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I like about Florida National University that help the students to have flexible schedule between work and school.
This school is awesome, Organization is well put together, faculty and students get along. Very nice area, no issues with safety
It's a 8 week class great size
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They explain it through what to expect for nursing , the schedule for classes, the workload is alot but they help you, visit different hospitals for intership, and they help with job finding
It's a accredited school able to transfer to different school if pursing a higher degree or if you just want transfer
The library is very accessible even for an online student, you can add the school code for the library department from your computer and be able to use the resources such as the plenty and thousands of school journals.
At F.N.U. you have plenty options to choose a career of your interest and if you are not sure what program to choose the admission personnel will help you to find the right one.
My adviser is very helpful and she answers every question I have, and if you have problems with your curriculum the job placement department will help you to do one, and even if you do not do a nice one they will fix it for you.
I receive many job options from my school but I was not interested because I was focused on my studies.
My financial aid experience is okay.
I never had a problem or an uncomfortable situation with any professor in my three years at F.N.U. I believe that if you are responsible and show that you care about the class the professor will be very helpful and comprehensive.
There are students from different backgrounds and races, some are very friendly and others just do not do many friends. I will say it is average.
In my experience the classes were good and I did not have problems transferring my credits since it is an accredited institution.
People working at F.N.U. is well prepared and helpful.
The courses are great and the professors are flexible and professionals.
I dont get alot of how my money its been used. But i have never had a problem with going to school, but my consenrs are not always answer correctly they never know how to tell me how my financial aid and loans are working out so im a little upsent about the way they explain this in the Financial Aid department
Its a great school, students are very nice very helpfull and good to work with as classmates. The professor are very professionals very nice with all students i feel that professor in this school actually care about there students. They care if you actually know the subject that its been thought they care if you study they are very flexible with students and are always weeling to help you.
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Personally in my experience it was not the good at the beggining i had a feeling that the adviser that i had was only traying to cell me the school and not actually explaining nothing about my career it was a very woerd feeling if i was on the right ace or not. Buy i spoke to the actual college adviser her name its Melissa witch i felt a little more satifiad someone knows what there talking about.
When talking about how flexible the school and proffesors are its just the best. i personally dont have any complains at all they have been very flxible with my lige schedule and they have all try there best for me to get my classes

With any problems i really apreciate all there effort for acomodating the students to take there classes with any inconvenience.
Im have spoken to past student that have graduted from Florida National University and they have said that is great they do it in a very profesional way and very organizes. Looking foward when i het to gradute hopefully it would be the same or even better. I really dont know how they are this are only what i been told by other students that have ready been trough the process thank you in advance,

Claudia Diaz
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