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Going to be attending there next year, so I haven't actually lived on campus yet, but from several visits there and input from my friend currently attending there, everything seems awesome. The campus looks beautiful, the professors are involved with the students, and the main academic building is absolutely fantastic! I honestly can't wait to go there and begin my studying.
Incredible campus with nice dorms and very sophisticated classrooms and labs for students. Great professors with office hours every week and experience.
Great university if you're interested in the stem field. Very supportive in implementing new student ideas.
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It has its growing pains and limitations but it offers a top notch education and experience. The innovative design of the classrooms and the small ratio of student to teacher makes getting an education meaningful.
Based on when I had come there by school field trips, the school is very advance in classroom technology. WIth these advancements the students are able to have a flexible education in out of the classrooms. Also the design of the school is also very amazing. The teachers are also up to date on the advancements in the technology. This the helps the students succeed in their studies.
All I can say is that the pool finally opened. Its a newly made small campus, with a new wellness center being built next year to improve on the gym. It fun and small, but with it being a STEM based college, some of the classes can be tough.
I am a student at this University and I have to say that I am excited for the future of this college. Although there have been some rough patches with scheduling and hiring new faculty (which is to be expected with a brand new university),the entrepreneurial spirit is abundant here. I am only a junior at this University and I have already filed a University supported patent, won a University engineering competition, headed and shaped the Women in STEM Leadership program, started the SWE chapter, was a treasurer for the ASME chapter, spoken at University donor events, and know the University’s president personally among many other achievements. My point is that at this University the sky's the limit, the University staff are extremely supportive of student’s ambitions and, due to small class sizes, are able to provide help individually if needed. Here I can get a good quality education and gain leadership experience both of which are vital to my success as an engineer.
Great school, meal plan not the best, expensive dorms so try to go somewhere off campus. Excellent teachers, ans small class sizes.
I love the personal feeling with professors and the close nit groups that are here. Party life is either non existant or a sausage fest, it's in the middle of no where and has a good staff.
I have found the classes and professors of Florida Polytechnic to be some of the best. They challenge the students with technology related work that relates to their chosen fields of study.
For college courses I was a bit nervous at first, however it feels a lot better than high school.
Its a small campus at the moment so security is easily accessed at all times.
For dorms these rooms are more like miniature apartments. Cost and all....
A lot of aspects need to be improved on since this is a fairly new school, however I believe it can turn out great.
There are only events rather than parties. If there are any parties, it would be off campus
There is a city bus that takes you to some places nearby, but it's better to have a car around at your disposal. There are very few clubs options, but haven't been there to see how they are.
The workload is a little hard, but managing your time helps you tremendously. You can easily balance school with everything else. If you don't live on campus, the only places to study is the IST building or the Wellness Center. The IST can get very noisy (from people around and the motors from the roof) since it is mostly open space. It is annoying ot hear the roof motors start up every 20-30 min or so when you are studying. Study rooms helps lower the noise level and are great for groups of to 6 people, but they are usually occupied during the day by 1 or 2 per room. At night, the study rooms are better available, and the IST buiding can be accessed 24hrs by students with their ID cards.
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In terms of ethicity and economic background, there is diversity. In terms of other categories, it is very difficult to determine how diverse it is.
The school is small and most people are either not social or too busy with classes or campus involvement. If there was a problem with drugs, it's either discrete or off campus.
The courses that are offered are geared towards STEM degrees. You won't find any easy classes. You must work hard for them. Environment is good enough to handle the workload.
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