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i do not attend there yet . but i will i graduate from highschool in may 2018. i will attend the fall semester 2018. Honestly this school looks good on the outside due to its low cost to attend.The online courses are great for first time college students that may work full time .FSCJ is a very good school.I have enjoyed the learning experience, and every professor I have had, except one has been great. I would recommend this school. I believe you will be very much satisfied.i HAVENT HAD MUCH EXPERIENCE IN COLLEGE JUST YET, BUT SO FAR HAS BEEN GOOD AND HELPFUL.Everyone has been very friendly and very helpful in every way.This is great school with great teachers. I am also undecided about what University I will attend.The instructors for the most part were great. Very helpful. The financial department needs work and is improving. Overall my good outweighed my bad and I would seek another degree
The campuses are very nice, and there are many resources available to students. The staff is always willing to help those in need, and it's easy to get the answers to questions one might have.
I am happy at FSCJ. It is good a college and I plan to continue my studies here for now but I feel it can be so much better. My main issue with them currently is the way they have tuition set up with our active duty tuition assistance office. Their lack of communication has caused extra fees and charges to be made out of pocket for active duty students. I really wish the resolve this soon.
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They are cheaper than most, and usually offer many different types of classes and opportunities, and they always have some activity going on. But, waiting for Financial Aid to process is slow and very stressful, especially when you have deadlines. Since changing to a new system, everything is mixed up, confusing, or not all available at the moment, so you have to get assistance a lot. I am currently waiting to have a class that I need for a program available for me to enroll in. But, FSCJ is willing to help any way possible; they are good with reminders and updates on things and is always friendly when you need help. They just take a long time to process everything. Get used to waiting.
Florida State College at Jacksonville is a good bang for your buck school. The campuses are clean, the professors are adequate, and the tuition is affordable. I've had a great experience so far.
The school is very flexible anyone can attend and the price is very cheap. Not only that, the teachers are good
This is my first semester at FSCJ and so far I am really enjoying it. I find the course material to be interesting, but also challenging. I've had a lot of positive peer interaction as well as positive interaction with the faculty and staff. This school has many campuses and courses to choose from. I like that I'm able to make my class schedule around what works best for me.
Everything is great except for counselors. Its almost impossible to get a hold of them and when you do theyvare not much help its like they are just waiting to clock out.
The professors are amazing, but the fact that the system changed and it is harder to sign up for classes made it difficult for me.
FSCJ is a amazing college and is very convenient for anyone who lives near or in Jacksonville, because of the many different campus locations. The teachers and staff do their best to make sure you have a successful future and be safe. Each campus has security at the entrance of the school to make sure no one is trespassing and the school even has a app that you can use that sends security alerts . Along with that the school has a variety of different student resources to help students succeed; like accessible library usage,tutors, and a wide range of clubs to join. The school also specializes in many different areas and the cost of attending is cheaper than most other colleges in the area. The only problem with the school is the website they use because they just updated it and sometimes the staff and students can't find information they are looking for, but after sometime of using it I don't think it will be a problem.
My experience with the faculty itself has been super awesome with FSCJ, however the administration has been somewhat lacking in my experience. My biggest complaint was the day I had to wait three hours to turn in paperwork!
But, honestly, the professors are awesome. Every professor I had was either a top-tier university graduate, or had previously taught at one. Tons of professors that formerly taught at UF!
It is a wonderful school and great learning environment. Very convenient. Very clean and enjoyable and friendly.
Excellent programs to choose from, accredited, campus choices, great selection of online programs. I wish they had a better financial aid service, takes a while to get answers, I qualify for aid but had to pay out of pocket up front several times in order to stay in a class.
Every professor has been amazing and very knowledgeable of what they are teaching. Office personal are very professional. Everyone is friendly including students and staff.
Every time you go to FSCJ, there is always someone ready to help you learn! The teachers are awesome, and really teach you something you didn't know before.
This is a great place to get your AA, BA or a few credits prior to transferring to a larger university. The price for the courses is very reasonable. Over the last few years, they have added 4-year degree programs. The advisors are very knowledgeable and always willing to help. The school websites are very user friendly and can answer almost any question you may have. The professors are great!
Very professional and good academic wise! This is a wonderful community college that I am proud to be associated with. It was a little hard to get enrolled, but after I did the fire Academy was amazing!
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This school was very different from high school, but I really enjoy that there is a lot of classes to choose from starting with online to in-class courses. Plus, they have a lot of subjects to choose from, such as medical, culinary, technology, etc. Also, FSCJ hosts many activities and events and keep the students very informed by emailing us what’s going on each week. What I would like to see change is probably the housing/dorm situation, they only have them on one campus and not on any of the others. In addition, I feel as if FSCJ doesn’t have a lot of sports to choose from. I know there’s basketball and baseball, but we don’t have a football team, so I think they should expand their athletic department.
Florida State College at Jacksonville I would say is a nice starter school for any student who is just trying to figure out college for themselves. Class sizes of FSCJ are nice, about an 18:1 ratio. Teachers are respectable, and always willing to help.
FSCJ is a diverse community and likes to make sure that all it’s students get to be involved within the school. They always have new activities, are open to anything you want to do and are helpful for wanting to start or spread anything around campus that is useful for other students.
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