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The campus and city is gorgeous. Great opportunities and classes. The only down side is all of the math classes seem to be taught by foreigners and are impossible to understand.
I went to visit the Florida State University campus in October of 2017, and it was a fabulous experience. The tour guides were nice and helpful, the campus was beautiful, and got a really good feeling about the environment. Hope I get in!
FSU is a very well-rounded university that offers many opportunities for their students. There are many ways to get involved on campus and be connected to the local community through service. FSU provides students with the necessities to succeed in future careers with emphasis on academics and experiences through leadership and research.
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I am a transient student and decided to transfer as a degree-seeking student because I love FSU so much I needed to stay here
After finishing my first year at Florida State University, I can say all complete confidence that I would have never chosen any other school. Florida State has become my home away from home. All the professors I have had my first year were all outstanding & gave more than enough opportunities for help if needed. The environment of FSU is very welcoming & there is something for everyone to get involved in, no matter your interests. Florida State University has helped me grow in ways that I never knew I could.
At my campus tour, the guides were very informative and showed us as much as we could see. The campus was very clean and safe and the student life was very inclusive.
I am a junior at FSU studying violin performance. I anticipate to graduate in 2019 with a BM. I like my experience here at FSU very much. I have a wonderful violin teacher, I have had many opportunities that presented themselves both on and off campus. And I have made great friends.
I haven’t expirenced anything I don’t like at Florida State. Everything from the scene to the Athletics are great. They are very nice and comforting and make the process easy.
I've loved Florida State University's beautiful campus and quintessential "college experience". The party, social, and college club involvement scene has been the perfect environment. When you are at FSU, you have the opportunity to live the crazy college life or the hardcore academic life - or a nice balance of both. As a student coming from a very rigorous academic background, I was initially concerned that I would not be advancing my education well at FSU. I turned out to be completely wrong and the Honors program at FSU gives students so many resources.
Very personable staff and students. Beautiful campus! I went to visit the campus in April and was very pleased with their hospitality and people. They are very visitor friendly and anyone could answer my questions about the school. The campus is absolutely beautiful and easy to navigate. I would love to attend Florida State University.
My experience at Florida State has been all around wonderful. The faculty has been more than helpful and wants to see its students succeed. The people I have met here are the people I will be friends and colleagues with as I continue on after graduation in May.
Florida State has strong academics, great professors, and plenty of opportunities in everything (especially undergraduate research!!) for students to improve their resumes.
Absolutely fantastic environment! I spent a week visiting this school and I had a great impression. Most of the young adults students were well dressed, well spoken and focus in their education, the staff is very helpful and friendly, most of the students and professors looked very happy. Definitely a place to consider
Best university out there. There are so many ways to get involved, everyone is so welcoming. So many interesting classes and friendly people.
I loved my time at Florida State University! It was awesome to be a student there when we won the national championship for football. FSU strives to be top notch with their diversity and inclusion efforts. Since I've graduated I've read numerous articles about how they are moving up the ranks. I would recommend for anyone to attend FSU, great academics, great sports programs, and an overall great environment. Go Noles!
Florida State University is a very prestigious and honorable university. It is a very well rounded school and can provide a plethora of different experiences and opportunities. The school treats its students with the highest respect and anyone should feel lucky to attend such a great University.
The school has an internal system (OMNI) and it's miserable to try and navigate for the first while and never seems user friendly, even after years of use. The teaching staff is amazing, professors and their connections will be the best thing you get out of this place if you utilize it. The administration for your school couldn't care about you, or have regular sensible hours of operation. Aside from this - Good prices for the classes and credits.

Worst thing is Tallahassee. This is the nastiest, slowest, least safe city I've ever lived in. If FSU was located elsewhere, it'd be much better off, and they could easily charge more. The utilities are a major headache, and the police force is nothing to be proud of. School and city will lose it over small issues, overreact and under react consistently. Don't expect to want to return here after living here, it will make you realize how nice you have it elsewhere.
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I will be attending Florida State University in the summer as a freshman. I have toured the school last year and had a great experience. The staff and everyone I met was extremely nice, the campus was beautiful and clean, and they offer a variety of clubs, organizations, and events, and opportunities for everyone on campus. I am very excited to attend Florida State University and become involved in many of the opportunities the school offers.
FLorida State embodies the criteria of acceptance. They want there students to have a voice in their views and the people they would like to be. With over seven hundred clubs, there is a place for everyone to fit in and the school spirit is out of this world. From the football games to bowling teams there is an outstanding turnout and everyone enjoys supporting their fellow peers. You can find your place at Florida State.
Florida State University has given me countless opportunities I could not imagine getting any where else. Because of it being such a large school, I chose to join Greek Life. Now, as my third year in college, I serve on the Executive board of my organization as the Chief Recruiting Officer, or VP of Membership. I have also been tested to the greatest of my abilities through rigorous courses. Another thing I love about FSU is the countless options of assistance through ACE Learning Studio. The tutoring services are incredible, as they are also offered by students my age.
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