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Overall, FSC is a great college if you love having smaller class sizes and one-on-one's with professors. Academic offerings are good, and the school offers a multitude of options for majors and minors. Other than academics, some housing facilities and some buildings where classes are held need to be updated. There is a wide variety of clubs to be involved with on campus.
Beautiful campus, teachers are nice and classes are challenging depending on your major, lots of clubs and activities, but there’s not a lot of diversity and some of the dorm rooms need maintenance since they are moldy.
Love the small campus and number of students. This is a serious college not a party school. Love the campus with the lake and rose garden. Glad and proud to be a Moc.
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I have had so many opportunities with Florida Southern College that I would not have been able to accomplish on my own even in my dreams. The staff are so friendly and the environment on campus is professional yet relaxed. You are encouraged to be yourself and you can feel safe doing it.
my experience there is that they have a top 10 for teacher engagement and one of the best and most interesting schools in the U.S. if i had to change it i would say nothing!
Every school has downsides but, FSC is the perfect school for ME personally. They have everything I need on campus, like majority of my classes, I don't have to worry about anything but what I came to school to do, which is graduate.
Florida Southern is okay, Not the best at all but not the worst. The academics are good and the campus is nice but other than that its not that great. Full of strange people
In November 2018, I visited Florida Southern College, as I was interested in their cross-country and track and field program. As I visited, I got to know the runners and coach very well. I enjoyed the campus tour, the athletes, the atmosphere of the coaches and students, and felt quite welcomed. The college had a beautiful campus and eloquent architecture of which sets apart the campus from any other collegiate education institution in the state of Florida. What drew me in particularly was the athletic department and the coaching philosophy of the cross-country coach. Having a similar coach in high school, the FSC cross country coach convinced me this was the school fit for me. My experience wasn’t particularly “mind-blowing” nor was it completely unique to any other college visits I have taken. However, it was the simple culture of the cross country team that drew me in and I see nothing that need be drastically changed at FSC.
It was a great experience there. I had a field trip there and we learned about a lot of leadership skills. We did a lot of communicating different people to get us out of our comfort zone.
I loved seeing Florida Southern's campus when I visited.The staff and students were so nice and genuine. They have amazing opportunities and great academic programs.
Florida state college has a very welcoming atmosphere and is a very academic campus. The students are very diverse and the professors are very helpful. This campus is a very safe and great for students.
I was at Florida southern for 2 years but decided to transfer because i wanted to go to a better school for my major which is graphic design. The teachers were nice and helpful but some were a little scatterbrained. I enjoyed my stay while i was there though.
Class sizes are smaller than other colleges, which makes it better for your professor to connect with you.
Florida Southern College offers a lot to their students. Academics, athletics, sororities, fraternities, clubs, and everything you need to make your college experience one to enjoy. As far as changing anything, well, I wouldn't change a thing.
This college is the best one in the state of Florida! I am a second year student who is a commuter, and I absolutely love this school. The campus is beautiful, and the opportunities here are unbelievable. If I had to change one thing about the school, it would be the availability of parking on campus. You have to get to campus an hour before your first class starts in order to actually get a parking spot. The campus itself is beautiful, however. It is Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, so the campus is known for the way it's built. All of the professors here are amazing as well. All of them want their students to succeed, and that fact is very apparent.
I like how friendly the environment is there, however I very much dislike the passport program and wish it were removed as a requirement.
This school should be the poster child for the age old saying "looks can be deceiving." The administration only cares about the money coming in from Publix to build unnecessary murals and buildings. They keep admitting more than they can serve, causing the continuing students to be forgotten about. They need to expand the campus and build more residence halls before even considering bringing in more students.
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Great place that will give their best and attention to every student there. Everyone there really cares for the student's education, safety, and experience.
Florida Southern gave me the chance to build close relationships with majority of my professors. As a result, I was able to excel academically and professionally, while developing good principles under their guidance.
My favorite thing about my school is the size. Going to a small school never appealed to me when I was applying for colleges, but the minute I stepped foot on campus I knew it was for me. I love the small class sizes and the close relationships I have formed with my professors. Being able to talk one on one with a professor whenever I have needed has helped me to excel. Whenever I have questions regarding my education I know that they will be answered.