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Florida State College at Jacksonville Reviews

1,864 reviews
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I just got accepted into the nursing program there. I like that there are so many campus locations and options for online and evening classes.
I love FSCJ College. It is very friendly, It has a great daycare on campus. The teachers, cafe workers and office workers are very helpful and caring.
I am still neutral on this school as I have not began classes yet. However overall the staff has been very helpful getting me enrolled.
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The professors are really nice, I feel like more than just a number when I go to class. The Academics department is also very dedicated to the students growth. So far I have met some pretty fantastic people on campus
Honestly, I have never had any complaints about this school. A lot of friends helped push me to go back to school and this was the best decision of my life.
I love the atmosphere and how helpful everyone is to each other. I like how the professors take their time to help each student when they have questions on a task. I feel safe walking around the campus and love how diverse the college is too. Admissions and Financial Aid did a great job in making sure my classes were correct and secured. I was almost cut from a class for missing a minor paperwork and they worked with me in time to be able to keep my courses. This college is amazing and new students will feel so comfortable being there. Mostly everyone is nice and friendly to one another.
At Florida State College of Jacksonville they have great teachers that really care about your grades. They do the best to their abilities to get you to understand the material that is being presented. The only thing that I would like to change about FSCJ is that they make the gym for students.
The college isn't horrible but but the employees could be a lot more knowledgeable of information to give students about new changes in the college.
Florida State College at Jacksonville is a great place to go to get your prerequisites/core curriculum done and/or an associates degree. Dr. Workman is awesome in the music department and gave me many opportunities to learn and grow there. Not to mention the many music grants I was given thanks to him and Dr. Fernandez. Thank you FSCJ for the education you provided to me.
Great professors, always friendly people. Not a super college vibe but but i a great place for focusing just on school.
Amazing staff, and good size class! Wish there's more places to eat on campus. Good people to connect with and such high standards. I like the limited seats and you get to actually interact with one another, the advisors are very helpful and always on hand to guide you. Athletics is still making its way up, the AD, is phenomenal and super hard worker! She ensures you have what you need for the season.
I like that everyone is so friendly and helpful. And whenever I need help with anything like class , grades , or just have questions there is someone I can talk to and get information from or get someone to help me figure out what my next step needs to be.
Florida state college at Jacksonville Is a good school. This is my first time in college an they have helped me so much. I have been out of school for 18 years an thought I would fail, but with the teachers they help you to learn an understand what they are teaching.. over I think this is a great school an I love it
I'm so sorry for those that have to attend this school like I did. The most likely reason that a student is attending FSCJ is because of the cheaper tuition. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. I have had some great professors here, but I've also had some sub-par ones. But the biggest pain about FSCJ is working with the administrative staff. I have been lied to on several occasions by staff members with no compensation afterwards. It seems that the majority of their employees don't know how to fully do their jobs - which is okay, because everybody's learning - but it has cost me dearly. Depending on which campus you attend, you will either be in a very nice new building, or very old buildings. There isn't much in between. There are no athletics or dorms to be spoken of.
Florida State College has an excellent field of academic studies. Bachelor and Associate Degrees are offered in many different fields and the education is quality as well as less expensive to attend. I think, though, response time for such inquiries as financial aid issues can afford to be met in a more timely manner.
As much as I didn't want to attend a community style college, I must say I appreciated my time at FSCJ. It was much better than I expected.
As an adult student, I work full-time as well as take courses towards a degree at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I started attending FSCJ when it was a community college and earned an AA degree. Becoming a 4-year college, gave me an opportunity to complete a fuller college education locally. FSCJ is also aware about its adult students. The college and staff are the most conscious and flexible, yet professional and qualified. I love being able to take telecourses, or take courses online. Some classes allow students to meet with the professor one day or night a week and the rest online. The last best quality about FSCJ, is the cost and many options to finance courses and books. The cost for courses are competitive and reasonable, and we have the ability to purchase our textbooks from a variety of sources-along with the campus bookstore.
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Good for a community college. Ok for a state college. The experience varies for the technical certificates going from terrible to amazing. The school, experience, and professors all vary. Some campuses are better than others and some professors are of quality of a UF/FSU. Do your research on every professor and campus before making class choices. Your college experience could be lessened or damaged by one of the few bad apples among the professors. Overall, the college offers great opportunities for those who want to take advantage of them.
What I love about FSCJ is that there are many things to do and a lot of groups to join in as extracurricular activities. People are never left out in this college and everyone is friendly. Another good things is that it's a tobacco free school, so no smoking on campus. Things I would like to see change is the student center to be open up until a little bit later, until like 7 pm
I enjoy all of my classes and the professors I have had. They truly care about my academic success. The staff at Florida State College at Jacksonville are all very welcoming as well. It has been great so far!
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