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Very good for a community college and very positive over all experience. Local area and cost of living is very expensive which should be taken into account when considering this school. Student life is what you make it, the campus is somewhat involved, but the community itself can make the school a wonderful experience. I had no issues with advising and academic counseling, they were always available, helpful, and friendly.
Great place to go yo college.the keys
Good teacher's , nice and friendly
Weather is usually sunny.
They have diffrent classes ypu can choose from.
Florida Keys Community College is a fantastic college for the Marine Biology field. Surrounded by industry professionals and the environment as your classroom, you could not pick a better place to study marine sciences and boat mechanics.
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Florida Keys Community College is great place for a study. They're helping a lot to be successful in college
Some of the professors teach their class by the initial syllabus, which is great because all the students know what to expect. Some professors do not supply their students with important information, including their grades.
I like this school because there it's a small classes.
It comes as a shock that a school in Key West can actually exist. Never in my life have I felt so calm and excited about the future. Florida Keys Community College has helped me develop that mantra. It provides a great atmosphere for you to study and proceed in life to further your education. I made an excellent choice in choosing this school.
I like it. there are some things that need changing and some people who need to be changed.
I have never had an issue. The professors are helpful and really want you to learn. The class sizes are small to average which gives you more individual time with the professor if you need it
Everyone here works hard to make sure you don't fail. It is often easy to drop a class is you need to or switch is there is room available
Online class workload is never too bad. You always have ample time to complete assignments and it is easy to talk to the professor and other students. Oftentimes part of assignments are to post discussions to our piers which helps make sure you know the material
We have the ISLE (interactive student learning center), we have the library, writing lab, computer lab and nice places to sit outside. The campus often shows movies outside for free and there is always something going on at the theater and for most things students get free tickets.
Financial aid is hard to come by at this institution. I don't know if it has only been my experience but the lone financial aid counselor is unhelpful and not very friendly. I had to wade through everything online myself with no help from him. I get little financial aid compared to how much money I make and the fact that both my parents have been out of work for almost 3 years now. If you get in state tuition (which I do) it's not so bad however, to live on campus is something you want to avoid completely. You will be paying almost 5 grand and WILL NOT get your moneys worth! The dorms are gross the rules/ visiting hours are terrible. You'd be better off finding some other students and finding a house or an apartment to rent.
There are so many different types of unique classes to take, registration is simple (you can do it yourself or work with a counselor) you can always meet with a professor during there flexible office hours and the workload is never too overwhelming.
FKCC has some of the most amazing professors who are more than willing to help you, not just pass the class, but actually learn something. From English to science teachers this school has some of the best!
FKCC has a pretty wide range of students, most of whom are very friendly and eager to learn. It is also very easy to get a study group together because of the student's drive to learn, help out and their all around outgoing-ness.
In many of online courses offered, many of them will give you the information upfront about your weekly objective, and will require you participate in weekly postings with your classmates. Most of the time you may or may not interact with your peers , however it is up to you.
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This campus have a good amount of employers that are constantly offering jobs, and internships. Every fall there is a open house for many universities and technical schools that give you information on their schools and will be hapy to answr any questions you may have.
My courses like Diving, were awesome overall. Although many of us students would drag through the lecture phase our instructors would make sure we knew our material.
I am currently trying to complete my A&A for General Studies and at this point just completing my degree.
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