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Great hands on learning and enough class work and homework to really keep you dialed in! If you don't come to class or apply yourself tho you are not going to pass these classes.
What I like about Florida State College of Jacksonville is the fact that they have multiple campuses. Therefore the college has the ability to be close to you all over town no matter what side of town you reside on. Also, the professors are very professional and they know their stuff. If you ever need additional help you can always find a tutor in the libraries.
FSCJ is a very good college. There are 5 campuses. They are very nice and safety. The professors and advisors are very professional.
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So far I have good experience with the school. Nice proffesors who are willing to help the students out. Friendly and nice staff
I like the campus that I attended at Fscj, I think it was very nice and clean. There are so many different people that go there which is nice to see many different races and even ages, you’ll find people in their 20’s and even people in their 50’s. The one thing that could improve are the professors, some of them are great, while others make their instructions so hard to understand and they’re all over the place and sometimes unorganized.
my experience at FSCJ is good. Some teachers are bad while other teachers are outstanding. If you do not have a lot of money and you want a excellent education go to FSCJ.
I love how diverse and involved FSCJ is in the Community and holding events that promote unity in it. Im just looking forward to them doing more events like they've been doing to build our community into a better one!
It is great if you get involved in different clubs/organizations. There is a very good ESOL program that help international students. The school was also rate one of the most affordable college in U.S.
I attend North Campus. Campus is always very clean and never overly crowded. Plenty of parking, Subway and a Seattle's coffee on campus. Security onsite and noticeable, feel very safe.
My experience at FSCJ has been tremendous! From the staff to the students everyone is very friendly. The only thing that I would change is the Success office and the wait times to speak to an adviser. Waiting to speak to an adviser seems like forever, if you don't have an appointment. I would have more staff and I would have a check in system where you receive a ticket number and there would be a number board to show how long your wait time will be.
It is a little unorganized and kind of chaotic. When i went there i think the lady i spoke to was new and led me in the wrong direction and i ended up waiting there for 2 hours for no reason because when i could finally talk to an advisor she told me the go home and fill paperwork out online.
As an international student I found FSCJ as an institution willing to help achieve our personal goals. The people are friendly and very cooperative, and the campuses are safe and clean. Academically speaking Florida State College at Jacksonville has a high level in education and many tools for learning. The only thing that I would like is more support and options for international students like me, such as scholarships, student employment, and financial help because as internationals we have many restrictions. Overall, I can say that FSCJ is a very good option for people who is returning for studying or new graduates. I'm very happy for being here and pleased for attending FSCJ.
I like attending Florida State College at Jacksonville, because the knowledge I have gained and life lessons I've learned have made me a better person for my future.
great school! All my friends had nice things to say about their time spent here! The campus is beautiful. There is so much school spirit here! Everywhere i go i see some kind of fsu shirt or something. I would highly recommend attending this school. it will be the perfect fit for you.
I find it wonderful how resourceful this place is. Not to mention that it is a four year university. That is my favorite part about it. I can afford to pay rent, not take out a single student loan for the inexpensive classes, and go the full four years for a price that you just cannot beat. I have also had a wonderful math professor from the downtown campus. I have never been good at math and he directed the way it was amazing. The science department is challenging but they give you all the tools to reach success. This college is honestly amazing and they have helped me to achieve goals that I thought once were never possible. Thank you FSCJ!
I have really enjoyed almost all of my professors at this college. They all seem like they really enjoy their job and make me want to continue my education so one day I can be that excited about my job. However, sometimes the classmates that I have aren't as excited to learn as me, and it makes the class boring. No one engages in discussions or tries to make study groups to make the class go by easier. They are also sometimes too quiet and make the class boring. I wish we could make everyone more excited to learn and more active.
At Florida State College at Jacksonville I love the relationships the professors create with the students. The professors make my college experience better than expected. The teacher to student ratio is perfect for my preference. I also admire how the campus is set up throughout Jacksonville and is close to home, I get the pleasure of being with family while furthering my education. FSCJ has been a phenomenal experience thus far and I can't wait to get the rest of my education with the school.
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I'm actually a new student at the Florida state college at Jacksonville, but so far when it comes to orientationa scheduling classes the Deerwood and south campuses are great! Each adviser wanted each individual student to find out what was needed to have worry free college years, but they still back up for the students to make their own decisions and balance the responsibility of what students need to do, so far everyone seems very friendly I'm just looking forward to a wonderful first year with the Florida state college of jacksonville.
The people here really care. Everyone is always super nice and super helpful. Something that could change is that it takes forever to get someone on the phone when you need help.
My overall experience with FSCJ has been excellent. The staff really would love to see you graduate.
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