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Florida Southwestern State College Reviews

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Florida SouthWestern State College has cool professors who are willing to help you, helpful and nice students, good resources, great campus food, and it's a beautiful campus.
Florida Southwestern state college is an excellent choice for anyone looking to attend a community college. I went to this school along with my mother years ago when it was known as Edison State college and we both enjoyed our experienced gained at this school. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly they make attending college less stressful and provide insight on the different courses available at the campus. They also have an array of campuses and online courses available to make accommodating the student body more feasible. I would recommend this college to anyone looking to further their education.
I really enjoy my experience at FSW. I love the environment and the small class sizes. The professors are great and I have learned alot at my time at FSW. I graduated with my AA degree and am continuing there for my nursing degree.
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I have had nothing but good experiences with the teachers and staff. The clubs could be better but that's more on the studentsthan anyone.
I really enjoy going to school at Florida SouthWestern. The classes are really great and I genuinely feel like I am gaining life skills and not just learning for a test. The school is clean and the staff is very helpful. I like the students and the school spirit. I really do enjoy this school and would recommend it to anyone.
I have been interested in trying to find the right career to choose. So now I have begun my efforts to complete the nursing program and have felt this college has the perfect resources and educators to help achieve this goal.
I have had the absolute best professors at this school! They have all been so kind and really showed that they want us to succeed. The professors are very involved and make college fun, well as fun as it can be for school I guess! The campus is beautiful and it is a safe environment.
Florida Southwestern State College has excellent, caring and helpful professors. The staff at this school do everything in their power to help a student excel and go above and beyond in making their goal plans towards a career.
Florida southwestern state college is a great place to go to school. They have excellent professors and staff to help you succeed. The campus is well organized and easy to get around.
I've started out as freshman at FSW, already I am very please with my choice. Orientation was great, and very helpful. The teachers are professional, and our college website is easy to use.
Most teachers will not give you constructive criticism when it comes to assignments. A lot of professors also teach like you are a high schooler who needs to be coddled. However, the campus is beautiful and easy to navigate
I enjoy attending to this college because there is a large diversity of different people and backgrounds. It is a small college and I like the small classes.
The professors are willing to help their students pass their class. The school also provides a safe learning environment and encourages students to be involved with the school.
Florida Southwestern State College has a beautiful campus and great one-on-one time with professors.
This is a great starter college. The profs are nice and mostly easy going as you ease into the college world
Graduated from Florida Southwestern August 2017. The professors were overall great and helpful. There is a academic support center available to all students whenever help is needed (flexible hours as well). Online classes is also an option. There was always activities going on on campus to enhance student engagement. Fun school to be but most importantly everyone cares about your educations. Will be going back for my nursing degree this fall.
It is a great school for adult students and "fresh out of high school" freshman alike! Me, being a first-time college student in my mid-twenties, I was a little hesitant to go back to school, on campus. It was a relief seeing how hands-on the Professors are, both online and on campus. Professor Van Boven is a MUST HAVE TEACHER!
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Florida SouthWestern is a really nice college to go too. It is very local and a very beautiful campus. There is not much party life going on here, which could be a good thing for some students. The dorms are very nice and up to date. There is privacy for the students which is really good. The professors are mostly nice and willing to help, not just about the money. I would like to see the athletics bring in more sports. They only have baseball, softball, and basketball. The teams are really good though.
Florida southwestern state college is a great college for freshman, it is simple and very well managed, you can find help in about any place you go and the staff is willing to help you and show you the way. teachers here are very friendly and in my three years of being here it has been a great experience. Definitely a great college to get your feet in the door.
I was a duel enrollment student at FSW. It was a great chance to get some of my credits done early. All of the professors I worked with were amazing and courteous to my high school schedule.
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