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I absolutely love FSU! There are so many clubs/groups/events that you could get involved in. The staff is always extremely helpful and there when you need them. The surrounding area is not quite as nice, but the campus is amazing.
Beautiful campus and awesome place to meet a ton of people. For sure made many life long friends and the classes were great. Education is definitely strong and will require studying out of class, but end result you will leave happy with outcome.
My experience so far at Florida State has been great. The students are very friendly and the campus is beautiful. There are many opportunities to get involved on campus and it is not too difficult to make friends. The professors are also very helpful and approachable. Many of them are also willing to help their students during their office hours.
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Going to FSU was one of the best decisions of my life. The classes are challenging, but rewarding nonetheless. Being part of the Garnet and Gold is for life!
Going to Florida State has been by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. It wasn't until my fall semester that I truly became so proud and happy with this choice. This school has such a great atmosphere and the people are so great to be around. There is so many things that make this school wonderful, from the beautiful campus to the really accepting students to the night life around the University.
FSU is truly amazing! Coming here has been a real one of a kind experience and I recommend that everybody come here if granted the opportunity. The large amount of RSO's on campus make it easy for you to fit right in and find out what interests you the most. The school spirit here is so overwhelming, I knew that I could call FSU home the moment that I walked on campus for the first time.
When I visited over the summer, I absolutely fell in love with the place. The tour guides were very knowledgeable, the campus was beautiful, and the weather was great. The visit was absolutely perfect and I would not have changed a thing!

Also, the staff at the Office of Admissions is very helpful. I have been speaking to them often about re-evaluating my application and every single time, they answer all my questions and give me the best possible solutions for everything! This is a world-class institution and nothing would make me happier than to one day be a student here!
I currently attend Florida State University at the Panama City Campus and my experience has been amazing. Affordable tuition, outstanding professors, small class sizes, and an enthusiastic and mature student body are just a few of the things that I love about FSU-PC.
Florida State University is a well diverse college, ever since my High School graduation I have not considered any other college but this. It provides 88+ programs to choose from, so you can grow and develop into the person you aspire to be!
Attending Florida State University has been an amazing experience and opportunity for me in many areas. I have had some great professors who have provided me with great resources and knowledge. I will be attending FSU's Nursing School this coming fall. I have met some amazing people and I just love the atmosphere here.
Florida State is a great university for getting involved - be it academically, socially, or otherwise. I feel honored to walk around the gorgeous campus, catch one of the many campus buses, and take classes from accomplished professors. There are many libraries and amenities on campus, and plenty of reasons to come here - the least of which being the beautiful people around here.
This school is amazing! The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate, though it is a little large so you may have to do some walking depending on where your classes are. The professors are wonderful. They really care about you and your education, and are always available to help you.
Really great experience to be here! The tours given are phenomenal and really informative. The new dorms are very nice and especially Azalea being right over a new dining center is very convenient. A school very dedicated to sports and partying and sometimes both.
Florida State is a wonderful institution that puts students first in everything. With amazing opportunities for research, internships, and leadership, FSU provides an environment for success for each student. There are so many resources on campus to allow students to get ahead in whatever they want to accomplish. Also, the campus is beautiful and all the facilities are top-notch.
I'm currently an out of state student at FSU. I thought it would be really hard to make it here in college not knowing anyone, and expecting the academics to be challenging. I can honestly say that I have learned more in my first year at FSU than I have in the past 4 years of high school. Not only have I expanded my knowledge academic-wise, but FSU has also taught me a lot about myself and allowed me to make lifelong friends I'll have forever.
I think it's the perfect "all American" school; it looks exactly like the college campuses in movies. Everything on campus is fairly close, it's not too spread out. I've never felt unsafe on campus, even at night; it's very well lit. Personally it's not in an ideal area; Tallahassee feels fairly "sketchy." I think this kind of campus makes college transition easier as compared to a campus that is very spread out.
Beautiful campus, great class structure, not so much to do in Tallahassee area except for partying. It's a great school and many opportunities if you look for them.
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FSU has been an interesting experience. The campus is absolutely beautiful and I've met some of the most amazing professors who have changed my life and altered my path.
I've had a great fisrt year here so far, the teachers have been engaging and the campus is beautiful.
I love the look of Florida State! It's absolutely gorgeous on 95% of campus. I would like the whole campus to look great.
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