Florida State University. I have been there many times! I will start in the summer of 2017. I cannot rate a few of theses categories just yet
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