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The campus is beauitful, and I love the weather. It gets cool in the winter, but not cold enough to snow. The lowest temperature it gets is twenty degrees, and that's on the coldest night of the year.
FSU was an amazing university with great extra curricular programs. They have a state of the art gym and you can even take classes in the stadium. Have breakfast where the players eat! The only thing I would have them work on is more parking spots for students and a better lottery system for the football tickets. But other than that I LOVED IT!
If you want to party and don't care about getting a quality education, this is your school! Unless you're in a S.T.E.M. major, you're not going to be taken seriously. Also very dangerous campus, there was a stabbing in one of the dorms my first year there.
Review Florida State University
Very nice campus with excellent teachers and students. Students are very friendly and involved. Nice environment to live in.
I loved the atmosphere of the campus and all of my professors because they were very personable, but seeking assistance from administrative services was seemingly impossible. Also the housing situation needs serious review because even though freshman housing isn't guaranteed, FSU needs to do a better job of letting those who didn't get housing know so no one will feel panicked to find an apartment.
Florida State University is a wonderful college. The campus is stunning, with soft rolling hills, lush pine trees, and draping Spanish moss that contrasts against the red brick buildings of the school. Academics is of utmost importance and an still an overwhelming amount of extracurricular activities are available to students.
I attended the Florida State University Panama City campus. It's much smaller, but holds a lot of promise. All of the faculty and staff greet you when you pass and there are plenty of smiles. The professors are very helpful and good at what they do. Also, even though it's a smaller campus there are always events and things for students to attend.
Most students care more about partying and fraternities/sororities than academics. It is hard to find friends if you are not a extroverted kid with a lot of money
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I have been working at Hillsborough County Public Schools full-time (More than 3 years)
They don't require you to be licensed. You get a lot of days off, plus summers. Depending on the school(s) you work at you have the autonomy to work with kids how you see fit, based upon school needs. Just make sure you're meeting the requirements for your annual evaluation and you will be fine.
It's a county job, therefore the pay is not the best. There's always this underlying fear of being forced into early retirement, fired or moved to a different site due to budget cuts
I loved the diverse community I found at FSU. There is something for everyone. In the little city of Tallahasee, I found people who were interested in live music, rock climbing, camping, biking and gardening.
Although the idea of a large public state school seems rather scary, Florida State makes you feel welcomed into a tight community. Sure, some classes are very large, but the professors do not let that stand in the way of creating connections with their students. The school is beautiful and has many opportunities for people to get involved in the school and Tallahassee community. FSU celebrates who you are as a student, community member, and individual person.
I honestly love this school. Only thing I would change are the dorms because of the space and how they look physically.
There's never a day I don't walk to class and think I chose the wrong school. The campus is breathe-taking everyday, the people are great and diverse, everyone is so outgoing and we all love to have a good time but everyone realize that our one priority is school. My professors, for the most part, have been very generous and helpful and some will go wholeheartedly out of the way to help. Obviously our athletics are a solid 10/10. The ONLY issue I have is that our lack of parking seems to be a bigger issue than our "need" for more dorms.
Have fun, get involved, and take classes seriously. There are early morning starts, but you will get over it. College is amazing, especially at Florida State University. #GoNoles
Awesome University ...
The campus, the environment, staff, parties, sports, events, ... all very nice !!
My experience at the Florida State University was amazing! They really did make me feel like I was at home from home. They had me busy and always having fun while keeping up with my school work. I am very glad to be attending this university for the next 4 years !
Don't get my words twisted, Florida state is an absolutely brilliant academic institution and place to be, but there's one fundamental flaw that I've noticed about the culture here. It's about as plastic as the bottles, containers, bags and so forth polluting our Earth. What I mean by plastic is that the social culture of Florida State has become increasingly superficial. The people you meet (for the most part) have little desire to look deeper than the greek letters that one has on the t shirt or tank top they're wearing. Greek life is inherently fused with college, but I never would've imagined how prevalent and socially important it is to be a part of this quasi-cult. This frat and srat culture has almost created a culture resembling one which utilizes classism to define and confine its constituents. But maybe I'm just misunderstanding the 'Nole culture. Only time will tell if previous experiences and observations are wrong or right, but I hope it's the not the latter.
Review Florida State University
Best decision I've ever made. I was unsure about which school I wanted to attend until I visited FSU and the second I walked on campus, it felt like home.
When I arrived I instantly felt at home. They do a good job of making sure you know all the resources, faculty, and classes offered to reach your degree.
Florida State University was a really fun place to go to school because there were plenty of extracurricular activities around campus, and the professors were all pretty helpful which is nice when taking classes at such a huge university!
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