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Florida southwestern state college is a great college for freshman, it is simple and very well managed, you can find help in about any place you go and the staff is willing to help you and show you the way. teachers here are very friendly and in my three years of being here it has been a great experience. Definitely a great college to get your feet in the door.
I was a duel enrollment student at FSW. It was a great chance to get some of my credits done early. All of the professors I worked with were amazing and courteous to my high school schedule.
I've toured the school and it was a wonderful experience! Everyone that I have come in contact with seems very nice and willing to help. The class size is not too big, about 20-25 students per class. The campuses are beautiful and are located in and around pretty safe areas. It is a good school to start off at for a good price.
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I appreciate all of my teachers at Florida Southwestern State College they are very helpful and answer all of my questions. My classmates are very nice as well and the online topic discussions sharing art and writing is very fun and I am glad to learn under such a safe and comfortable environment. I do wish that some group projects would go more smoothly but other than that everyone seems to do their job and I am having a great time here.
I like how small the campus is and how everyone is extremely kind and helpful. There are a lot of people involved around campus that make sure you are comfortable and know where you're going and what you're doing. There are a lot of events that offer free food, t shirts, games ect. They also offer great free workshops on things like credit scores and resumes.
I look at this college as more of a stepping stone to a larger one at the moment. However, they do have much sought after paramedic and nursing programs. Otherwise, excellent way to obtain your gen ed courses, and transfer.

I first attended when they were a much smaller community college. Their main campus is in Ft. Myers, and they offer the most flexibility on that campus. The Collier one is larger than Charlotte, and you're basically going to take what you can get, unless you can travel to Lee. I was not a fan of their online courses, but that's just my preference. Their classes fill up quickly, especially if it is a more sought after professor. So, if you are sincere, be diligent in completing the application process before schedules are open.

I cannot comment on the social activities, tutoring, or any other aspects of the college (oh, Collier parking was atrocious), as a non-traditional student, I didn't require the use any of these things.
I really don't know how this school got rated a B- for the party scene, but this is the absolute worse school to go to if you're an outgoing person or like to have fun or invite people to the dorms. You have to let the housing department know 24 hours in advance if you are going to have someone spend the night and it can only be for three night. There is security 24/7, which is not a bad thing but they will not allow guest upstairs past 11pm and they will have RAs banging on your door to personally remove your guest. There is no partying in this school and every person I know living here doesn't stay for long. Please don't dorm here. I moved all the way from New Jersey because the campus looked so beautiful and the ratings we're amazing now I'm looking for ANY other school to go to because this is the strictest college I've ever seen before.
The classes are not too difficult and the people are nice. The proffessors are helpful and want you to succeed. It is more of a stepping stone before you go to a major university
The faculty and staff make you feel very welcomed and never criticise my accent but instead welcome my Caribbean perspectives on the arts and even political topics of discussion. Moreover, my college recognizes that diversity and inclusion is essential to the college experience, establishing gender neutral bathrooms, promoting cultural awareness during International Education Week and allowing a plethora of clubs and organizations on our campus. I recognize that i am different from the typical student yet I feel just as included as a U.S. citizen (college student). If there is one recommendation I would make, it would be for the beautiful efforts towards diversity and inclusion to be emphasized more on the other campuses (not just the Thomas Edison campus) and that FSWSGA be promoted a lot more. They enable all of the students' voices to be heard, but I feel like they're not given the recognition they deserve.
The school is okay; fairly quiet and small. The teachers are a mixed bag honestly. Some of them are transparently compasionate of their career. Others couldn't care less of the students or their profession. A general concenus of students agree that Professor Langlas is the best teacher attending the school. He has a good sense of humor and knows how to teach his students. Most teachers decided to have their students self-taught by reading most of the material and researching sources. Several teachers curve the grades which is good and bad. Good because you have a high chance of passing. Bad because technically you don't earn your grade; it's given. Overall, the school is fine but needs more.
FSW offers different campuses, online courses, and best of all 2-year programs that prepare students to work in a vocation. These include nursing, dental hygiene, EMS, cardiovascular technology, and ophthalmology.
FSW is a good school, the teachers will help you when you have a problem with the curse. Didn't think the campus would be big, but it's pretty big from my previous school. If you are going to transfer to another school though, you have to do everything on your own, because the staff will not help you with that. I do think they should fix and help students who want to transfer to another school instead of being a whole big mess.
The college has gotten better recently. They offer a variety of classes, which are online or on campus. Since I am not able to afford University at the moment, I attend this college because of the affordable tuition.
FSW is not a bad school, however it is not excellent. Academically, the classes are okay and the professors are as well (with the exception of a few very good ones). You will come across some stellar professors, however, there are definitely some professors who seem to be incompetent, unqualified, and have poor teaching methods. Most students have an "I don't care" attitude unless they are participating in a higher level math or science class. There is almost no school spirit at this college. "Go Bucs!" is not a phrase I have heard (ever). This is also a college, not a university. I have seen many students transfer out to go to FGCU after two years. Also, if you are looking for a research university. this is not for you. Overall this university isn't bad (nor is it the best), it is just average.
I love this college! So close to me and great professors! I've made so many friends! And the peer tutor place is great when you need a little help with a specific subject!
i haven't started school in fsw yet but i have friends that have and they've told me nothing but good things about the college they never complain and im excited to see what it has to offer
Overall FSW is a great school. The campus goes every year and so does the amount of people who attend. With 4 campuses total it makes it some what convent. Everyone that I have come in contact with seems very nice and willing to help. The class size is not to big, about 20-25 students per class. The campuses are beautiful and are located in and around pretty safe areas. Overall its a great school.
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I like how inexpensive they are compared to some of the other surrounding schools. The student activities at the Charlotte campus can use some work.
During my time at FSW, I notice that when your on campus you don't feel like your on a college environment everyone is basically in and out on campus. I would like to see more clubs being offered at fsw.
As the school years roll on the school and is population get bigger and bigger! which is great that its not to overwhelming. This college is very close to home which is very helpful due to the fact that I also work full time. Everyone is very nice and friendly, the campus is beautiful and is a safe location.
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