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I really enjoy the courses and professor's at FSCJ.. The hands on experience you get helps you fully understand the course material.
The campus is very spacious, and easy to navigate through. All advisors are really nice and always willing to help and answer any questions you may have.
I will attending this fall. What I have heard, Florida State College at Jacksonville is a very up and coming college. I actually play soccer with some of the staff their, and I love them. They are helping to get back into school, and have been very encouraging since I'm older and going back to school.
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I love Florida State College at Jacksonville, the teachers are really passionate about what they are doing. The college has many locations which make it easy for everyone to go to college. I am enjoying my time at the College.
Overall, the academics and teaching staff are beyond fantastic at FSCJ. They care about the students, as well as the information they are teaching. My only complaint would be the difficulty of applying for courses. Each academic adviser has a different answer and the convoluted online system are not beginner friendly. It took some time and stress to navigate into the system at FSCJ.
Florida State College at Jacksonville is an excellent choice if you are on a budget or always on the go. The class schedules and online options are great for those with busy lifestyles.
My experience at Florida State College at Jacksonville was amazing. Since I am taking dual enrollment classes at FSCJ, I feel prepared to tackle other rigorous courses at a different university. I would definitely recommend doing the Early College program since it prepares you for college.
I like to get online classes. It save a lot of my time. I have met with many good people. Also, there are very educated professors. The price for one online class is ok, around $350.
I believe this college and others like it are the hope for poor students. I would not be able to afford college if this college was not so affordable.
I've always liked FSCJ even when I was at another 4 year university. The teachers there take an interest in the students and become invested in their progress. At FSCJ, you are not a number but a person. They provide the opportunity to get a quality education without breaking the bank
the experience i am having a FSCJ is average basically you just do your own thing and no one really minds. the stuff i would like to see more of is counselors or financial aid to help the students or the first time students
Florida State College at Jacksonville has some good and bad expectations when your starting off your first year of college. But it's expected to be like that on a community college. Not much people will choose that college of the start but to get some of there basics done and transfer to a different college campus else where in Florida. But overall i'd say this college is much cheaper and quicker to get things done.
I like how helpful the advisers and are so you may get through everything. The counselors are very educated about guiding us through the programs we are in.
The science department was the best. Teachers let you learn and expand your knowledge about the topics that you are interested in. If you have a question about certain things, they are able to answer it like Professor James. She motivated me to do a lot of exercises in order to strive harder. Their computer access were great considering I don’t own a computer or laptop. You have to pick the right teachers to make you work harder and stronger but at the same time, something that lets you learn new different thing that will last forever in your mind.
Overall my experience at Florida State College at Jacksonville has been a great one! I love the easy access to multiple campuses! The library and learning commons are very modern and updated, also tutoring is offered at all 5 campuses. The only downfall I would say FSCJ had was the lack of interaction between students and staff, the staff can be sometimes very unhelpful. I've called FSCJ numerous times with questions and no one answered the phone or called back. It's very difficult to get in contact with them. But so far I enjoy studying at FSCJ
I liked the professional feeling of it. Even though it is a community college it feels like a university
FSCJ is an incredible school with professors who truly care about their students, class material that actually prepares you for your career, and costs that make it easy to minimize the need for loans. My only complaint is with their advising department. Getting an appointment is a weeks-long process and can be extremely frustrating. Walk-ins are allowed, but you can expect to wait 4-6 hours to see someone. Other than advisement, I truly recommend this college!
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Good schooling for a good price! Many of the professors care about your learning and success. The campus staff is generally good and welcoming. If you need advising though, expect a long wait.
i do not attend there yet . but i will i graduate from highschool in may 2018. i will attend the fall semester 2018. Honestly this school looks good on the outside due to its low cost to attend.The online courses are great for first time college students that may work full time .FSCJ is a very good school.I have enjoyed the learning experience, and every professor I have had, except one has been great. I would recommend this school. I believe you will be very much satisfied.i HAVENT HAD MUCH EXPERIENCE IN COLLEGE JUST YET, BUT SO FAR HAS BEEN GOOD AND HELPFUL.Everyone has been very friendly and very helpful in every way.This is great school with great teachers. I am also undecided about what University I will attend.The instructors for the most part were great. Very helpful. The financial department needs work and is improving. Overall my good outweighed my bad and I would seek another degree
The campuses are very nice, and there are many resources available to students. The staff is always willing to help those in need, and it's easy to get the answers to questions one might have.
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