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I am a senior in Estero High school and i'm planning to spend the next 2 years at fsw. I've taken a tour around the place and it was a beautiful and live campus. The staff seemed very helpful and bright and i am looking forward to going to this school.
It is a nice community college. Even though there are fewer students than a normal university, professors tend to have more focus on their students and you can personally talk to them during their office hours and help you to have better grades. The school really have nice ambiance and because they have different campuses in different part of southwest Florida, you can choose where to go and also, take classes from different campuses too.
I am duel enrolled at FSW as a senior in high school. The campus is sort of small but everything is easily accessible. Overall FSW is a beautiful school and all my professors have been easy to contact.
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I am currently in the Nursing Program at the Lee Campus and I enjoy it very much. The teachers are amazing and the program is wonderful. I was a transfer student from a larger university and enjoy the one-on-one feeling in this program.
What I like about this school is the diversity, learning environment, and student engagement activities. It allows me to talk to more people and have people to study with, hang out with, and more.
I am involved in dual enrollment, but still go on campus. It is your very simple and basic community college, nothing too special but a degree is a degree! I find the professors to be great, and I feel like I truly learn a lot. The college campus is outdoors and very pretty and the Florida weather never gets too cold, pretty humid sometimes though. I have never seen the student housing, had a return on investment, or seen the food. I do know that theres nice chains on campus, and the location is in a great area in Fort Myers with a lot to do in the area.
School doesn't care about their students and just wants their money. Its becoming too expensive to go because they don't want to give the students who need more financial aid the funds they deserve. They don't want to help.
Fsw or better yet known as Florida southwestern state college, has been a great starting ground for new college students. Professors are very helpful, its a beautiful school overall. Small population of students so classes are a little bit more hands on which is perfect to receive a excellent education.
FSW is amazing and the people are ready to help you succeed. The staff will help you find your way through campus and your academics.
It's been okay, but alot of jumbled classes when it comes to the requirements. Seems every semester the requirements change or the counselors dont know what I am supposed to take. I've taken two classes that were not required so far. I'm transferring out next semester because online classes that were supposed to be available never are.
The college is great if you know what you're doing. Do not listen to any of the advisers they will make you take classes and spend money that you do not need. they are worthless, but you can figure it all out on your own.
My experience as a full time dual-enrollment student while being a high school senior is an excellent experience. The professors I have are great at the teaching what they do teach.
Honestly I was one of those never going to Edison/FSW I’ll kill myself instead. But FSW is a easy good starter school for college, they have vast resources so there’s literally NO reason for you to fail if you do, its your own fault bc they literally hold your hand there’s tutors, there’s great proffessors and they do anything to help and ensure you leave prepared for a bigger university setting. No complaints REMEMBER TO ALWAYS CHECK FASSFA AND FILL IT OUT EVEN IF YOU DONT NEED IT TRUST ME ITS A GREAT THING
They are very caring and loving at FSW and it is a college that will make you feel at home. My first day attending, I already loved the school! It is a great environment and the teachers and workers really help you with anything and everything.
I love this college I met some of my best friends there and now the person that is my husband. This college changed my life for the better the first year I was enrolled. After my first year I decided not to continue but a email from the dean changed my mind about going back to school, I want to better myself and see the change I can make int he world.
I enjoy the small campus, independent studies, and helping about with college events. The professors are good if you do the proper research. You create your own schedule so you can either be a part time or full time student but that might be with every school.
FSW makes it easy to proceed with a higher education, and get a degree. The process is easy and followed with advisors, from enrollment to picking classes and evaluating the progress. There are lots os tools in campus and online for the students in need. I am close to get my AA and also working on my AS in Nursing.
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My experience at Fsw has been amazing. The professors really put their students first, they take the time to help those who are struggling and are willing to help that student for however long they need.
It's peaceful yet interactive. Just the right amount of everything. Excellent professors and academic advisers.
My experience with Florida South Western state college so far has been really good. It’s a good college to start off with, the vibe it gives offf is calm and helpful. I was blessed with two free years and I honestly love it. I do admit I am not takin much advantage and I feel like I should try harder. But overall it’s a great school and would definitely recommend it!
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