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Transitioning to college was initially hard but making friends with new people especially when I got involved with Delta Nu Zeta made it better. Although life in the first year was interrupted by Covid19, I’m excited about starting my sophomore year.
Put in a position to use online experience was not what I expected but after being forced to use it during the lockdown, I’ve grown accustomed to it. But I’m definitely better in a classroom setting.
Several of my classes were hybrid. I had a few classes that were completely online and it was the equivalent to a regular in-person class.
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I enjoyed my time at THE Florida State University. The culture for underrepresented communities is very close-knit and supported by the university.
I have taken classes online, but I much prefer in-person when given the opportunity. This is a personal preference, but online classes at FSU did the job just fine.
Excellent university with incredible faculty and staff who care about their field and the students. I am proud to have represented my college in student government and am excited to return for my J.D.
Online learning has been a breeze at FSU. I have yet to use zoom and all my professors have recorded lectures and powerpoints on canvas to view at my pleasing. My professors all respond very quickly if I have a question and they hold Zoom office hours weekly.
Florida State has really good programs and academics. They also have some really interesting professors that always want you to learn. My professors have always been extremely qualified. The party scene at Fsu is also quite good.
Canvas is great and easy to use. Switching to online classes after corona was stressful but FSU made the transition smooth. It was not hard to transition to all online classes.
FSU was the best university. It has a culture that embraces students and strives to help them succeed in whatever they are passionate about. Courses are challenging but thought provoking. School spirit is inspiring. The best school ever!
A lot of student clubs so it is easy to get involved and make new friends. All the professors I had were engaging and helpful.
Online platform (Blackboard) was easy to use and professors were good at explaining assignments and expectations.
I felt like this university was more of a business and a research facility rather than an institution for higher education. Most of the professors that I have taken classes with over the past 3 years have only cared about research and know near to nothing about teaching students. Barely a handful cared about their teaching methods and their impact on learning.

The advising offices for students is lacking tremendously. I am a biology major and I saw a different advisor every time during walk-in hours since all the advisors’ appointment slots were booked up 2 months in advance at any given time of the year. Every advisor I saw told me what classes I can take and that was it. I had to go to different departments or go to the dean when I needed help. Even then, I felt like none of the staff cared or tried to help me with my academic career. I had problems I was dealing with outside of school that hindered my undergrad studies and I felt like I couldn’t go to anyone for help at FSU.
The professors are very accommodating considering the situation. The transition to online zoom meetings was very smooth and the professiors seemed to have adapted well to it. They aren’t just lecturing as they used to in the classroom. It seems that they are putting more of an effort into their teaching methods.
I took all of my classes online during the last month of the spring semester. I was very impressed with the professors following the shift to online classes because they all were willing to adapt to the new circumstances and were dedicated to making sure the students still received a quality education. I took a lot of online classes during high school, but the ones I took at FSU were by far the most impressive of them all. I personally prefer to attend classes in-person, but given the circumstances, FSU did a good job transitioning to online.
Florida State offered me a huge variety of academic opportunities, both in a classroom setting and in clubs and and organizations. FSU also made me feel like I was a part of a community, one that was working together to advance our futures and create once-in-a-lifetime memories. I gained a huge amount of experience at FSU, both academically and socially.
Florida state does a good job giving the student an opportunity for distance learning. They have multiple campuses and opportunities across the globe. They also have a lot of classes offered online. Florida state needs to improve on their professor to student connections. Most students just go to class then leave. They never have a social conversation with their professor unless they are in need of something.
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Amazing university both academically and socially. Professors care for their students while also creating demanding courses. Campus is beautiful!
There were four different constructions going on during our semester, and all we heard instead of our professors were metal poles falling over all day long. Otherwise, when there isn't construction going on, the campus is beautiful. The libraries are by far my favorite. I do think it would have been better for the university to upgrade and repair the older buildings, rather than building new ones.
Overall I had a positive experience during my time at FSU receiving my bachelors degree in biology. Going to college away from home I was worried about acclimating but I found a home at FSU and in Tallahassee. Their is space for everyone to find their family at FSU and the small city has a lot more to do if you know where to look. My only disappointment was in some of the science professors on campus. Unfortunately, even after speaking to the head of the science department they did not seem interested in hearing about certain students struggling with certain professors; in my opinion a class average below a 30% is not acceptable.
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