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Florida Southwestern State College Reviews

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They are very caring and loving at FSW and it is a college that will make you feel at home. My first day attending, I already loved the school! It is a great environment and the teachers and workers really help you with anything and everything.
I love this college I met some of my best friends there and now the person that is my husband. This college changed my life for the better the first year I was enrolled. After my first year I decided not to continue but a email from the dean changed my mind about going back to school, I want to better myself and see the change I can make int he world.
I enjoy the small campus, independent studies, and helping about with college events. The professors are good if you do the proper research. You create your own schedule so you can either be a part time or full time student but that might be with every school.
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FSW makes it easy to proceed with a higher education, and get a degree. The process is easy and followed with advisors, from enrollment to picking classes and evaluating the progress. There are lots os tools in campus and online for the students in need. I am close to get my AA and also working on my AS in Nursing.
My experience at Fsw has been amazing. The professors really put their students first, they take the time to help those who are struggling and are willing to help that student for however long they need.
It's peaceful yet interactive. Just the right amount of everything. Excellent professors and academic advisers.
My experience with Florida South Western state college so far has been really good. It’s a good college to start off with, the vibe it gives offf is calm and helpful. I was blessed with two free years and I honestly love it. I do admit I am not takin much advantage and I feel like I should try harder. But overall it’s a great school and would definitely recommend it!
So far all my college professors have been wonderful. They are heart warming and willing to guide you every step of the way. I wish choosing classes was easier as for they get full very quickly.
I love the small campus. The professors are helpful. I would recommend only that they improve their organization.
The class size is very effective and there is a good student-to-teacher ratio. It is still a very small college and they do not have many tenured professors. You will find many adjunct professors there that do not seem as motivated sometimes.
Some teachers better than others, very flexible schedule. Overall not a bad step to take in one's education.
I love the diverse community that make up the student body on campus! There are so many people from different towns, states, and even countries! On top of this, each person sports a myriad of interests, classes, and work experience. Students are very ambitious at this campus, which allows you to surround yourself with people who strive to be the very best at whatever they apply themselves to. Ultimately this pushes you to challenge what you know, defend what you believe in, and in the end, make you a better person.
They are amazing. I love the fact that you have help no matter how hard the classes may be they have resources for everything.
When you call the college someone is always ready to help you even financial aid. Everyone is kind and helpful. College gives out gifts at events and they have help with classes you are not doing well in. Someone is always available if you don’t understand.
I'm in the Collier Campus and it's a really nice, medium size campus. I like it because they have fun activities to meet new people. They also have a great staff to help you with everything you need. I have to say that the classes I've taken were really good, with awesome professors and great classrooms.
My experience at FSW was pretty good! I was a little nervous when starting because I didn’t know what to fully expect. I met many new people and saw friends I had known years back which was amazing. I connected with many different people in such a short time because we all understood the “aspects” of college life. The teachers I had were great! They were caring and made learning the subject fun. It made me excited to come to class everyday. Overall my semester at FSW was everything better and more
Professors are more than willing to provide students with all the help and tools they need to succeed.
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I enjoy the atmosphere and the environment that I surround myself with in school. Most importantly the garden at the school which I use to do homework in the mean time. They always provide resources in the breezeway outside the school to inform the students of new opportunities and explore the offers out there. However, when it comes to informing the students about their financial aid, meaning if they require certain paper work to be turned is not effective if it’s not sent in portal with a notification in order to avoid late notices.
It’s a great school to do your general education. Everyone is very helpful and nice. The campus is small but there is always events going on and you get to meet a lot of great people.
Florida SouthWestern State College has cool professors who are willing to help you, helpful and nice students, good resources, great campus food, and it's a beautiful campus.
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