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It was good. The teachers are very nice and know how to engage with students. This is now my second year and the campus faculty are very helpful and engaging. I definitely would recommend this school to anyone.
FSW is a great college if you're looking for something affordable. This school is an opportunity for individuals who want to further their education without the fear of having a huge debt that would take a long time to pay off.
Florida Southwestern State College is a great school that will fit into a busy schedule in Southwest Florida. For recent grade school graduates it's a bridge between high school and university.
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I’m a freshman and so far I love this college. Everybody is so kind and friendly. The professors really do care about your education and are willing to help you reach your career. There’s nothing I would change, everything is good so far.
When applying to FSW, I was able to use all the resources available to me. Every professional was very helpful and answered all questions I had.
I like that my college has a low cost tuition and gives the opportunities to students to transfer to a 4-year university.
The cost of this school is very low compared to the quality of education a student can receive here.
The professors are all really good at making sure the students can understand the material and keep us up with updates. The campus makes it easy to find classes and there are always activities going on to prepare us for our majors.
I've had assistance in office of admissions. Very helpful and kind. I had trouble with getting into my account and they accessed my account and fixed it with no problem. I would definetly come back again to the same people.
I had a difficult time meeting with my advisor which delayed my course start date. However, the classes are easy to access and the website is fairly easy to navigate.
Florida Southwestern State College has so much to offer it’s students, which is what I love about it. The staff is just great! They truly go above and beyond to get fresh out of high school students comfortable and started to prepare them for their first years of college.
I love all of the resources available to the students and the professors that I have had have been amazing. One big con, like all colleges, is books and supplies are expensive.
You should at least choose the professors you want if you're going to try. There are many places like dunkin' donuts in the school and nearby and small classrooms for improvement.
I love attending the Lee campus, this wonderful local college provides an amazing student experience. The buildings are very well-kept and clean, the surrounding area is very peaceful and welcoming. They have amazing plant life around the campus that provides a comfortable and calming scenery with many great resting or study areas. The professors are great too, some come from the local university to teach and I have yet to have a single poor experience in the year and a half that I have been attending.
Everyone was very helpful the whole time I was there and even though it is a small campus there is a sense of commuinty there.
Great school. I love that they have sports. It’s a great community college and it will continue to grow
Currently on campus where I had the honor of being introduced to some amazing faculty and staff. I was also greeted with the amazing scenery FSW has to offer. Overall this school has shown me it's true potential as a candidate for creating and developing successful individuals.
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I loved how the professor always made sure you had everything down when you asked for help. Everyone is so helpful and will try to find an answer for you as soon as possible.
There was not much to have pride for sports wise. We only had two or three sports around the school that we could go watch. All the professors I had were great. Not a large party environment. Financial Aid department is horrible. You have to make sure you are on top of them, to make sure your financial aid is applied.
I wish the professors actually try and help the students, it is either their way or the highway even when they preach about how everyone needs help.
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