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This school should be the poster child for the age old saying "looks can be deceiving." The administration only cares about the money coming in from Publix to build unnecessary murals and buildings. They keep admitting more than they can serve, causing the continuing students to be forgotten about. They need to expand the campus and build more residence halls before even considering bringing in more students.
Great place that will give their best and attention to every student there. Everyone there really cares for the student's education, safety, and experience.
Florida Southern gave me the chance to build close relationships with majority of my professors. As a result, I was able to excel academically and professionally, while developing good principles under their guidance.
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My favorite thing about my school is the size. Going to a small school never appealed to me when I was applying for colleges, but the minute I stepped foot on campus I knew it was for me. I love the small class sizes and the close relationships I have formed with my professors. Being able to talk one on one with a professor whenever I have needed has helped me to excel. Whenever I have questions regarding my education I know that they will be answered.
I really enjoy the environment. Everyone is committed to doing their best whether it be the professors or the students. I've never had a bad experience at the college.
I love the faculty to student ratio at Florida Southern College - I have great personal relationships with all of my professors and I love it. I would like to see a change in their buildings, lots need repairs and technology updates.
As a African American, academically sharp student, I would say that for my first year attending Florida Southern College, I honestly enjoyed it. Why?
1) The people I've met are quite respectable, kind people. Though it is a majority-white institution, I personally have never faced any sort of racism. Furthermore, I generally feel included.
2) I enjoyed all of my professors that I have had over my first two semesters at FSC. I took shards of knowledge away from certain classes.
3) I enjoyed some of the campus events. I attended theatre productions, jazz performances, lectures (e.g. "Child of The Sun"), and more. Personally, as a person who does enjoy learning new things, I enjoy such events. Others may not be as interested, and that is understandable. To each, his own.
4) Most of the professors care.
Florida Southern College came to my High School for college night. They explained all their academic advances and clubs.
I was so nervous being 17 hours away from my family but the admission team and other faculty members at FSC have made this transition so easy. The campus has such a family-oriented feel, it's hard not to love it!
The best thing about Florida Southern is the people. Faculty, staff, they are all kind and willing to help. Due to the small class sizes, we are taught by full-time faculty, most of who have the highest possible certification in their degree.
It’s a super friendly small school that makes you feel extremely welcome!! I’m so glad Matt has been so helpful in the college process and I’m so glad I chose Florida Southern!
I really loved attending Florida Southern College. They have a wonderful environment and really encourage students to excel. The professors do everything they can to help you succeed. You can not ask for a better college.
The only real thing that I liked about the school was the athletics and the small classroom sizes. The campus is small allowing for easy maneuverability but the living arrangements are average at best.
The campus at Florida Southern is beautiful ad the people are very helpful. My father and I went on a visit here and within minutes students were asking us if we needed help finding anything. The campus looks out over beautiful Lake Hollingsworth and it very clean and well maintained.
The housing for freshmen can be pretty abysmal. The food is not great, though it isn't terrible either. The teachers are well educated and most are dedicated to bettering your college experience. There are plenty of oppurtunities on and near campus in terms of clubs, activities, jobs, and internships.
I love it so much! Small campus, nice people, great setting! One of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen! Absolutely love it.
Florida Southern College cares about their students. They help you to achieve your goals in any way possible. It is also a community with in a community. FSC is located in Lakeland, fl. The town is a good sized town with many things to do, but when you are on FSC's campus you feel as if you're in an entirely different town.
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FSC is outstanding college.professors are great very helpful and available after office hours. advisors are very helpful too. outstanding research programs
Worst college/experience ever. Save yourself the expense and do not attend this school. My high school was better the quality of this school. I transferred and went to a a way better college for half the price. I do not even say I went to the school due to its inferiority. They thrive on being a "beautiful campus" but that is far from the truth. They try to give you scholarships to get you there but they do not care about the well-being of their students. I wish someone would have told me this before I decided to attend that school. If you want to be happy and have a great education, you will not get that at this "college".
FSC offers an outstanding private education on one of the nation's most beautiful and safe campuses. I especially love the faculty/student interaction, the commitment to academic excellence, and the Lakeland area. FSC is also a great school for extracurricular activity - from Greek life to student clubs to intramurals to cheering on our stellar sports teams, there is absolutely something for everyone!