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I haven't attended Florida Southern College yet, however I am very excited to start in a few short weeks. The application and enrollment process has been awesome to say the least. It is clear that this school cares about the students and has been very helpful during the transition. My admissions counselor has been amazing. It was clear he took the time to get to know me.
It's a good school but the food is pretty gross and it's really expensive. Would recommend if you're just into academics but definitely not if you're looking for a party school
Located in the lovely town of Lakeland, FL. FSC offers a small town feel while packing in a top quality education.
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Great Class Sizes and a very pretty campus. Professors are genuinely concerned about your well-being.
As a senior, my time here at Florida Southern has been full of long nights in the library, countless trips to professors' office hours, fun campus activities and late night trips around Lakeland. While the school is small, this allows for a tight knit community and constant campus events. Small classroom sizes also allow for higher quality relationships with professors which can be really beneficial when faced with challenging topics.
This school has offered me so many great opportunities and I have only been there for one year. Since it is a smaller school the teachers are able to individualize the classes to fit your needs, and all of the teachers have connections in their fields to get you a job or internship. This school is really like a family and really the only bad thing is the food.
It is an amazing community with an unbeatable view! All the teachers and professors love all of their kids and it shows!
It's a good school, a nice campus, but it really is just too small. I know people look specifically for small schools, as did I however it's just way too small. The parties are terrible and only Masons is fun. I'm in a Frat and the parties are just small and it's because the school is too small. Every now and then though there'll be some great weekends. Having said that you definitely make great close friends and although the parties are small you can have a good time on weekends if you try.
I love the small atmosphere in this College. Professors are always ready to help you with any questions, concerns, and worries. I love how beautiful the campus is, just walking around campus helps you relax after long days of stress. There are many events around campus that keep you involved, greek life is also a great way to get know many people from many different backgrounds.
The small school atmosphere makes connecting with professors easy and enjoyable. Any dissatisfaction with this college comes from the fact that it is a private college, so tuition is high, but while the money that goes to education I feel is well spent, other costs feel wasted. Housing isn't in great shape, and due to lack of rooms, I was paying the cost of a double when I did have a roommate but we shared a single-sized room. My payments currently seem to be going toward baseball field renovations while the science building, where I take all of my courses and use laboratories, are old and falling apart. I'll still stay the distance in order to receive the worthwhile academic programs, and I enjoy the social aspects of a small school, but be cautious of where your money may go.
This college has position itself as the perfect place to be for your education needs and it situated in a very quiet location.
Florida Southern is a beautiful campus. The academics are stellar as well as athletics as well. Florida Southern surely wont disappoint.
Florida Southern College is a great place for students looking for a small, intimate school either in-state or out. The beautiful campus and friendly faculty make it like home, and there's many options for students to participate in on campus.
I love my college professors and resources are readily available all the time.. Athletic programs always seem to be competitive. I am currently on the dance team called the Mocettes which has helped me make new friends of all races and Genders..
I've only finished my first semester, but it's been an amazing experience so far! The application is easy, courses are amazing, love the dorms, lots of places for food, beautiful campus, and a ton of activities to do every day.
I just finished my third semester at Florida Southern College and I loved it. They got a great freshmen class, a new sorority on campus, and our sports team is still awesome!! The things I will like to see change are more diversity and more majors!
The college was very welcoming when first arriving on campus. The professors made sure to take time out of class assisting students with any questions or problems they might have, and my academic advisor was a great help in helping me find scholarships, choosing classes, and seeing that everything was going well.
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I have attended Florida Southern College for my first full semester now. My classes were great. My professors were great, always willing to help their students, never rushed for time. The campus is the most beautiful college campus I have ever seen. I visited many colleges before choosing Florida Southern College and I know I made the right choice. I am proud to be called a Florida Southern Moccasin :)
I have been here for one semester and I absolutely love it! The campus is beautiful! The staff are sweet and helpful and all the professors really want to see you succeed! I'm so happy that I chose Florida Southern.
I have had no problems whatsoever at this school. Everyone is so nice! The professors know you by name and you feel like everyone cares. Greek life is amazing and huge and not your stereotypical sorority girls! It's nice to go to a small school but remember attendance is a part of your grade and they will hunt you down! Sure food isn't spectacular but it's college you shouldn't expect much. The key to affording this school is scholarships. Get your SAT scores up as much as possible and they will cover a good chunk of your tuition. It's so worth it though!!!
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