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Good community college. Not recommended for four years. Got 35 credits through dual enrollment courses. Helpful staff.
Florida State College at Jacksonville was affordable and the teachers were passionate about their work. FSCJ is very hard to get in touch with over the phone. The best way to get answers it to go in and meet with the advisors. I would like to recommend that they have more bachelor degree programs such as English Literature.
From my very first visit to Florida State College at Jacksonville up to now, I have always been impressed, comfortable, and happy with the school. The school conveniently provides several different campuses around town. The professors are never an issue. They all work with all the students and do everything they can to make sure each student reaches their full potential in their class. The same can be said about the advisors, counselors, and all other staff. Security seems to be a high priority at this school as it provides many security measures to ensure the safety of the students. Everything from ID's to security guards and cameras has been put in.
The only small little thing I might change might be the hours for the library and tutoring centers. The school already extends the hours during the exam weeks yet I find myself needing slightly more hours from these centers. However, I don't find that this little situation changes my opinion on the school.
Review Florida State College at Jacksonville
Great school for getting back on your feet or transitioning to a larger university. Good starter school. Duel Enrollment program was very helpful
FSCJ is the perfect start to any new college student who is struggling money-wise but has success in academics. Classes are fair-priced and even though text-books are expensive no matter what you do, most professors offer other ways of buying the materials or don't require it at all. While all the campus' lives are different, you can find any hang-out to fit what you want, ranging from workouts, to poetry readings, women-empowerment clubs and speeches, and themed parties. Why build debt at age 18 at a school that costs thousands by the hour when you can have the same experience for a lower costs?
I appreciate the tutors and computer labs that is offered at FSCJ. Due to the math tutors being available, understanding math became a hobby instead of am continuous challenge.
Florida state college at jacksonville is an amazing college. The classes are small enough that you feel as thought the professor is teaching directly to you. There are multiple campuses throughout the city. Each campus has its own specific career geared information.
Every teacher that I have had has been amazing. Whenever I need help I know I can get it from teachers, students, and counselors.
My FSCJ experience was a favorable one. All the professors I dealt with were very helpful and dedicated. Some of them even went above and beyond for my success. If I could change anything about the school it would communication between professors and students for both online and hybrid courses. That could stand to be a bit better.
Florida State College at Jacksonville is a great college. There are many locations in Jacksonville, it has many programs of study, and it is cheap. Totally worth it and the professors are awesome.
FSCJ is a great college for gaining education with out spending a lot of money. I was able to complete a lot of classes with out paying much out of pocket. You have to be ready to work and reach out or help because there is not a lot of help presented to you.
FSCJ is convenient for an affordable college experience. It is obvious that some professors should not be allowed to teach specific courses as it no longer benefits the students when they are unable to learn. The campus life is dull, but that can be expected from a community college. Overall I do believe that it is a good choice for a cheap, valuable education.
This is my first year as a freshman and I like this college because everyone is very helpful when needed.
FSCJ is amazing with getting students involved in campus life. Event, seminars, and social gatherings are constantly occurring.
As an unconventional student returning to school 10 years after high school has proven to be no small task but with the admissions team hard-work and patience I will now be able to broaden my horizons and reach my full potential. The wonderful staff at FSCJ have continued to be a reliable source for resolution and guidance.
Pretty good community college with some great professors. There are also different campuses so you can have more than one choice for classes, days and times.
The administration are pretty nice but sometimes it can take a long period of time to get your paper work handled or questions answered.
Review Florida State College at Jacksonville
I absolutely love Florida State College at Jacksonville. The professors and office staff at all locations are fantastic. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great experience without spending a whole lot of money.
I love my school! I can honestly say the staff care about our success! There's help in every direction from student workers to security. I love the downtown campus because its convenient to all surrounding areas and it has a child care facility along with a gym!
They offer great classes at a low price. Their willingness to help single parents or returning students with financial aid could use improvement.
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