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Florida state university is a great school to attend for those looking for change in scenery. The campus is beautiful and the dorms are decent enough, there are plenty of off campus options and plenty of recreational activities both on and off campus available to students.
It'll be my first year here at Florida State University since i just transferred over from Miami Dade College but i couldn't be happier. I love the environment i'm in, the people are so diverse and genuine. It's so great being surrounded by students who are all here to learn.
I love the campus here! It is unique. I also enjoy the size of the campus. It is not too large or too small. It is perfect.
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Florida State only prioritizes athletics. Little money is put into classrooms and academic facilities. The dining is below average. Customer service is awful.
I have enjoyed my experience at Florida State University so far. The campus life is diverse with a lot to do. The people and staff are very friendly and create a family-like environment. I feel at home when I am here. The sporting events are fun and exciting. The food is good and the housing is excellent. The courses are interesting and they have a large selection of majors and classes available. Overall, I love it here and I would recommend it to everyone looking for an incredible college experience.
I have loved my experience here at FSU. I came from out of state and they really helped me adjust to not only college life but also living in a new state. The classes, professors, and facility have all been great but what I have really loved is the environment of this school. I love the school spirit, from the sport games, philanthropy opportunities, movies on campus, clubs, concerts, and many other events, students are always eager to be involved.
Overall, I love Florida State. It creates an environment where students can learn inside and outside of the classroom. The professors are always willing to help their students and make themselves readily available at all hours of the day in case their students need additional help. Beyond just the academics, Florida State's campus is beautiful. From the oak trees with the Spanish moss to Doak Campbell Stadium to Legacy Walk, FSU's campus is unlike any other campus in the nation.
The campus at FSU is beautiful! In the fall, the leaves change and it is one of my favorite things about this campus. I am a freshman, but the professors I have had are amazing. If it is a big class, there are teaching assistants that are available to provide extra help when needed. The campus food is pretty good, there are restaurants such as Chick-fil-a, The Den by Dennys, and 4 Rivers Smokehouse, as well as the FSU dining halls.
The best thing about Florida State is the support system. Even if there is ever a probelm going on that needs fixing, faculty and staff are almost always available and willing to work to solve it. I've found incredibly frustrating situations annulled by asking for a little help.
I loved going here! The atmosphere is just amazing. From professors that actually care, to a roaring night life, you won’t be disappointed with FSU
At first I was apprehensive about attending FSU, but after a semester here, I have really found myself. The historic campus is gorgeous, the -non Pan-hellnic, of course- student organizations are exemplary, and the courses are rather competitive. Don't let the football team's recent performance fool you, we're still pretty bomb.
Florida State offers so many resources for any kind of help that a student desires. That was comforting for me to know being an out of state freshman. The professors are always willing to help and provide you with support.
I have had such a positive start at FSU. Despite being challenged in chem, if you put forth the effort your fruit will be plentiful. My advisors are super helpful and everyone is always there when you need it.
I enjoyed the campus life and sports. The professors were also very helpful. I am continuing my education at FSU law school where there is an air of wanting all students to do their best.
I liked how many resources are available for the students, such as libraries and help from tutors and professors. I also really enjoyed the quality of the classes as well as the variety of classes available to me.
I transferred to FSU my sophomore year and I love it here. The environment is so positive and there is a real sense of community that my previous school did not have.
I love this college! My aunt went here and graduated from FSU and is always telling me great feedback about this school. Also, family is a huge Seminoles fan!!
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The college is great for someone who can go out and take what they want. Plenty of clubs, resources, activities, and events to make your college experience great. The faculty and staff are full of knowledgeable educators.
I wouldn’t trade my experience at Florida State for the world. The professors and academics challenged me, but for the better. My professors have been, and currently are, an asset to my future success.
The campus is nice, and not hard to get around once you learn the campus. All of my experiences with classrooms and professors have been positive, no complaints there. The only problems are the parking, if you have classes in the afternoon then there is a very high chance that all the student lots are full, and life outside of campus (which doesn’t really reflect on the university itself, but is still something to consider when choosing a college) is kind of boring, the only thing to do in Tallahassee really is go to clubs and parties which if you’re not into that sort of stuff every night, like me, then you may end up being pretty bored on weekends.
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