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FSU is a place of tradition, education, and experience. My time at Florida State has been spent learning about myself, the world around me, and those who occupy it along with me. The environment is extremely diverse - there is something here for everyone to learn and enjoy. The university offers a plethora of resources to its students and prepares them for a bright future. During my time here I have grown as an individual and student. I wouldn't change my college experience for the world.
It was beautiful there, and cant wait to go again in October. The campus is full of greenery and couldn't feel more magical. The students are quite delightful and couldn't be more helpful. The football stadium is extraordfinary.
When I first started at Florida State University I was hesitant and scared. Four years later and I could not have found a better place to call home. There is a plethora of student run organizations to join and events on campus 24/7.
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FSU has been a great opportunity, challenge, and experience. Because you may be in a class with 300 students, you must learn how to stand out to your professors by going to office hours, preparing for class ahead of time. But there is always opportunities and things to do on campus FOR FREE! There are some challenges I think of bringing everyone together but there is an organization for anything that you are interested in. The academics is extremely hard.
I am a junior working towards my bachelors in Psychology with an anthropology minor. Although FSU is expensive, if you are an out of state student, it is the perfect school to get you prepared for your future. They have a variety of resources to help you find internships, opportunities to work in labs, personal research opportunities, get ready for a job interview, and to help you pre[pare for grad schools. The campus is beautiful and there is numerous events hosted by FSU all year from spring carnival to movies every week at the aslc. There is 3 libraries and 2 other study centers with study rooms outside of that. There is free tutoring for different subjects so that you can always be successful. Take the time to check out FSU because it has been one of my best investments. The only downside is there that needs to be a little more diversity for the professors. I have only had 2 teachers that were not white americans.
Florida State was a great college to attend for my undergraduate degree. I found it to be diverse and offer something for every type of student. I had a fulfilling four years at FSU.
My brother graduated from Florida State University. I have been there many times! I will start in the summer of 2017. I cannot rate a few of theses categories just yet
My experience at Florida State was life-changing. This institution provided me with an easy transition from High-School to College through the Summer Bridge Program. This program helped a first-generation student ,like myself, feel right at home. This institution gives you the opportunity to grow and learn about yourself in the process. Even after graduation, I have so much confidence in my job search because of all of the transferable skills that I've obtained at this University. Best four years of my life!
Florida State University has been an amazing college experience so far. The campus, dorms, and classes allow for a deep involvement with other students.
Generally my experience at Florida State has been positive. The theatre program is high quality, if a bit exclusive. There's a decent mix of people. I have had an even balance of good and bad professors and classes. I wish I had taken more advantage of the clubs and resources offered.
Florida State has been my home for the past two years. The professors are some of the best around. The University is always improving its campus to make things better and safer for the students and facility.
I have't gone their yet but I have toured and plan to go there this fall. I loved the campus when I toured and I am very excited to go.
Currently attending and I love life on campus, eagerness of professors and quality of good background educators.
Florida State University was a great place to attend college. I enjoyed all of the classes in my major and had the most helpful academic advisers. Activities and events were always going on, so no matter your interest there is something for everyone.
Florida State University is a large school with numerous student organizations and great sports teams. There are plenty of ways to get involved. Beautiful campus.
The Campus is beautiful and the classes are definitely top notch. There is a part atmosphere, I'm not going to lie, but there is an even line between partying and academics here that is so thick it isn't hard to be an either or individual. Want to focus solely on academics? You can do that. Want to party to your heart's content? You can do that too. Or maybe you want to do a little of both, no problem! Honestly it's perfect for everyone and it's definitely a nice community.
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Florida State University is definitely the whole college experience. The campus is beautiful, the social aspect is great, and even the academics are impressive. However, it's easy to get distracted with all of the partying that happens. But I guess that's how all colleges are really.
My freshman year at FSU has been a blast. I've had a ton of fun going to football games, different events on campus, and just making new friends. It's really easy to adjust to a big school like FSU given the amount of clubs and other communities there are. It was important for me to find a community, which I did, and I haven't looked back.

I feel like I've also learned a lot this year. All my professors have been awesome and have engaged me in the classroom. Finishing up this year makes me excited for the next three years ahead of me.
As a Black student, I thought the diversity in my classes were locking. Like at most colleges, fraternities and sororities are king here, but overall, the school offers many various ways to get involved on campus. I was lucky enough to complete my B.S. completely free of charge, so I have no complains about my "return on investment." I met a few professors who were awesome teachers and demonstrated a wealth of knowledge on the subject matter. I had many professors that provided me with letters of recommendation as I applied for grad school. Overall, the quality of education is fair, there are pretty solid professors, and you will get out of the undergraduate experience as much as you put in. If you are a Florida resident, I would highly recommend FSU.
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