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Florida Memorial University is a very small university. Being a small university is something positive because all the student has the opportunity to know each other. I am an athlete from the university, my sport is volleyball. Being a student-athlete is not easy. We have a heavy schedule of practices and classes. Sometimes we have to miss class because we have games away. One thing that I like about Florida Memorial professor is that they understand and do not penalize you, they support the athletes. Inclusive some of them when is a home game they went to the game to support. Florida Memorial University is a university that not a lot of people know that exists but is great. The only bad thing is the food but any university is perfect.
My school Florida Memorial University the Home of the Lions this University is a small University but we are big in heart and character. Our school always makes sure that the students safety is #1. Our quote "A Promise. A Future" As you sign up to be a student for this university we give you a promise to your future. WE promise that you will have a future. Even if you are struggling at times there are students and professors who are willing to help you get through it all. And the best thing about a small university compare to the big universities staff members and facilities will always have time for our students if their in need for help.
Florida memorial does not give young adults the opportunity to grow into responsible adults . For instance, they do not provide stoves or ovens. These are necessary tools for one to learn to take on more responsibilities, and learn how to take care of them self. Students also do not have the freedom of having the opposite gender in their room. In order to grow, students should be able to make their own decisions. Visitors also are not aloud on campus. But, with all these restrictions it just makes the students feel like kids. This is not helping form smart independent decision makers. When it is time for family to visit, it is just a hassle. If the parents are not there, it makes it impossible.
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The University is trying its best to achieve a better reputation. However, the reputation is not as important once you are in the university. They have provided me with the tools necessary to advance in my student life. I have been awarded with scholarships and I can say that this was the right choice for me. The Aviation Department is fantastic and truly cares about the students.
Good university. But too much partying. The professors there know their information and some of them are good at guidance.
Florida Memorial is a great school I’ve just been so stressed regarding my finances it’s been a bit hard to focus and truly enjoy my college experience.
I would like to see that they help more people at home with lack of money and that give them more opportunities and that they are much more organized.
I loved the teacher to student ratio and the diversity of students that attend. The one to one with your counselors is one like no other ! I am excited to be apart of an environment where growth is manifesting.
It is a small school and the teachers help you if help is needed. The accountant program is horrible, they only have one teacher and she is not good at explaining.
Florida Memorial University is a historical school. The National Negro Athem was performed and written here.
Love atmosphere and teachers really care For there students.
I love my HBCU. It is the only Historically Black University in South Florida. The classrooms are not too big which makes learning and grasping most subjects easier. The campus isn't too big therefore you are able to know your schoolmates, faculty and staff more. While every school has it's flaws, it still is a good school!
Before I decided to come to Florida Memorial University, I was planning on going to Monroe College in New York. There are three reasons why I really wanted to go to Monroe. One, Monroe is a school well known for it's computer engineering studies. Two I'm from the Bahamas so living in New York would allow me to meet new people in a environment that is one of the most diveresed and widely visited places in the world. Three, I've never seen or felt snow before, so that was also a reason for me.
However, I later found out about Florida Memorial's excellent academic reputation and that when you graduate, because you came from an HBCU the drive you have to be more successful is uncomparable. Because Florida Memorial does not have a big campus or classes, its easier to have one on one conversations with your professors that can relate to you and actually know your name and this helps grow your self-esteem and communication skills. On this campus, there is never really a dull moment.
Florida Memorial University has excellent professors and has a very diverse culture due to the diversity of the students and staff.
My experience so far at FMU has been mixed. I like the atmosphere and the professors are really accommodating. The only drawback is there is no FOOTBALL! This would make for more social activities on the campus. It gets boring!
I have been at Florida Memorial University for 2 years. This school engage students in learning for personal achievement, for a sustainable livelihood and an enduring contribution to society.
so far its nice im loving it the dorms are nice the security is on point and my coach is excellent. im not going to school now but the little time im here is quite wonderful. my room mate is the bomb and im gonna look forward to going to classes soon.
My first year at Florida Memorial
University was great , I enjoyed the college life, parties, going to class when I wanted to. I love the school, but i would like to get new and improved dorm/ housing
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My experience here at Florida Memorial was a typical college experience that I pictured in mind. This school is very diverse and caters to a lot of international students. One thing that I love about this university is that there are small classroom sizes and that the campus is small enough for you to know practically everyone. Which can be a good and a bad thing. This university can benefit from some changes especially when it comes to campus life and student opportunities.
I feel as thought Florida Memorial University is an OKAY school. In my opinion the worst has to be the food. On campus we're not given enough food options. The academics is good and the campus is okay also.
The living arrangements are not up to satisfaction. If you are lucky, you might be able to stay in a new dorm (which allows you to have your own room a shared bathroom, living-room, etc.) If you do not receive a new dorm, you have to live in a room wit three other people, a public bathroom shared by the entire dormitory with bathroom stalls and shared gym-like showers. The campus itself, has plenty potential but a lot of the architecture is old. The classrooms do not look up to the part of a college environment. There are many resources provided to the students and the professors are always there to help.
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