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At Florida State everyone is very welcoming, the teachers are very helpful and do try to make sure everyone learns the material.
I love that there is so much to do. Yes it is a school but there is a lot of other things to do around the school to be involved and meet new people.
Very pretty campus, the rest of Tallahassee kind of sucks. Helpful staff for some majors. Pretty easy curriculum
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My sister went to Florida State University. She liked the school very much. I looked at reviews of the school online before and have been there myself. I heard that it is a very good school with a diverse environment. There are parties and many of the programs are great. When I talked to my sister about Florida State University, she told me that she thought that the dorms could have been better quality.
Florida state was always a dream of mine to attend. Throughout my time in Tallahassee, I loved the big football school atmosphere, I also loved how of you put in the effort in class and wet to office hours for professors, more than likely the professor would help you pass the class at the end of the semester
Florida State is the best school in Florida! The professors are outstanding. The career center is a fantastic resource that helps students at FSU be prepared for job interviews. The sporting events are unreal and the students are incredible.
I love Florida State University! My professors have ensured I receive the best quality education and are very passionate about their work. As a minority, the diversity at this university helps me feel welcomed and included in all aspects of student life. I would definitely recommend this university to everyone who wants to engage in a great community of learning and great experiences.
Very nice, beautiful campus. A loving staff that cared to answer every question we had. Best campus visit so far!
This university is absolutely beautiful: the exterior look is stunning, the athletic facilities are amazing, science department is astounding, and so much more. Students are constantly being reminded to get involved and enjoy the college experience. Some how all students and staff make a 30,000 student campus seem much smaller and close knit.
When I first arrived I didn't know what to expect really. But, everyone here is really friendly and treats you like family. As for the school and the area itself. Like in all other places the classes really depend on the teacher, the school food can be great or mediocre depending on where you go. The night life is always parties especially after big home games. Overall FSU is a great school that really makes you feel at home.
I loved the campus! It doesn’t remind me of Florida which makes me love the area even more. Very nice and generous people here.
From what I have experienced in visiting, I think the campus is beautiful. I would love to see more Filipino students enrolled there, considering I am Filipino as well. Also, even though FSU is a competitive university, lowering the SAT scores may give students a better chance at acceptance. College readiness test does not do justice to students academic level; many are just bad test-takers.
Amazing school with so many opportunities and a beautiful campus like no other in the state. There is something for everyone; whether you want to be a scientist, musician, or anything you can dream of. Florida State truly takes care of its students and provides a great college experience.
Florida State University has prestigious programs throughout the various areas of study. This university prides itself on diversity and the success of its students. Florida State University has great school pride from academics to athletics.
My experience at FSU was incredible. The people I met and the things I was able to accomplish are extraordinary. I wouldn't have been able to land an incredible job at an accounting firm if it wasn't for FSU. The professors truly believe in their students. I was involved with Dance Marathon at FSU and this is the organization that truly shaped me into the woman I am today. It pushed me to be a better person and continues to do so even after graduation.
I think Florida State University is a great school. There is a friendly atmosphere and great support system. Football season is the best time to be on campus.
Florida State University is the best school to attend. They have prepared me for the real world and always took the time to help me succeed.
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great school located in a college town filled with student, clubs, bars and parties are good. campus is very nice.
Beautiful campus with outstanding professors who plant a curiosity in their students regarding the course material, and utilize online resources to help their students better grasp the content.
Great School, good for majors in humanities and has a beautiful campus. Overall would encourage students in Florida to Enroll here.
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