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The people there are very nice and more then willing to help you. The professor are relaxed and are willing to go the extra mile for you. They are inspiring and influential. The professors want to help you succeed and give the tools to help you do so.
My experience with Florida State College at Jacksonville was the finest. The teachers there was super helpful and made sure you understood everything. The teachers would also go out of their way to make sure the students were on track.
Florida State College at Jacksonville has been a great school to start my career education. The classes, the teachers, and the counselors have all been helpful. I, however, would have really appreciated it more if I was informed about certain things at the beginning. For example, to be able to earn my AA within two years, I needed to study a minimum of 5 semesters, or enroll in more than 4 classes each semester.
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The Advanced Technology Center has a great IT/Networking lab, with plenty of equipment, for hands on experience. However, the Downtown Campus can be uncomfortable, has a very small library, so you want to have a quit place to study- or access to South Campus.
I had a good experience on my first semester at FSCJ. I got financial aid which was very helpful, and overall I had a good experience with the teachers and the environment :).
I am an online student, so really cannot speak alot about FSCJ. I just started to complete my BA in human services this past fall, through the Complete Florida program. I appreciate the opportunity FSCJ has allowed me to finish my degree through online classes and courses.
Overall, this community college is fine. The basic classes I needed were available, but finding classes that went toward my International Relations major was pretty non-existent. I found maybe two classes in my two years here that were related to my degree. You can find classes for nursing and such though. Other than that, the classes were affordable, the teachers are good, and the student life is ok if you want to do something once in a while. I would recommend this college to others.
Overall great professors, but when it came to record keeping and such, nothing was accurate, which really messed me up when I was trying to apply to other schools.
I enjoyed how helpful and prompt the military services Center was being that I am a veteran they really went above and beyond. I also appreciate the teachers not giving up on me being that I am a disabled veteran
Florida State College is a nice community school. Great for learning a trade or just getting your AA degree.
I really enjoyed my experience there the professors were great the safety was good. I learned a lot my first year and it really prepared me for my sophomore upcoming year
This school is awesome! The teachers and people here are very pleasant. This school gives you good vibes and it not only meets your academic wants and needs, but it meets personally, and extracurricular.
The nursing department is a little bit disorganized. The tuition is affordable. However, FSCJ needs to hire more experienced advisors. The wait time to see an advisor during peak season always at least 1 hour.
Florida State College at Jacksonville is a great college to kick start your college career. They offer a abundance of degrees and certificates. They offer Associate of Arts (transfer degree) and Associate of Science, which are 2 year degrees. The professors are exceptional, and make sure that you understand the material and that you have the proper resources to study. FSCJ was originally a community college when I first started attending, but has since expanded into a university. The school is not nearly as expensive as your average university. For In-state students the rate per credit hour is $104.88 and $401.27 for out of state students. They do offer scholarships through the school. The security of the school is very responsive and make it aware that if any student ever has any issue, it will be addressed. In the parking lots, they have emergency stations to alert the security. They do have great student involvement as well as clubs.
Great hands on learning and enough class work and homework to really keep you dialed in! If you don't come to class or apply yourself tho you are not going to pass these classes.
What I like about Florida State College of Jacksonville is the fact that they have multiple campuses. Therefore the college has the ability to be close to you all over town no matter what side of town you reside on. Also, the professors are very professional and they know their stuff. If you ever need additional help you can always find a tutor in the libraries.
FSCJ is a very good college. There are 5 campuses. They are very nice and safety. The professors and advisors are very professional.
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So far I have good experience with the school. Nice proffesors who are willing to help the students out. Friendly and nice staff
I like the campus that I attended at Fscj, I think it was very nice and clean. There are so many different people that go there which is nice to see many different races and even ages, you’ll find people in their 20’s and even people in their 50’s. The one thing that could improve are the professors, some of them are great, while others make their instructions so hard to understand and they’re all over the place and sometimes unorganized.
my experience at FSCJ is good. Some teachers are bad while other teachers are outstanding. If you do not have a lot of money and you want a excellent education go to FSCJ.
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