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Amazing education opportunities as well as beautiful campus. Teachers are always so helpful and this school has plenty of resources to help students succeed and excel in their field. In my two years, I have met the best counselors and professors.
I love the environment of growth and development that surrounds Florida State. There are several organizations made just for you, and so many sources where you can talk to and meet new people.
I like the weather at Florida State. The campus is so beautiful. The dorms are pretty nice although me and my roommate got the smallest room in the whole dorm. I think greek life is a huge part of being at FSU. I did not rush freshman year and it was difficult for me to make friends.
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i love the sense of community and student involvement on campus. everyone from faculty to students are really willing to help you succeed and support you. there is something for everyone at florida state from academics to extra curricular activities and opportunities.
I am currently an engineering student at FSU. I like that engineering has its own campus. Some might not like this but being its own campus it has a small school feel. You make friends fast and have a lot of the same people in all of your core classes. This makes class and studying more fun and more effective.
As a new student I was very overwhelmed on moving away from my home town and going to a school with 40,000+ students but after getting there I was so comforted by the administration. My counselors were there to guide me and answered all my questions. The campus is so beautiful and there are so many resources to help you become successful during your time at FSU. Best decision I've ever made! Go Noles!
Florida State University is a school that is equipped with stellar academics, sports, social clubs, and resources. Each teacher that taught me my freshman year invigorated in me a desire to learn as well as assisted me in my understanding of his or her allocated subject. I was always well informed about what was going on in my community and was given many opportunities to get involved. For example, being a part of the Honors college pushed me into getting involved with Relay for Life, a nonprofit event for cancer research. I also was granted access to Phi Eta Sigma, a nationally respected academic chapter. Furthermore, Florida State facilitates an equestrian club that gave me the opportunity to continue growing in my riding and make new connections. I am excited to see what my future holds at Florida State University this year.
Great school I can not wait for summer break to be over. I love being in Tallahassee. The campus is very walkable
Florida State University provides a great education experience. The professors are high quality educators and actually care about the material and the students. The courses are amazing and set you up for success in the real world. The facilities are top notch, and the administrators and advisers respond quickly to every need you might have. The city is an amazing place with great breweries and coffee shops. Having FSU on your resume will land you a job in your field. Its is also amazing to have a championship girls softball team, an elite basketball team, and one of the greatest football teams in the nation.
The college is a very good college with a lot of diverse classes. Everyone is pretty kind and and helpful
Florida State University offers an above-average education for a high cost, including overpriced on-campus housing and expensive online teaching aids that are required for most classes. Professors are helpful and offer informed help, especially after class and during office hours. Prospective students should consider the value of attending a lower-division university or college prior to admission, due to the unnecessary rise in tuition prices and housing fees, among other things. However, from an educational standpoint, few Florida schools challenge FSU or offer a comparable suite of support for their students, including tutoring and an understanding, helpful attitude from the staff and professors.
FSU is like one big family. There are places to go for any kind of help that is needed and you can always rely on someone to be there for you whether it be socially or academically.
Professors, for the most part, are very open to talking to you about both course topics and outside interests. There are many good advisors and incredible research facilities. Many connections can be made there should you just reach out about things you are interested in.
I am junior at Florida State University, i love the campus and classes a nice size and the professor are very hands of if you go to their office hours, also everyone is super friendly and helpful.
I LOVED MY TIME AT FSU! Florida State is a university that has something to offer everyone. Especially once I got into my junior and senior level classes I could see how much the professors cared about student success and they were all so knowledgeable on their subject matter. The campus is beautiful but also constantly under construction. The fall is a blast with football season....GO NOLES!
While visiting this university, it contains a myriad of programs and clubs one can attend. The architecture and landscape is rugged and hilly. An individual can integrate easily into the campus community; having access to social groups and other reform agencies.
Florida State University is an excellent establishment for education. They have so much diversity among the students in every major. The professors genuinely care and are passionate about what they are teaching. I would recommend this University to anyone looking to further their education!
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I liked the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement summer program the university had to offer. This program allowed me to attend Florida State University and better prepare me for college life. The summer program was an great introduction to Florida State University prior to beginning in the Fall term.
I was a graduate student in music. I recently get in touch with some students of the college of education as well. FSU is intense in academics and research, not necessarily for the best reason sometimes. Graduate students tend to get good attention from the faculty, and they are genuinely interested in helping us with our career. The school also provides enrichment programs for graduate students, which I deeply appreciate. They are also very keen on getting students out of school on time, sacrifacing quite a lot of the good experiences students deserve.
My experience with the music students was fine, they were great students but were constantly overworked. I was not impressed by the quality of education graduates however. In general they lack passion for the students, nor they possess strong leadership and communication skills. Students from both colleges have the tendency to be creating close circles and are not in touch with people outside their profession.
I have had nothing but good experiences with Florida State University. Have made some of my best friends in the world through Florida State University. I joined a sorority and it has been the best decision of my life. I love that at Florida State University, I get a balance of school and social life.
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