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FSU has a great atmosphere from lively football games where a ton of students come out to support our school to Sundays spent studying in the library or on Landis Green. There is amazing programs put in place covering a wide range of studies so there is something for everyone who attend.
I have had an amazing experience here at Florida State. From the moment I toured the campus my senior year of High School I knew this is where I wanted to be. The atmosphere is incredibly uplifting and you can truly feel the school spirit throughout the entire city of Tallahassee.
I hangout on campus a lot in-between classes and there are so many nieces places to sit and relax. There are always activities or event going on around campus so you can always find something to do. I lived in a dorm my first year and it wasn't the best because it was a really old dorm, but that hall has been torn down now to make room for more buildings on campus. Parking is also hard to find at times, if you don't get to campus before 9:00 am you are gonna be looking for a spot for a while.
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I loved the change in scenery tallahassee provided as compared to south florida and i love the energy of being an FSU Nole
I currently do not attend Florida State University, but it is my DREAM school. I've visited plenty of times to know what the life is like there. Something that immediately sticks out to me is the campus. The brick buildings and outdoor environment makes me feel like FSU is a home. I love everything at this school. The variation in classrooms, where students can choose (based on the classes taken) whether or not to be apart of a big lecture or a smaller classroom. The opportunities at Florida State are endless, and I could not be more excited to attend.
My time at Florida State University has been amazing. The university has allowed me to grow as a student and I have truly enjoyed my classes. The professors have been extremely helpful and very accessible when I have needed guidance for my classes. The campus is beautiful and the school has many activities and student organizations available for the student body. I have met many students from various backgrounds and ethnicities. I have been exposed to many different cultures, allowing me to become a more well-rounded individual. Florida State University is located in Tallahassee, Florida. A city that, although very small, has beautiful areas to visit, cultural events to attend, and plethora of other activities for college students.
I love FSU. I think it is an excellent university and I am receiving a phenomenal education. However, I wish that there was more parking on campus for students who live off campus. I also wish there were more spots for the Nursing program, as I have a 3.7 GPA and was not accepted.
After visiting Florida State University I learned a lot and loved the campus. We stayed 3 nights in Tallahassee and visited the area and toured the campus and everything was really clean and nice as well as the people were friendly.
I have friends that go to school here and I have visited, I have never heard anything but good reviews and I have had nothing but fun there
I really enjoy the overall environment and experience here at Florida State University. If I could, then I would never leave. The campus is beautiful and the people are amazingly friendly. The classes offered both inside and outside of my major are interesting and I wish I could take just about all of them.
Florida State University is a very diverse place. Here I was able to meet and have class with people from all over the world. Most of the classes I took actually helped and guided me toward my future.
I enjoyed the time spent there. They have a food court with varies food. The housing is nice and is a safe environment. I enjoy hanging with my friends and enjoy the presence of the people around me. The professors are very thoughtful and fun to be around. The campus is great overall and consist of many different things and many different people. However, this college is not so diverse. As far as academics go the education is great and ive learned many different things
It was super pretty when I visited there and I just felt really welcomed so I hope that I can attend here!
The campus is beauitful, and I love the weather. It gets cool in the winter, but not cold enough to snow. The lowest temperature it gets is twenty degrees, and that's on the coldest night of the year.
FSU was an amazing university with great extra curricular programs. They have a state of the art gym and you can even take classes in the stadium. Have breakfast where the players eat! The only thing I would have them work on is more parking spots for students and a better lottery system for the football tickets. But other than that I LOVED IT!
If you want to party and don't care about getting a quality education, this is your school! Unless you're in a S.T.E.M. major, you're not going to be taken seriously. Also very dangerous campus, there was a stabbing in one of the dorms my first year there.
Very nice campus with excellent teachers and students. Students are very friendly and involved. Nice environment to live in.
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I loved the atmosphere of the campus and all of my professors because they were very personable, but seeking assistance from administrative services was seemingly impossible. Also the housing situation needs serious review because even though freshman housing isn't guaranteed, FSU needs to do a better job of letting those who didn't get housing know so no one will feel panicked to find an apartment.
Florida State University is a wonderful college. The campus is stunning, with soft rolling hills, lush pine trees, and draping Spanish moss that contrasts against the red brick buildings of the school. Academics is of utmost importance and an still an overwhelming amount of extracurricular activities are available to students.
I attended the Florida State University Panama City campus. It's much smaller, but holds a lot of promise. All of the faculty and staff greet you when you pass and there are plenty of smiles. The professors are very helpful and good at what they do. Also, even though it's a smaller campus there are always events and things for students to attend.
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