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968 reviews
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Florida Southern College is a great place for students looking for a small, intimate school either in-state or out. The beautiful campus and friendly faculty make it like home, and there's many options for students to participate in on campus.
I love my college professors and resources are readily available all the time.. Athletic programs always seem to be competitive. I am currently on the dance team called the Mocettes which has helped me make new friends of all races and Genders..
I've only finished my first semester, but it's been an amazing experience so far! The application is easy, courses are amazing, love the dorms, lots of places for food, beautiful campus, and a ton of activities to do every day.
I just finished my third semester at Florida Southern College and I loved it. They got a great freshmen class, a new sorority on campus, and our sports team is still awesome!! The things I will like to see change are more diversity and more majors!
The college was very welcoming when first arriving on campus. The professors made sure to take time out of class assisting students with any questions or problems they might have, and my academic advisor was a great help in helping me find scholarships, choosing classes, and seeing that everything was going well.
I have attended Florida Southern College for my first full semester now. My classes were great. My professors were great, always willing to help their students, never rushed for time. The campus is the most beautiful college campus I have ever seen. I visited many colleges before choosing Florida Southern College and I know I made the right choice. I am proud to be called a Florida Southern Moccasin :)
I have been here for one semester and I absolutely love it! The campus is beautiful! The staff are sweet and helpful and all the professors really want to see you succeed! I'm so happy that I chose Florida Southern.
I have had no problems whatsoever at this school. Everyone is so nice! The professors know you by name and you feel like everyone cares. Greek life is amazing and huge and not your stereotypical sorority girls! It's nice to go to a small school but remember attendance is a part of your grade and they will hunt you down! Sure food isn't spectacular but it's college you shouldn't expect much. The key to affording this school is scholarships. Get your SAT scores up as much as possible and they will cover a good chunk of your tuition. It's so worth it though!!!
I visited Florida Southern last year with my school and I got to explore their nursing department. I absolutely loved everything about it and I hope that I will be able to attend the school in the fall of 2017.
Registration is supereasy, although there's not a huge class variety, at least in my major (Business Admin). Academics are decently hard although workload is terrible, but again it really depends on your major.
Pretty spotty week to week. New bar called Mason's opened, 18+ on Thursdays. Boots Wednesday and Friday (Nickel beer Wednesday, Free for girls with student ID on Friday). Usually you can find something going on, on saturdays but its usually a Fraternity putting it on.
There are a lot of people from other places/countries on campus with very different backgrounds. Our campus supports everyone unless you give them a reason not to.
Drugs aren't a big issue here. There's a no drugs policy that FSC is very strict on. However, for alcohol you just get a fine and may have to attend a class.
The drug scene at Florida Southern College is not too bad. There are students that use drugs, but they don't force it on others and can hide it well enough not to make a scene.
The career center works hard to help students. The problem is almost nobody uses it
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I really do enjoy my school but I feel like it could be a lot better.
Pretty average. I do wish that some of the walkways were better lit.
The dorms here are pretty average. From the sizes, to the amenities, to the overall atmosphere. The apartments are way better though.
I'm not into Greek life but it is a very big thing at our campus. Almost every event at the school is from a frat or sorority. I have friends who tried to get into sororities but in the end either decided to not join or didn't make it. So I think maybe some are very picky and clique-y (which is why I personally hate them).
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