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The only real thing that I liked about the school was the athletics and the small classroom sizes. The campus is small allowing for easy maneuverability but the living arrangements are average at best.
The campus at Florida Southern is beautiful ad the people are very helpful. My father and I went on a visit here and within minutes students were asking us if we needed help finding anything. The campus looks out over beautiful Lake Hollingsworth and it very clean and well maintained.
The housing for freshmen can be pretty abysmal. The food is not great, though it isn't terrible either. The teachers are well educated and most are dedicated to bettering your college experience. There are plenty of oppurtunities on and near campus in terms of clubs, activities, jobs, and internships.
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I love it so much! Small campus, nice people, great setting! One of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen! Absolutely love it.
Florida Southern College cares about their students. They help you to achieve your goals in any way possible. It is also a community with in a community. FSC is located in Lakeland, fl. The town is a good sized town with many things to do, but when you are on FSC's campus you feel as if you're in an entirely different town.
FSC is outstanding college.professors are great very helpful and available after office hours. advisors are very helpful too. outstanding research programs
Worst college/experience ever. Save yourself the expense and do not attend this school. My high school was better the quality of this school. I transferred and went to a a way better college for half the price. I do not even say I went to the school due to its inferiority. They thrive on being a "beautiful campus" but that is far from the truth. They try to give you scholarships to get you there but they do not care about the well-being of their students. I wish someone would have told me this before I decided to attend that school. If you want to be happy and have a great education, you will not get that at this "college".
FSC offers an outstanding private education on one of the nation's most beautiful and safe campuses. I especially love the faculty/student interaction, the commitment to academic excellence, and the Lakeland area. FSC is also a great school for extracurricular activity - from Greek life to student clubs to intramurals to cheering on our stellar sports teams, there is absolutely something for everyone!
Florida Southern gave me the tools to ensure my success after graduation. I was able to thrive in the small class setting, and got invaluable experience while I learned through FSC's experiential learning process. Florida Southern immensely helped shape me into the man I am today
I will be an incoming freshman who will be playing lacrosse. The school has made me feel incredibly comfortable especially Admission director Liz Green.
I'm a proud staff member at FSC and find the community to be very special Students and professors are genuinely so engaged and passionate. It's truly a place where inquiry is engaged and one where you'll always feel supported. Lakeland has all the benefits of a college town but is so much more than that too--I love getting to live here as a young professional. FSC is home.
I’m obsessed with the small and friendly community of the campus and surrounding area. I am having tons of fun while getting a world class education.
I am a staff member and also very proud alumnus. Florida Southern is a wonderful institution with a lot of educational opportunities and extracurricular activities for students. I loved my undergrad and graduate experience. I took advantage of getting involved in a sorority, community service, and I was a member of the chorale. I also participated in three internships and studied abroad. Lakeland is great too! It is a tight knit suburban community with a lot to offer college students. There are a lot of really great restaurants and I love the Lakeside Village. Florida Southern changed my life for the best! GO MOCS!
My favorite thing about Florida Southern is how engaged the student community is--both inside and outside the classroom. Students can build their resume through internships, research, performance, service learning, and study abroad. Plus, with 94% of students living on campus, there's so many activities for students to be involved in when out of class. The bonus is the beautiful lakeside campus that makes FSC the perfect place to live, study and work!
My experience at Florida Southern has been very average. The campus is very small with old amenities because of the Daniel Wright architecture. The school attracts one type of person that I do not feel is the right fit for me. The academics and learning style here is very good and teachers are very willing to help.
Beautiful campus, great people, amazing staff. Love it there so much. Home away from home. Never would have thought I would have loved being at school so much.
Great academics, faculty members are really nice and they explain everything really good. Residence buildings are good, with a great view, good location, beautiful campus, sports teams are really good, it is really fun to watch the games because the school spirit is awesome!!! The student-athletes are incredible, doing both things at the same time, academics and sports at a 100% !!! I love my school :)
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This school has been amazing to me. My advisor was so helpful with enrolling me. Along with the finance department. My professors are so informative and understanding. The other students are eager to learn and that helps stay focused. It's not cheap but worth the price. The flexibility is incredible.
I visited Florida Southern for a short weekend for a soccer ID camp I attended there, and the campus is beautiful! Very clean and well-kept. They have received many academic awards, as well as awards for how their campus looks. I just think the architecture looks a bit strange next to all of the modern things they have there- Frank Lloyd Wright designed most of the school, and his design is a bit eccentric.
Florida Southern College personalizes its approach to education through engaged learning, which means that whatever field you're in, you'll get involved and hands-on experience with materials and professors who seek to know you personally so that they can do their job to the best of their abilities. Lakeland is a bustling town with both a great regional location and downtown area, but there's so much to get involved with on-campus that even if you didn't go out often you would never be bored (except by choice)!