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I was doing the FNU Associates in the nursing program, on the radio and all commercials that they have say they have a “flexible schedule in the morning and afternoon.” They wait until after you do you’re interview to get into the nursing program, to tell you that you need to pay about $2,000 out of pocket in a one month time frame. I tried to speak to the ADON of the program for the flexibility of the schedules which were ridiculous and impossible to work with, and he was rude and unprofessional gave attitude with bad faces. I decided I was going to drop and transfer out of the school. I have been in this process since September to get my $2,000 (which I have not used) and I’m still waiting for them to return my money. I’m not the only one who’s going through this, my fiancé is also going through the same issue. I do NOT recommend this school to anyone. It’s is probably the worse experience I have ever had with a school.
The only thing I am happy with are my professors. There is not much of a diversity, they should conduct a poll to see how many other country origin there is.
This school has great professors but the administration is not the best. They are very unorganized they make several last minute changes to schedules and dont even apologize or explain as to why the changes are made.
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Amazing experience. Very close to MIAMI, so live here is a dream. Professors are amazing, very funny and concentrated to make you a successful student.
The faculty and staff at FNU are some of the most loving, genuine people you will meet! Is a place where I have learned so much about myself and truly grown as student, leader, future employee.
I heard about FNU through a a friend of mine. He recommended it because he had a great experience. I google the school and they had the BSN that I was interested in so I gave them a call and schedule and appointment.
My experience here has been up and down. But mostly I have had very good teachers throughout the program.
The classes and the academics were five star worthy! The class sizes are very small and the teachers take their time to help you on whatever you need. However, I had a bad experience in which the school did not allow me to change my classes because I was enrolled in the nursing major and they couldn’t let me take classes that weren’t pre-requisites even tho I still hadn’t applied for their nursing program. It is very expensive and the campuses are not what I expected at all. The main campus is now in better conditions but the south campus is one floor with two vending machines and no water fountain!
The love the teachers they help you with any problem you might encounter .All the staff are friendly . I love coming to this school
I’m in currently enrolled in the nursing program. The school is great and I enjoy coming here and learning.
I like about Florida National University that help the students to have flexible schedule between work and school.
This school is awesome, Organization is well put together, faculty and students get along. Very nice area, no issues with safety
It's a 8 week class great size
They explain it through what to expect for nursing , the schedule for classes, the workload is alot but they help you, visit different hospitals for intership, and they help with job finding
It's a accredited school able to transfer to different school if pursing a higher degree or if you just want transfer
The library is very accessible even for an online student, you can add the school code for the library department from your computer and be able to use the resources such as the plenty and thousands of school journals.
My adviser is very helpful and she answers every question I have, and if you have problems with your curriculum the job placement department will help you to do one, and even if you do not do a nice one they will fix it for you.
At F.N.U. you have plenty options to choose a career of your interest and if you are not sure what program to choose the admission personnel will help you to find the right one.
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I receive many job options from my school but I was not interested because I was focused on my studies.
My financial aid experience is okay.
I never had a problem or an uncomfortable situation with any professor in my three years at F.N.U. I believe that if you are responsible and show that you care about the class the professor will be very helpful and comprehensive.
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